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How I'm spending my morning

My lap is under there somewhere.

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i LOVE that picture! it makes me miss having babies (although, not enough to actually have another one!)

Wow, she's gorgeous!
You and Chris do good work! (but I'm sure you already knew that)

Awwww!!! Bless!! She's just too cute! What a honey!

Lucky you! I miss those days.

There's something about watching a baby sleep that makes me feel like things aren't all that bad after all. She's darling.

Wow! I'm 41 with a vasectomized husband, and that picture makes me think I need a baby. Just a little one to hold on my lap.

God, they're so cute when they're sleeping... Too bad they don't stay that way all day long!

So adorable! Her hair looks red in that photo.

I can think of worse ways to spend your morning ;)

My heart just squished.


love love love!!!

too cute.
i still can't get over her hair....does she want to share some with my baldie???

That is such a sweet picture! I miss those days. They are most definitely gone too fast.

What a precious picture. They do indeed look cute when they're sleeping. Thank you for sharing.

Love when they are so relaxed in sleep that the mouth turns into a little heart shape. She looks like Snow White.

But with better hair.

we old dried up ladies stare at these pictures and dream of grandbabies....

I want to squeeze her cheeks.
I want to squeeze her chubby arms....
I know, I know, she's asleep....

that's probably what did in the housekeeper......

Is her hair turning redish?? Cutest pic.

Good gracious, she's just gorgeous! (And I'm not even a baby person.)

So beautiful! And what a great place for a nap! :) Cherish those moments as she'll be all grown up and too big for naps (let alone cuddling momma) before you know it!

I haven't been here in a bit, life has just been crazy. Oh my, Mia is beautiful and growig soooo FAST!

Big hugs.

Wow, I remember those days. Lots and lots and lots and lost of them.

She's precious.

What a beauty!

Mia is beautiful. What a great photo.

Aww what a sweetie. She's beautiful Beth.

Aaaaw. I love this picture. She seems so peaceful! is her hair getting red or am I going crazy?

wow...she really looks like chris there.

That is the sweetest photo.

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