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This day in history

This morning, we sat in our bed and tickled our daughter's toes until she laughed.

One year ago today, we ate at Becco in New York City - the restaurant we fell in love with on our honeymoon when we walked in off the street and lucked into a table and fabulous pasta.

Two years ago today, we were at Blue Point, eating crab cakes until we thought we might pop.

Three years ago today, we were at, um, Nora's? Recently returned from France, so no October vacation that year.

Four years ago today, we were at Blue Point in Duck for our first exposure to their fantastic crab cakes.

Five years ago today, we were at Carolina Blue on our first trip to the Outer Banks.

Six years ago today, actually six years ago right this very minute, we were getting married.

Happy Anniversary, honey. Marrying you was the best decision I ever made.

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Happy anniversary! May the next six years bring you even more joy and happiness.


Congratulations and happy anniversary!!!

Happy Anniversary, you guys!

Happy Anniversary and hoping next year does not find either one of you itchy.Which I'm sure it won't. Celebrate!!

What a nice present Mia gave you guys! May you be blessed with many, many more years - and much, MUCH more laughter!

Happy anniversary. They only get better from here.

aww, you guys!! :) i'm so happy for yall. :) Happy Anniversary!!

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!

oh, how sweet. actually, i am just impressed you can remember back past last year. i am memory-challenged...what did i have for dinner last night again?


happy anniversary.

aw...happy anniversary :)

As I said to your husband...October seems to be *the* month to get married. Happy Anniversary!

Happy day of 6 years of merried-o-ation!

Now go do married things to each other!

Isn't it funny that almost every other year you were gone somewhere exciting for your anniversary, but this year you stayed home? Why go out when you already have all the excitment you need at home?! Have fun with that cutie, and Happy Anniversary!

Hi Beth,
Nice to meet you today at Sam's virtual shower.' Again, Happy Anniversary! It was awfully nice of you and Chris to 'attend' her shower on your special day.

Obviously I'm not the only reader that thinks thats totally sweet. Happy aniversary :) You guys make me want to get married and have babies so so bad.

Wow, I totally have goosebumps. Happy Anniversary!

It's also my mother's birthday today.

Happy anniversary!!!!

Aw! Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!

Baby toes are the best! Being married to the right person can be a very close Congrats on both!

happy anniversary! that was a beautiful way to show the last 6 years, by the way. :)

You guys make it look easy. You are both awesome people, awesome parents, and awesome bloggers, awesome compliments to each other.
Happy Anniversery.

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary! Hope it is a great one.

Hurray! Happy anniversary!

(PS- isn't the giggle from the babe the best present ever??)

Congratulations! You two are an inspiration to us all and I'm not just saying that to be all brown-nosey. May you have oodles of happiness for years to come.

Happy Anniversary!

And OMG - Becco's is the first restaurant I took my husband to on our first trip to NYC together umpteen years ago. Love love love that place. Thanks for the great memory reminder!

Congratulations on your anniversary. Some people say the first five years are the most difficult, so good job for getting past that milestone and best wishes for continued happiness (and great crab cakes!)

YAY, Happy Anniversary.

Being that it is me posting this, pretend that the annoying band on the flintstones is playing the happy anniversary song over and over just for you!

Happy Anniversary! Having been married before, and on my way to #2 I learned what makes a marriage work and what doesn't. I see a wonderful long, loving future--you two are blessed.

happy anniversary! :)

Congrats to you! Sorry I'm a day late...

congratulations and happy anniversary. while this year's celebration was much different from those past, i bet this was the best one yet what with the tickling of mia toes and all ;)

Congratulations and happy anniversary. Six years married to a "rock star" husband by hollywood terms is a lifetime. Hope the next six years brings you as much bliss as the last six.

happy anniversary!!

Happy Anniversary! October 1999 was a good year for marrying!

Happy anniversary a day or so late. You two seem to be great together...or should I say you three? Happy Anniversary!

Happy *late* anniversary. You two truly do rock! Good inspiration for the rest of us.

Have a good week.

Happy Anniversary. Now the tickling toes is all very cute and stuff but the next few anniversaries will me more like
year 1 - changed diapers. still changing diapers
year 2 - went out to dinner, Mia threw spaghetti on self, came home
year 3 - babysitter cancelled. anniversary is postponed until tomorrow
year 4 - kindegarten meeting on same night. anniversary postponed til next year

16 years later - Finally a dinner ourselves again. WOnder if she's burnt down the house yet!

I'm sure she would never be that bad tho. congratulations on 6 years together.

Crabcakes from Blue Point.... we had them on our honeymoon, and then again this year for our anniversary. How can you not like the crab cakes from Blue Point in Duck?!? :) Great to find someone who appreciates our taste in food :) Happy Anniversary to both of you!

Happy Anniversary. What a wonderful way to celebrate!

Aw! Happy Anniversary! What a great start to the day!

Very cool, happy [belated] anniversary! I especially like your succinct recap of the years. I'd be hard pressed to put that together myself. ;-)

ok this made me all weepy.... congrats

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