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Hold me

I just officially quit my job. I'm unemployed. Un. Em. Ployed.

I want this so much. I am so fortunate we are able to do this.

I think I might pass out.

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Congrats! Scary, I know, but very awesome that you guys can swing it. Cheers!

Hang in there- you've already been at it for a few months, now it's just "official." If you ever decide you want to go back, work is there, office and all.


Wow! Very cool. Do you need to staple anything to tide you over during the transition?

Excellent! It may be scary but you'll never regret your decision. I am so glad I got to stay home with my kids when they were babies and toddlers and preschoolers. Even though I was poor, you cannot put a price tag on that time with them. And I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Oh wow... the making it official would certainly scare me a bit. Just think about how much you would hate being at the office all day while Mia was with someone else. Does that make it less frightening?

Hopefully in a couple of years, I'll be in the same boat. But I'll be quitting before I give birth to our second, if I have my way.

Congrats, Beth - totally the right decision! I wonder how things would be different for many mothers in the US if you had similar maternity leave to us here in Canada.

Also, even though my husband earns five times my salary as a teacher, I am glad I have an occupation that is so family friendly.

Juggling work and motherhood shouldn't have to be so hard! And shouldn't be an either or situation too.

It's an odd feeling isn't it? I work part-time, but at least I feel like I can say, "I work in a lab." Like it somehow defines me. I need to get over that because I may losing my job by the end of the year.
Being a mom defines me...I had just better admit it.

everything will work out, it has to..why? because somehow or another it always does :)

You have the very most important job in the world. Congratulations. I wish you and your family great success in your lives together.

Welcome to the sisterhood...

Oh and see that eBay thing? It gets worse when those chubby cheeks are replaced with sassy door slamming... I was thumbing through the yellow pages tonight looking for a child slave racket to sell a few of mine off to!!



Have you forgotten that you are now the housekeeper? ;-)

Seriously, congrats! I am enternally grateful for having been able to stay home and raise my kids. I have a sneaking suspicion that you will be too.


Have I told you lately how jealous I am of you? Congrats on quitting your job for an even more difficult (but more satisfying) career. Another job outside the home will come along if you want it. In the meantime, enjoy!


Congrats! Although it is so hard, I am sure Mia would thank you for it if she could!

lucky you!


Wow...good for you.

Today I visited the first daycare for future baby still in the womb. Damn, how can they charge that much money??!!

I may just have to stay at home and sell fresh baked cookies to pay for diapers!!

haha good job i'm quite proud of you

You quit?! Wow. You are braver than me. Even if my wife made double what I did, I think I would be afraid to quit.

Ofcourse, one day at home and I would never want to go back...

That's great, and probably scary too. I haven't commented in a while, but I currently 4 months pregnant and we are considering me staying home. It's a tough decision. My husband is a little more hesitant than I am, but he says in his heart it's what he wants. Good luck and anjoy your time with Mia!!!

Congratulations! Just this afternoon I was wondering how that particular quest was going for you. I guess because I'm wondering how/if it will go for me in the not-so-distant future. It's not just you who's fortunate - it's Mia, too.

But very employable should you wish to return to give the workplace the benefit of your expertise. Also given Mia's demands, unemployed may not be the correct technical term.

congratulations. enjoy being a stay at home mom.

big, scary life decision, but i'm sure you'll love every minute of your new job - cuz i can't think being a SAHM is a cakewalk.

I felt the same way when I quit earlier this year. I tried to just pretend I was still on maternity leave for about 8 weeks then I couldn't keep up the deception and I just freaked out knowing I walked away from a lot of money and a career. But who can put a price tag on being there to grow a child! I am proud of you!

ahh, you will do well here on the dark side

heh...scary I know. I did the same thing..but at least I had a year to prepare myself.

Enjoy it!! Mia deserves it.

oh, honey, you're employed all right. miss mia is your boss, don'tcha know? you jump when she says jump and you also ask how high. she rulz! ;) best of luck at your new full-time job. may you one day get promoted to having TWO cute little bosses ruling your days! :)

Congrats! You'll be fine. And I know this is wrong to say, but there are days where I wish I were married with a kid so I could stay home instead of coming to my job. Not because I want to experience the joys of motherhood just yet or raise an upstanding citizen, just because my job is like something out of Office Space. I hope you're enjoying your first day of unemployment!

By the way, where'd the link to your husband's site go? I started reading his site through the link on yours and never saved to my faves... now I have to google for it!

I'm into my third week of Un.Em.Ploy.Ment.
Mine was not voluntary. I'm going through phases. First week cleaning, second week errands, third week t.v.
I wonder what next week will hold for me.

Oh yeah I'm glad for you!


I was hoping you would do this, from the moment you told us you were pregnant, because I suspected that once you met her, it would be hard to let her go. Contrats!

Yay!!! Sunday nights will seem soooo s-t-r-a-n-g-e! Not having to start another Monday at the office, and all.

It's all good.
Mia understands..
Look deep into her eyes....
she gets it...
does anyone else matter?

didn't think so....

congrats. Know this was hard for you to decide.

Wow Wee - you are living out my dream! My mom managed to stay home with me until I was 7 and my sister was 5. (All hail the Budgeting Queen). I had a very happy childhood, and now have a better relationship with my parents than ANYONE I know. I am so enthusiastically confident that this is ABSOLUTELY THE RIGHT THING FOR MIA - thankyouthankyouthankyou for being a great Mom!

Mazel Tov! You are now the proud "employee" of your house and home. The proud and hard working head of the "stay at home" department.

Don't kid yourself, just because you won't be paid in spendable dollars, you are still employed. And at probably the best job out there - Motherhood.

Enjoy every minute of it.

welcome to the world of stay-at-home-momism, the hardest and most rewarding thing you'll ever do.

it's a great thing you're doing but you've already figured that out!

Congratulations :)

Now we can be "funemployed" together. I'm not sure what that means, but hey - whatever. Welcome to the world of funemployment. Don't feel the need to bake everything all at once!

Good for you! I know it takes courage and selflessness but you know it's all worth it. My mom stayed home with me and my sister and I'm glad she did. Mia will too.

Congratulations! I admire your decision and think you won't regret it. Enjoy!

Oh SO EXCITED! I wish I could quit with you!!!!! Yeah! You brave wonderful beautiful woman you!

i think the hardest part for me about leaving my job was not having the regular adult interaction. solution? join lots of playgroups! i don't love club-type things, but they have been well-worth the alternative of staying home alone (with my kids) every day. There are even infant least where we live. have fun!

Yea!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you!!

Congratulations. It will be okay. I am so glad for you that you are able to do this. However, be prepared, the staying home thing and not working is a bigger adjustment than most are prepared for. It's normal to have some bumpy times as you get settled in...and even after.

Enjoy your daughter.

Yippee! Way to go Beth - you'll never ever regret it! Congratulations Mommy!

WaaaaHooooo!!! cherish all your mommy moments without having to worry about an outside job!!!

Congrats! I am so jealous.

I'm sure it must be so much harder for Chris to go to work now that both his girls are home!!!

Wow, wow, WOW. Huge step. Congratulations. Here's to a great new chapter in your life.

Big sigh... can I close my eyes and pretend it's me? I've always wanted to.... quit ... my .. job. It feels good even in fantasy.


Congratulations, mommy.

Being a stay-at-home mom has been the most rewarding job of my life. Enjoy it. Cherish ever moment you have with that little girl; you will never regret it.

If you get stir crazy, look for a playgroup in your area... I've decided they're not so much for the kids as for the moms. Even if you don't get stir crazy, it is great to get feedback on stuff of all kinds from other moms in the same boat.

Congratulations! I'm very happy for you, that you have this opportunity. I doubt that you'll ever regret choosing to be at home with Mia. Enjoy yourselves!

This is the very coolest. I had this opportunity with my daughter, as well. This was in the era BEFORE digital cameras so we have books and books of photos of her. And she and I. Because what else had I to do all day but sit around and gaze at her? And play. And just be amazed by her loveliness and perfection. So I took her picture. By the dozen. Every other second. ;) You are so lucky to be living in the digital era. It makes the whole storage thing so much easier...

Congratulations to you!!!!

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