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Holy chub, Batman

At her two month check-up, the pediatrician said Mia was the size of a healthy four month old baby. At twelve weeks, she is now into six month baby clothes. I hereby officially stop worrying that she isn't getting enough to eat.

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Look at it this way: you are totally not in danger of running out of chubby baby parts to nibble.

It is so fun having a chubby baby. When BabyJuJu was born three weeks early and only 6 pounds, I worried day and night about her gaining weight. It is a good feeling to know your child is healthy and growing :) Love the pics at Chris's today, btw.

She looks so content and adorable!

I love Mia pics, I love her hair.. though it does look better on her father.

she just looks so content. adorable!

She must be sneaking in some chocolate ice cream or something :-)

She is so adorable:)

Weighing in one ounch under 10lbs at birth, Rosie had rolls of chub all the way up to her shoulders. I NEVER got tired of kissing her. Actually, I never do get tired of kissing her four years on.

Yikes! Sierra is STILL in the 0-3 mos stuff.

Oh my goodness. I'll bet she has the cutest little baby thunder thighs!!! ;)

and I hereby officially start worrying if she will fit into ther sweater :)

Adorable, as usual. I love the pics on your hubby's site of you, she and story time too. Amazing.

She's too cute. I love the chubby cheeks! :o)

My youngest was always off the charts. It's a good thing!
Be happy.

Go mom!

That baby is so cute it hurts! Seriously, I need an aspirin over here. ;-)

Mine is 10 weeks and is in some 6 month clothes. Baby clothes are like grown-up girl clothes - you just have to ignore the tag and buy what fits. :-) She's precious!

what a cutie!!! My son "JPR" was quite chubby at 8 months he had rolls and solls of fat! Later in his life we were worried about how skinny he was... you just never know... I'd take healthy any day!

Ok...yup, i'd say you don't have to worry about starving that adorable little girl. my son is 18 months, and in the same size clothes as your 12 WEEK old! you are awesome!

Big girls rule! Is Mia tall for her age, too? My lovely daughter has been off the charts in height and weight for her entire life. She's now just under 5 years old and is 4' tall and 62 lbs. She wears sizes 7 and 8.

Oh what a sweety. She looks like a little china doll! Yes, I think you can stop worrying now! Your breastmilk is all good!

Wow, that's great! I bet her size helps her sleep longer at night too. :)

And she's so GORGEOUS as well.

I love the title of this post. Mia is TOOOO cute! I could eat her up!

Man she's adorable.

She looks sweet and healthy! Way to grow!

Babie's usually wear clothing that's twicw their age...

3 month old babies wear 6 mos. outfit, 12 month olds wear 24. I've only seen a couple of babie that didn't follow that rule.

does she miss me?
cause I miss her and we've never even met.
I wanna mush those cheeks and squeeze those legs.

What a cutie! I love chubby babies!

ummm...looks like she doing what Chris is talking about in his post this morning....
But oh how cute and swishy she looks! good job!

oh, how appropriate, you dressed the little piggie in pink!! omg, i am just joking she is precious...and she takes good photos, cuz she doesn't look big, lol. gotta love her hair, CUTIE!!

I really hope you scrapbook Beth, if not, you've got some great opportunities. She's such a cutie!

I just realized how when babies look twice their age it's a good thing, while that would suck as an adult :)
She's getting cuter and cuter.

Love the chub! She's so cute.

She is truly adorable. And chub is good! :)

very flattering photo, mommy! ;)

you'll need to teach her how to work the camera for her best angle. you know, how paris and jessica do it. ha!

She looks pretty healthy to me.

And pretty.

Lucky Mia is well fed and cute to boot!

That's how my daughter was. And exactly how my son is starting off. Thank God for healthy kids. 'Cause I seriously think I would fall apart on the contrary.

Oh My God! That baby is too cute for WORDS! I love chubby babies!

I have an irrational urge to pinch those chubby wubby little cheeks.

I'm sorry. I'm going to go away now.

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