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Haunted... by cuteness

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oh... I am speechless from the cuteness! What an adorable costume!

she's gonna get you when she's big enough!!

I am assuming she is either an elephant....or a character from Dr Suess.

The joy of the helpless child at the hand of the evil parents. Moihaaaaaaa

Oh my word. What an adorable Dumbo!

adorable. that's just about all i can say. :)

So by my guess she's Eeyore or an elephant...either way the result is the same: adorable!

Happy Halloween!

Ohh, she actually really looks like you (from what I can tell from you in picturse). She seems to have a facial expression that I think I've seen you make!


PS - She almost melts me...the cuteness

very cute!

Aaaahhh! So cute it hurts!

Oh, the cuteness!

That is the most cute costume in the world. Happy Halloween.

She is so adorable! Too cute!
Happy Halloween!

oh my lord! look at that cutieeee!

Congrats beth.

Oh she just gets cuter and cuter!!

So lovely. :-)

She is adorable!

Once again I am blinded by Mia's cuteness!

Well, she is so cute it hurts my teeth. Speaking of teeth...Maddie cut two today! Ugh!!

I mean, in about 14 years, she's going to hate you for that picture but right now, could she BE any cuter? Sheesh.

I almost passed out with the cuteness. Plus, an elephant? AN ELEPHANT? THERE IS NO CUTER ANIMAL.

Oh man. That is the frickin' cutest costume ever!

oh, the cuteness! i have fallen over from it! i shall never recover. i'm totally fine with that!

I'm dying from the cuteness! Yow!

OH. MY. GOD! That is the cutest little elephant I've ever seen! My heart is melting...

she really looks like you in this photo... minus the costume of course!

be nice if i could spell my name right.

OMG! Mia is such a doll! Happy Halloween Sweetness!!!

ahhhhh....very cute!

Oh. My. God. That is crazy cute!! I can't stand it.

I love it! I love it! I love it! Those big Dumbo ears and that little face....oh my gracious.Have a wonderful Halloween!

I'd like to borrow that costume after the bean is done with it... It would make a good workout thingy for me...

She is just sooooooooooo cute....

Oh, a wittle baby elephant. So cute.

So adorable! Happy Halloween!

She is just adorable. And believe it or not, we saw another really cute elephant last night. And just about the same age.

It made me think of Mia.

Happy November.

and the proud mommy dressed as.....

Hee, so cute! I've been trying to see if she looks like you or Chris; she really looks like you in this picture, especially around the eyes.


How cute is that!!

I love me some cute little elephants!

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