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Home again, home again, diggity-doo

Turns out, going on vacation with a two month old baby is pretty much like staying home with a two month old baby, only a much bigger pain in the ass.

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I'd imagine so!

i want to blow zerberts (raspberries) on her neck. too cute.

oh my goodness.
i LOVE that picture!!
i get some satisfaction in seeing crying babies...not sure why...she's soo cute.

It looks like whatever daddy is saying to her is not at all to her satisfaction. Do you suppose he's telling her she won't be allowed to date till she's 34?

He's probably telling her its time to go home, and she doesn't want to leave the beach! :)

Been there, done that. Sometimes, the best vacations are staying at home! Just think, in a few years you'll get to do the theme park thing with her... you'll long for the stay at home days! But wherever you go or whatever you do... ENJOY EVERY MOMENT! It goes by way too fast!

She is a cutie!

Ha! I just looked at the whole photo set and that's the only one of her crying!

Shows what made the most impression on Mom!

But the thing is, you guys look so *cute* doing it (going on vacation with a 2 month old).

Rest assured, you will be able to torture her with all of these pictures later in life. Perhaps drag them out for a viewing the night she brings her fiance home?

Payback is a bitch. ;)

i love that picture.

however, i've seen chris' collection of pics from the weekend, and so i know that there were many beautiful smiles from that gorgeous girl this weekend too :)

Sounds familiar. The nice little get-a-way isn't all that nice nor can you truly get "away". That picture is adorable...and pretty much says it all. Glad your back.

Trust me, in a few months, you'll look back at this vacation and remember it as a smashing success, with no pain involved at all.

I alsways wanted to g and do when my kids were that age.. untill I got to where I wanted to go.. then i'd be reminded about how much of a pain it was to lug the world around with you for the baby.

And it never failed no matter what I packed with us there was always something else we really could of used that was left at home.

Yeah, vacations are difficult until all potty issues are resolved, and the kid's eating people food. Then it's fun fun fun. But until then, you're thinking "What's the point?"

:-( I'm sorry to hear that.

Geez Louise. You know your kid is adorable when she continues to be cute even in a picture of her crying.

Agreed. I don't mean to scare you, but when they are mobile it is worse.


And Bry does the same thing when we stray from his routine!


I figured this out over the summer! My in laws never understand why I don't want to just pop in the car with the two kids and drive on down to the beach? Considering it takes me HOURS to pack and get ready and HOURS to just get there with stopping for the diaper/juice/bottle/etc and then worrying that the beach house is not only NOT childproofed but is the opposite (think the shed the couple in Twister ended up in) and has hazards at every corner.... you know I think I should give your blog back now!

Oh my goodness, it is the end of the world Mia style. She looks OH SO SAD!!!!

that picture is bloody fantastic!!!

Oh. my. God. That is the cutest damned thing I have seen in months! I want that picture on a t-shirt!

Oh yes, and: been there, done that. I can totally sympathize.

Love the pict! We have a similar shot, but I'll wait to post it... don't want to seem stalkish-like (althought I do kind-of stalk your site). :-)

I tried FLYING with Ava by myself to see my mom for 2 days. The flight went great. It was navigating the airport with a baby and baby-gear that was a pain... as well as the fact that all of the well-rested people of America wanted to stay up all night - chatting and playing with my daughter. I, on the other hand, wanted to go to sleep.

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