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Strong, too

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I'm digging the hair :) Beth, she is gorgeous!

Look at the determination on that little face - look out when she's 16 :)

Love the hair - she's just beautiful!

Oh I just want to squeeze her and kiss her chubby cheeks. That's what I do to Madeline all day and I think she is starting to get annoyed with me. Payback is a bitch.

she's so cute!!!!!!!

Lost we go again.

Mia is so cute! Oh now I can see who she takes She has the same hair!


Have you been doing that party trick where you get a balloon and rub it back and forth and then because of the static the hair stands on its end. That's it!

Absolutely ADORABLE!

That mohawk is rockin'!! What a cutie pie :)

Fantastic photo. What a beautiful little girl. And strong too, as you observe.

What a great moment!

Oh she is just adorable!

I was gonna comment on the hair as well. You've got a whole rock-star family. She's absolutely adorable. And yes that is determination in her eyes.

I can almost hear the grunts of effort :o)

litt'l bit looks like she needs a ponytail holder or a haircut already...
yous twos gots a beautiful girl!

She is going places, and that's for sure!

Sweet sweet eyes. And that hair!

holy cow! Good for her...she'll be rolling over in no time! Watch out kitties.

I love that determind face! So adorable.

The fun you could have with a pot of hair gel:)

She has to be strong to lift that head of hair!

Cute, cute, cute!

Awwww, how cute is she! Look at that. Beautiful! :)

What a sweetie! How do you resist eating her up? Adorable!

I love her hair and the look of determination on her face!

Look at that great hair! And she does look determined -- I guessing you might have a stubborn little girl there.

Okay, I'll say it, too...

The HAIR! Got product?

yay mia!

woo-hooo! Check out that adorable hair!!!

Oh my gosh, she is strong!

Her eyes are beautiful! You must be having the greaest time together. :)

i love her hairy ears, little nose and mohawk hair. All adorable. And you are so right about teaching her about being happy about herself, with that she can do anything! i love your blog! go u! :)

what gorgeous eyes!!!

Shes gorgeous!

I can't believe how big she's getting already. Keep that mohawk hair, don't grease it down. Just think of the blackmail photos you'll have later to show her boyfriends


Lady has not nearly as much hair and she is three and a hlaf months, she is truly a baldy.

Mia is a total rockstar. Rod Stewart would kill for that hair.

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