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I was just on the phone with customer service for my cell phone company, and I thought the friendly customer service representative had put me on hold. Not so much, which led to the following conversation:

Me: (To Mia) Are you having a big poop?
Customer Service Lady: Um, no.
Me: Just checking.

Hey, I was probably her best call of the day.

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Literally laughing out loud here.

Ha! That's too funny.

LOL~ That is awesome!

ha, that made me laugh out loud. SOOO funny!!!

that's hilarious!

How come I never got calls like that when I worked customer service?? Sheesh. Although I did have a lady tell me the story of how her 8 year-old daughter called Britney Spears a hoochie mama. That was kind of amusing.

LOL! That's too funny.... I can't believe she responded to that question!

Ah-- that made my day. =)

Laughing out loud! Hilarious! Just wait, it wont be that long before you're handing drinks to your husband with a caution 'two hands, dont spill it'... or dicing up his food at dinner time for him. I did it. (maybe its just me though!)

LOL- best post of the day!

Hee. You probably were her best call of the day. She'll remember it always, that's for sure.

oh my gawd!! that is too funny, the person answered that??!!

BWAH! That is hilarious!

Once again...welcome to motherhood!
That was was hilarious!!

As a former Call Center employee, believe-you-me this was probably the high point of her day!

Just so you know, I worked as a CSR for awhile and when they put you on "hold" they can still hear you. I used to have to bite my tongue when I came back on as some of the customers liked to talk about the idiot on the phone with them.

Hahaha. Well done.

HA! You know she'll be telling that story for weeks!

You crack me up. You make me wanna be a cell phone customer service rep just on the off chance I could get a call like that.

Undoubtedly her best call of the day. I hope you didn't explain about the baby -- that would ruin her story! :)

she probably posted the same exact conversation on HER blog.

HAHAHA... hilarious! I couldn't have pulled that off... I would have just hung up embarrassed to death or something :)

OMG!!! Too funny!!

OMG! lol
Just be glad that's ALL you said! ;)

ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!! That's priceless!!!


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