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We can cure disease, live in space, clone animals and watch television on our cell phones, so could someone please explain to me why we can't invent a diaper that actually contains the poop?

The diaper commercials make it all look so innocent. They talk about leaks and demonstrate with their little cups of blue water, and it makes you think "oh dear, a small amount of baby pee may at some point escape this excellent diaper. How mildly irksome." I think we should have truth in advertising: "Buy our diaper and we promise you will have to clean 20% less poop out of your child's hair."

The glamour is killing me.

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And I want to watch that ad on your cell phone because mine is totally not that fancy.

Always knew you were all about the glamour.

Theres glamour? parenting? Oh yeah, on tv, that I no longer watch because children have taken over my 3000 dollar system.

Instead of reassuring you with the befeits of a poo facial (at 4 months if Mia is eating solids, remember there are also benefits to a sweet potato facial and believe it or not the green bean facial as well), I will share a hint- go up a size if Mia is doing this on a regular basis. I'm being serious, not snide. Lady was a good two pounds away from needing to go up a size, but we were having leaks left and right, up and down, so I went up a size and it seems that was enough to contain the explosions. Also, going up a diaper size helps if the diapers are larger overnight.

That's wierd because my son pee'd and pooped blue water for the first 5 months. Maybe it was the diaper brand.

There is no force on earth that can contain the poop. All you can do is be happy that almost everything baby related can be tossed into the washer.

I had no idea that diapers didn't contain the poop! Why don't they tell you these things?? Thank goodness I can read your blog to prep for my future children - that is, if the man of my dreams would show up already.

PS, love your blog

ROFL....And why do they use blue liquid? I have never known anything blue to come out of that end of a child!

just wanted to say yuck!

and it has been like that for years, according to stories i have heard from my mother. i once had to be hosed down with the garden hose because it was ALL over me when i was a toddler. so i hear. lol

I agree with Chatty Cricket about moving up a size in diapers. Also, if you're not using the wonder that is Oxyclean, get some now.

Ah, you got to the explosive-all-over-the-place poop stage. Congrats! We ended up getting the next larger sized diaper. It didn't always hold the poop and the copious amounts of pee, but it gave us a little bit of a margin of error!

My 9 month old just had it go so far up her back in was in her arm pit, now hows that for gross?! Sorry but it isn't going to end anytime soon. :-)

EEK!!! We used to call those diaper moments "explosive diapers". I think you should definately demand some truth in advertising.

Ahhh, the blow out. Nifty, isn't it? My son had his first one in a very fancy restaurant. My Lily had her first one way ahead of schedule, at 3 days old. You learn to love them. Kinda.

Agreed on the size comment. You'll get fewer diapers in a package but you'll do less laundry, and bathing... and gagging. The other thing you may want to consider is changing brands...

Some things however cannot be contained... explosive bowel movements being one of them.


Going up a size never worked for us, because my kids' blow-outs were way too powerful. The armpit comment? Yeah. Try all the way up to their NECK. And then, of course, all over the hair when you try to take the clothes off. The only thing that ever worked was folding over the top of the diaper in the back, to create a kind of "pocket" that stops the poop from squirting up and out. Be careful when you lay her down though, or the weight of her body will render the pocket useless. Hope this helps!

Do I even want to know how she got poop in her hair. Now as a mom I'm aware of some amazing baby tricks but that one migh tbe new. :-) On a lighter note I think we have used a total of 3 brands before we found something that works for us. I now won't use anything but pampers swaddlers/cruisers. Now they hold the hoover dam.

When I worked in the diaper industry (no, not kidding), there was discussion about this and a movement to create a diaper that absorbs poop. The technology is out there. It's just not considered something mothers would want enough.

I know, I know.

ahahahahah, sorry, but that is too much. icky leaky poops!

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