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Cue the violins

I fired my cleaning lady today.

Yes, I know you all feel so sorry for me and I appreciate your support during this difficult time. I've known this was coming, of course, but was planning to wait a couple more weeks to do it. I went ahead and did it today because I realized that I would rather clean my own house than have Mia's nap interrupted.

Um. Who am I, and what have I done with Beth?

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Clean my own home? *shudder* Never! ;-)

I use the time while my cleaning staff are here to take my son for a walk around the neighbourood. He sleeps and I get some exercise.

I could never go back to cleaning after paying people for over 5 years!

Oh Beth! What have you done?? I think that my *perfectly balanced* existence as a homemaker would be shattered if I did not have Mariela come to bail me out every other week (even if she does leave all of the cobwebs and the pictures slanted on their hooks).

You are a much braver Mommy than I.

When my mom fired our cleaning people I was 18 (yes 18) and I cried. And sadly no one felt badly for me. but damn girl, you are brave.

WOW...does everyone have a cleaning lady but me? Oh, and you
You can do it, Beth! Just be sure to put dinner in the crockpot first. I can see the headlines now, "Nursing mother cleans house AND has dinner ready for hard-working hubby!"
I think you should save your housekeeper's pay and buy yourself a reward!

A little dust never killed me LOL. In a few short months it'll take all your afternoon picking up after the baby!

rock on sista!
got yer priorities do, you do.

Did she cry? I hope she didn't cry.

On the one hand, I admire your economy. On the other hand, I'm jealous for the now-departed-cleaning lady. Send her my way. On the third hand (Yes, I am a mutant, Thanks), don't feel badly if you decide you need her back. Oh, and one more hand, consider getting a roomba. We just got one a few weeks ago. Life. much. better. Especially once Mia starts crawling, you will enjoy having one. Entertainment for the cats is a bonus.

I dream of the day I can afford a cleaning lady. My Mom and Nana always had one and I figure it's just a few promotions away. Good luck without yours Beth!

Think of the money you'll save, too.

Ooh. I've been a cleaning lady but never had one. Maybe some day! It's funny how your priorities change though, eh? Good on ya. But like wavybrains said, don't feel guilty if you decide you need her back!

Amazing what we will give up for our children and only them ;) I wish I had good news, it gets worse lol

Can you send her over to my place instead?

I'm dying for somebody to come over and clean my house.

I'm with Jen - I could use one - every other week would be good. I never realized how common it is to have one - my parents always frowned upon them - saying they're a waste of money (but that's probably 'cause we could never afford one). All my neighbours have one - they're shocked that I clean my own house!

Never had a cleaning lady. I tried to marry one but that didn't work out. ;)

Not to bring down the mood on this but I hope she still has plenty of work with other folks. Cleaners don't make a bundle and it might be hard on her family to lose some work.

did you really say I fire you because you wake my baby up?

Don't do it. Stop while you still can...

After three years of walking into an immaculate home every other Friday, we had to let Miss Donna go just about a year ago. The reason was not her, but rather my neighbor -- when we discovered that she (the neighbor) had attempted to get into our home using Donna's key. It's a long story and an ugly one to boot. But I just hate it that she's gone.

nothing says "i love you" like firing your cleaning lady for her!

first time reading your site. Shoot. Cleaning lady---nap---cleaning lady----nap...both great things. But yeah, i'm sure you're right, if you have to choose...i'd go for the nap too!

When our cleaning lady went on a month vacation, I had to clean a bit myself. It's not fun.

I cannot believe you had a cleaning lady and you fired her! Send her over to my house. :-)

Don't fire the cleaning lady!!! I don't think you've quite realized what you've just done ;)'s not April Fools. Is this a joke? Are we a victim of a Punk?

I'm totally firing my cleaning lady too. She does a crappy job and absolutely never dusts or does the kitchen floor.

Wait... I'm the cleaning lady around here.

Yes, I'm totally firing myself. Would you explain it to my husband?

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