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The hair

Mia's hair sticks up. Well, not entirely. The sides and back lie flat, it is just the top that defies gravity, and it doesn't stick straight up but instead up diagonally giving her a rakish little mohawk. When I was a baby, my hair stuck up all over my head and my mother has said that she was obsessed with slicking it down with baby oil. I think she is secretly appalled that I don't slick down Mia's hair. A number of people have suggested, kindly and otherwise, that I should do something about it. I won't. Mia is going to be a mohawk baby.

You see, I consider it one of my greatest responsibilities as a parent, especially as the mother of a daughter, to teach Mia to be happy with herself. To teach her to value her uniqueness rather than valuing conformity. To teach her that while it is nice to be beautiful it is far more important to be smart and kind and strong. To help her always believe that she is beautiful just as she is and that her hair does not matter. Reveling in her mohawk is the first lesson.

Also, I love her crazy, sticky-outy hair. I love the little birthmark on her forehead and that one thigh is slightly chubbier than the other and that she still has the furriest earlobes you have ever seen. I love it as much as her ideally formed nose and darling buddha belly and perfect little toes. I admire her quirks, and will work hard to teach her to do the same. She's fabulous just as she is.

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you mean babies aren't supposed to have mohawks?!

I had Mia Hair when I was born. In fact, on the audio tape of my birth, my mother, drugged from everything they give you when having a C-section, first laid eyes on me and said, "She's so fat! And look at that hair!"

My fatness still hangs around, just for fun, and while she tried to slick down my hair with every product imaginable, it still stood straight up.

So I say: keep the goo off her head. Let it stick up. She'll spend many years in her life perfecting it, ironing it, curling it, drying it, etc, etc -- I think the mowhawk is perfect (being a fellow mowhawk baby)

I think all babies should have mohawks. I,unfortunately, was a near-bald baby and to this day have less hair than i'd like to. SO if I was using product, I would spike it up like a porcupine (just for my own amusement)... I need to be much more mature before having children, obviously.

Good for you! I totally agree with your post. You're such a good mama.

Amen! She's got the rest of her life to worry about how her hair looks. She's adorable just the way she is!

Don't change the hair! It's perfect! And when she's older and embarassed at the photos she'll also know you love her just as she is :-) Also, I didn't have any hair until I was two years old so I'm somewhat jealous.

Mia is a lucky girl to have a mom like you! Now, will you adopt me? :)


How could you not love her. She seems so precious just from what I've heard and seen.

And isn't it amazing how they go to the next stage while you're watching? As soon as you get used to one pattern of behavior, they're off to try out the next one.

I, personally, adore the slanted mohawk. She is just adorable. BabyJuJu says that she is envious of Mia's head of hair, but I told her that her bald head is just perfect too.

I LOVE the hair. My middle daughter had Mia hair until she was about three months old; then it all fell out and was replaced by stick straight hair that ALL stood out from her head. She's 18 now and has the thickest head of smooth, straight hair I have ever seen.

this is why you're a brilliant mother :)

Reason Nine Zillion why you are such an amazing mom. YES, love her fuzzy hair, and her chubby thighs, because she really is absolutely perfect. 100%.

i LOVE this post.

and just for the record, sometimes i use gels and sprays to get my short hair to do that Mia 'do :P

You know, Halloween's a'comin, and a ready-to-order mohawk may just come in handy!

Personally, I keep looking at the photos of Mia because of her fabulous hair. I'm hoping our impending baby has the same hair.

There was a little boy who was 18 months with very thin hair on either side. looked like it just really grew to look like a mohawk, slicked down or not. I didn't think of Mia, I have to admit, because she just has a TON of hair. And it's so cute!

When all mothers care more about whether their daughters grow up to be good-hearted, self-respecting women, rather than what dress size they are, the world will be better.

beth, you are well on your way to raising a beautiful, confident, strong woman. all she has to do is look to her fantastic mommy for a perfect example.

let your mom silently disapprove and keep that beautiful hair in all its mohawk-y glory.

I find her hair absolutly amazing!

I had sticky outy hair until I was a year old. Then it all fell out and grew in normal. Enjoy it while it's here and take lots of pictures!

Beautifully said! Now...can you share that same sentiment with the moms at my daughter's elementary school?

Mia's hair is gorgeous just like the rest of her. You're absolutely right in not trying to change a thing.

My mom and I really enjoyed that post. It should be included in some parenting magazine.

good for you! But maybe a nose ring to accessorize?

i LOVE her hair, i would NEVER slick it down'll go down before you know it, so enjoy is freakin adorable!

I love the baby mohawk and was disappointed when Nick didn't have one. I'm sure Mia will grow up with a wonderful sense of self.

I didn't slick down Caes hair either. It goes down by itself. :)

My oldest niece didn't have hair for the first 2 years of her life. When we took her out in public, we had to tape little bows to her adorably bald head so people didn't call her a little boy. Mia's hair is just precious (Like the rest of her) and remember, all the photos you take of her now can be used to embarass her when shown to any future boyfriends. Besides, it gives her a constant look of suprise almost as if the thought of 'oh, wow, I have the COOLEST parents!' is running through her head :)

Sasha has the same hair! We call it skater boy hair and wouldn't dream of altering it!

You are so right; so smart! Would you be my Mama? I need one of those. :)

Hey, I had/have a birthmark on my forehead, too. It faded so much as to not be noticeable unless I point it out, but for the first few years of my life, it would turn bright red when I was mad. Although my parents had other ways of figuring that out.

My son's hair was like that as a baby. Then it settled nice and flat. Now he's 9 he gels it up again every morning before school...go figure.

You go girl!

I commented on my blog about your post, thanks for the idea!

See? Great Mom. We knew you would be.

of course her hair is supposed to stand up like that.
Of course she looks goofy
Of course she is the cutest thing ever.

Don't listen to anybody.
She's yours, raise her the way you want.
That's why we have our OWN we can screw them up all by ourselves.
tee hee hee.

Incidentally, my baby that had the mohawk hair, now puts wax in his cause it doesn't stand up enough anymore to please him......

And on a less brilliantly philosophical note, who wants to try to style the hair of a squirmy and indignant infant, even if you did want her to look like a miniature grown-up? You're right, she's lovely just as she is!

You're a good mom. Besides, the hair is so adorable. I had wicked crazy hair when I was a kid. Not so much as a baby because I was pretty bald but when I started growing hair, it was wavy toward the ends but fairly straight near my scalp. So my hair stuck out from my head in this bizarre waves and curls. My parents did nothing about it except stick barrettes in my hair. Crazy hair on babies is endearing. My friend's kid had this thick mop of curly brown hair -- people thought he was a girl. Fab. :D

She certainly is pretty fabulous, even if she won't sleep. :)

You are such a good Mom, Beth.

And I say, rock on with the mohawk. I think a natural mohawk is definitely one of the most unique hairstyles out there. I just had zero hair as a child, and my mother would have paid cash money to have an unruly mohawked child. ;)

Our oldest was born with a full on spike that had (no joke) blonde tips. Naturally. We didn't do a THING to acheive that. People would ask me "What are you going to DO about that?" Do? Now I'm about as conformist as they get - I wear button down shirts and sensible shoes to work, but it never occurred to me that we should have to DO a thing.

You have the key to raising a child! have to make it comfortable for them to be themselves! Not who you want them to be! : ) Yeah!!! See you are a good mommy! : ) Personally I love her hair! My kids had no hair! Hers is great, you will most likely see this look again as a teenager!!! : )

That is so cute and sweet... and I hope I can instill the same values into my little girl.
And her mohawk is totally adorable, btw. :)

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