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It never fails

It is sort of illustrative of how things usually go for me that when I accidentally set off the house alarm taking the trash out and forget which button to push to indicate it is a false alarm (it should really be labeled "I'm an idiot") and then don't answer the phone when the alarm company calls because I forgot that they do that and think if is a junk call and then the cops come and one of them is really, really cute, well of course I am still in my pajamas with baby puke in my hair. Oh, and am also married. He totally thought I was hot anyway though, I could tell. He was just trying to maintain his professionalism.

(Do you think if I push the "fire" button they will send me some firemen? I could use a little cheering up, and I think that would do it.)

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Yeah, some firemen would certainly cheer things up. I say go for it.

firemen always cheer me up - good thing we have a firestation right around the corner from our house. firemen central!!!

Oh totally. Gotta go with the first two commenters on this one.

ahhh smart woman. i like the way you think ;)

*goes downstairs and sets alarm off*

Just cut to the chase girl. Pull out the Yellow Pages and look under strippers or exotic dancers, whatever. I'm sure they have a fireman costume sitting in the closet just begging to be used. The baby goes down for a nap soon right?? :D

you know, I never thought of the security system as a stud delivery system! What a great idea!

Brilliant, again! Always forward thinking on the fireman-delivery-service. Maybe this could be your business from home? hee hee....

Wooo hooo! Take pictures of them! Cheer us ALL up!

I agree with queen take pictures for us.

do they have an alarm with a 'supermodels' button?

mmmm firemen.

I get cheered up every day when I pick my daughter up from preschool and search for a glimpse of a fireman daddy there to pick up his own daughter.

What is it about firemen anyway?

It's worth trying.

Mmmmm... Firemen....

What? I'm sorry, did you say something?

Some firemen came by the office last week for a surprise inspection, and not a one of them was cute. It was a shame.

I love your blog. I put yours on my blog roll. Is that ok? If you see my blog and think it sucks and decide you don't want to be associated with such suckiness then let me know. I can take it off and won't be offended.

And I remember the baby puke in the hair... That phase doesn't last long. Sooner than you realize, she'll be giving you attitude instead of regurgitated "boob juice". :-)

I'm sorry, I was laughing too hard at the visual to actually write anything good here.

Boy- I am thinking I shoudl go home and "accidentally" set off our alarm, I could use a little attention :)

Push the button for me too!

Ah Beth, I nearly spit out my cereal with your last brilliant idea there. Heh. Now that's a great reason to have a home alarm system, really. :P

Wait for me to get there, ok? I'll bring the wine.

Been there, honey!

You should see the cops they send here when you accidentally call 911. (The number was like 591-1XXX, the 5 on the phone never worked.) "Arrest me ... please???"

priceless :)

Ah, baby puke. My hair product of choice.

yeah firemen are sexy!!

You know it's "fall back" time for daylight savings, time to change the batteries in your smoke detector. You could call the fire house and let them know you want your smoke detector checked, make sure you got the batteries in right. They do car seat checks too, you know if you are really bored, you can go see them.

When I manage to arrange for a severe hypoglycemic episode in my diabetic husband, I can sometimes get a bedroom FULL of firemen and paramedics! Wooo-hooo... (it would even be better if they'd clean up the clothes on the floor but they never do).

Ohhhhh fireman. It's a close one, but I think firemen are hotter than policemen. Is it warm in here, or is it just me?

Just wait till the UPS man comes knockin'...

Mmmm - firman - I need a home alarm system just so I can call firemen and policemen to my house. Oh I know! I can UPS packages of my own belongings to my house... Now there's an idea!

Firemen are cute. I say go for it.

I hope today is going better. Or at least involves less puke in your hair.

FIREMEN!! You know, you're going to have to teach Mia at some point about the virtues of hot men-- I mean public service... why not do it while she's young?

Does your alarm have a general "Man in Uniform" button?

Sounds like I need a home alarm system. This could be fun!

Wait--wait--when Mia gets older? You can totally have fire truck birthdays! Who cares if she likes them? They will send a whole crew to help you in, and help you out, and then back into another part of the truck and then out again... Mia can hate it but her friends (and their moms) will worship you.

Also? Jaleo totally rocked my world.

Heck yeah!! Push that button!!! We could all use a few firemen... :)

HA! Firemen are the best--you should try it.

YAY!! Go for it! What's the worst they can do to ya?? it'd be worth it I think, heheh

I HIGHLY recommend trying to get a fireman or two. Yumm. Hmm. You might want to get dressed first though :)

I called the firemen last year and it was so worth it. Even when they told me the only thing wrong with my carbon monoxide detector is that it was dusty. I too, did not have time for makeup and other niceties.

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