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Word to the Wise

If you decide to make spaghetti sauce while the baby is napping and decide to go ahead and throw in a cute little green pepper that you find in the fridge and if as you are chopping the cute little green pepper decide to go ahead and taste a little piece to see how it is, you must first ask yourself a very important question.

Is your husband from Texas?


Since I am too busy trying to extinguish the flames shooting off my tongue I will leave you with one the reasons my daughter is going to hate me when she's a teenager:

I love her hair.

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Bread or milk will help the flames. (Don't know why, just do)

Oh my goodness, what a cute little face! Looks like she's not too thrilled with the fountain o hair on her head though. (Which makes it a classic photo!)

OH YEAH now mommy has ammunition for the teen years!!!!

She's just so adorable no matter what you do to her hair!!! So pretty...beautiful really!

What a cutie. I used to comb my 2 sons' hair like that. Let me tell you, they don't like those pictures. At least you have a change with a girl.

ha ha ha!!! Very cute picture! Your daughter has pretty eyes.

Another one for her wedding slide show- heh heh...

LOL! That wouldn't be a cute little Jalepeno pepper would it?

milk kills/washes away the pepper enzymes.

Wow! I love it! She doesn't even need a hair clip or tie to keep it up either...lucky girl. Wish my hair would do that.

that? is awesome. LOL.

I love that she's just got this, "What the HELL are you doing?" look on her face.

I'm Mexican so I'm allowed to say .. Your a Wossie! lol

I just loved the hair do! I agree..another great picture for her wedding slide show!

I love that face!!! "Woman what are you DOING to me??" Hey, there is enough hair there for an itty bitty bow!!!!!!!!!

And, I think you totally did the right thing with your blogfriend/dumper. We all know you ARE perfectly lovely, and even perfectly lovely people are allowed to have perfectly rotten days.

What an adorable little girl! Loving the hair. :)

I have to stop letting Maddie see your blog, she is so jealous fo Mia's hair. So am I, come to think of it. My husband is from Buffalo, all that means is that I'm not allowed to say things like, "Buffalo Wings" they are only "Wings". Whatever Dude, they are Buffalo Wings.

Oh that is just sooooo damned cute. And wow, that was a pretty spicy pepper, eh? i'm a total wuss when it comes to spicy food.

She is SO precious, Beth. I mean, really, really precious. I want to nibble her cheeks!

And also, OUCH. I remember my dad eating jalapenos. Just eating them. His eyes would water and he would always complain about his bald spot sweating. Silly Daddy :)

Beth, my husband is from Texas.
I understand!!!!!!!!
That kid gets more and more cute every stinking time I see her!!!!

I'm a wuss, too. Any dairy product helps instantly...milk, yogurt, Ranch dressing, even whipped cream.

Mia looks beautiful!

She is just scrumptious!

how cute! I love the expressions she makes :D

I never get tired of seeing baby mohawks :)

I can see the scene in my mind, you fix her hair, prop her up on pillow or something then giggle and snap pictures, giggle and snap pictures... this is the look she is giving you for acting like such a dough-ball.


OMG!!! That picture is so hysterical!!!!! She still looks so cute. I just love those cheeks.
Thanks for sharing it, hehehe

hahaha!! so cute :)

my hair used to stand up like that until i was almost a year old.

so so so CUTE!! yikes about the pepper, lol!!

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