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I know this is two baby pictures in a row

Am I the only one who occasionally has to make their kid especially cute to counteract the urge to sell her on eBay?

At the moment, those pink slippers are the only thing standing between her and an online auction.

(And don't even bother to flame me, you know I am kidding and I'm not in the mood.)

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Im right there with you. In my son's case its an outfit with little blue horsey feet (ears and a mane) and a matching horsey actually tucked in his breast pocket.
Of course, as soon as I dress him in the outfit I start saying "Randy lay there like a slug. It was his only defense." and "Oh, Ralphie, you look adorable!" and other quotes that make me cackle.
He is going to be sooo twisted.

Yeah. BabyJuJu wore a cute little hat (in the house) yesterday to keep me from screaming at her.

Adorable outfit ( and Mia) by the way...

This is actually regarding your anniversary post--

Funnily enough, five years ago on Oct 10th I was marrying my Chris in the Outer Banks . . . we love October vacations in the Outer banks, lol.

And we met in DC . . .

Oh, and Mia is lovely, BTW.

I have had those days...oh and the joy of seeing Mia does not stop so please photograph and share away! I like seeing her changes! :)

what do you mean, we're not allowed to sell them on ebay?!?!?!? must seriously rethink this trying for babies thing... ;)

just keep thinking of the gravity-defying hair. and the pretty pink slippers.

that's got to get you through the screaming - no? (spoken like a true childless one...)

oh my gosh her little stomach! she's such a cute little chub.

She is very very cute!!! Everyone has those days...

I don't have children but I have wanted to sell other people's children on eBay, so I understand the urge. The outfit is adorable and the pink slippers might actually bring in a higher price. Just something to think about. ;)

I occasionally put a bandana on the dog or give her a cute toy to keep from returning her to whence she came. So, yeah, either I'm twisted or you're normal :P.

Oh and did you knit that yourself?????? My god, that is so cute! And if you DID it knit it, you go! Awesome job.

Sounds like a no-nap day? How about drugging her to sleep with some tylenol? :-)

I love her little round belly. And her "no bullshit" expression.

So adorable! I'd bid on her!

You think you want to sell her now? Wait til she's 4 and she's just painted all over the very cute outfit that had--just moments before--been keeping her from being auctioned off.

Oh no! Bad day eh? Take a deep breath and know that it will pass.

Pink is Mia's color by the way. Very nice.

I thought you were going to send her to Idaho?

...just wait until she is 15 and knows everything and you are the most unfair mom in the WORLD!! This was just angrily said to me (not shouted though, they get electronic things taken away when they shout at any adult!!)as my adoring 15 yr old son stormed into his bathroom to clean the tub and toilet that he abuses on a daily basis. I would trade you in a heart beat for such a cute and non-verbal, beautiful little girl. Just let me know.....

Well, if you DO decide to list her, put her on a buy it now and then call me.

Or better yet, I'll trade you a two and almost-four year old for your little chunky monkey. Trust me, you'll want to trade back in a heartbeat mostly because mine don't come with adorable little jumpers and slippers.

Hang in there. Just like John Lennon said, "Nobody told me there'd be days like these..."

I start the bidding with a bid of ummm 25.00 (shes worth so much more but its all I got)

awww, momma really wuvs her baby...haha lately i cant stop taking pics of my cats...they are my babies for now ;)

Hang on to her for a while yet. It's amazing how well they usually turn out... and she IS ssssssssooooooooooooooooooo cute!

I'm guessing from your post that it's been one of those days. I had one of those today too - well, substitute my boss for your baby and our days were probably similar - either way the end result is the same.

I have to say though, Mia looks pretty snuggly in that outfit. My boss would look ridiculous in those slippers.

Um, I never wanted to sell the kids but there were plenty of times I would have liked to have auctioned off my husband. I was always afraid that the winner would retract her bid once she met him though and then I'd be stuck with him. All the negative feedback in the world wouldn't have fixed that!

Days like this are where the saying "It's a good thing you're cute" must've come from. I think that's why God made babies cute, so we don't sell them on ebay the first time they are rotten.

I think you could get a good price for her!

When mine was a baby, I didn't even want to Sell her - just leave her by the side of the road to be raised by various rodents.

Every morning, after being kept awake all night, I would say "It's lucky you are so cute"

Then she would puke on me and we would get on with the day.

Now she is 7 and says "Don't touch me with your wet hands Mama."

You know what that makes me want to do? TOUCH HER!!! Hahahahaha.

You too will know this joy someday.

I'll put mine in with yours and maybe we can get a 2for1 deal.

I LOVE her hair.

So cute! I love the look on her face, like, "Quit it with the pictures, Ma."

Behold, the power of the pink slippers. Chocolate is also a powerful anti-selling-the-kid-on-Ebay weapon. Assuming, of course, that Mia and chocolate are on speaking terms. If not, you have my deepest and most heart-felt sympathies.

I've often said the only difference between a mom who sells her child and a mom who doesn't is the action... not the thought.

This works in other situations as well. That is, insert "strangle co-worker" and "one who doesn't" and it conveys a similar tone.

Oh, and those are nice shoes. If you were to post her online they would definately sweeten the deal :)

that's why god made 'em so we wouldn't bury them in the sandbox and let the cat worry about them....

she IS adorable....

You've heard it before but I'll say it again. Truly adorable. I love her little pink outfit and I want to squish her. I mean that in the best way possible. I always want to squish things that I find adorable (and I grit my teeth, I'm in big trouble when I am a mom!!)

She might be easier to sell on ebay in those slippers :-)

Beth, I think that you're heading towards inventing a new phrase along the lines of "throwing the baby out with the bathwater"!

you mean there are parents who don't consider selling their children??? - my mother used to threaten me with it on a daily basis - of course I was 15 at the time - there Mia goes again - passing the rest of us up ;-)

That's hilarious. I even called my husband over to share in the laughter.

Mia is adorable as always. And heck, I never thought about selling the Girl. I was just going to give her away.

I have a 14 year old I will trade you straight across. We don't even need to exchange money. She isn't speaking to me, and acts sullen most of the time. The best thing about this deal would be in 72 hours we would both be grateful to trade back.

instead of selling her on ebay, maybe we can do a fair trade. one of my almost two-year olds for your very adorable baby. that's fair, isn't it?

Hi, new visitor to your site. Mia's so cute. But I get what you're saying about considering the online auction thing -- my husband and I are considering whether we could get more from our kids via barter or through direct sale. We've even offered to sell them to the grandparents for 25 cents each and throw in all the related accessories!

Didn't have Ebay when my first was born, but would have sold her to the gypsies if they'd come. Or goodwill. Or salvation army. Lucky for her they didn't ring the bell.

We all have days like that. Seems to me that anyone who'd flame you doesn't have kids.

Hugs. Has Chris told you how pretty you are today? You are very pretty. So pretty, in fact, that you are the prettiest mommy on the planet.

And you're skinny and brilliant and smart.

MIA is ADORABLE! Those feet are TOO cute!

So giggling! I didn't HAVE eBay in my day! Giggle*snort* Grin!

I think every parent goes through a phase of "are you still here?" with their kids. All part of the joy of being a parent though, right?

You are definitely not the only one! I would throw myself in front of a bus carrying blond Sumu wrestlers to save thNut, but there are days when...arg.

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