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Best birthday present ever

I will be 31 in three, count 'em, three days.

This morning, I was carded when buying wine.

The cashier seemed somewhat taken aback when I kissed her full on the lips, but you card a 31 year old woman schlepping an infant in a stroller and that is the price you have to pay.

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A true sign of being over 30... when you give a huge smile and thank the cashier/bartender/waitress for carding you. They get all embarrassed because you're happy, and you feel like you're in college.

Age 21-25 is when you earnestly present your ID (often without being asked); Age 26-30 is when you get irritated that they don't realize you are of age; Age 31+ is when you'll take any indication that you look young as a compliment. My sister used to work the door at a nightclub, and she could usually predict the age on the ID before it was presented just by the person's reaction.

dude I got carded buying tickets to jarhead - Score!
I totally thanked the lady

Well, first, MY birthday is in 4 days. That makes us practically twins! Except, I'm six years older.

Second, I get ridiculously giddy when I get carded (and I did a few weeks ago)! It is the best and might I add, easiest, way to make my day.

I turned 36 two weeks ago and got cared. I was going to have sex with her, but I thought that the cash registar would have gotten in the way.

that carded...geez, I'm young looking but I can't type worth a darn.

I got carded at the ripe old age of 35.
I too was overly affectionate, however, it was a girl waitress and I just left her a $25 tip.

The last time I got carded, I was 41 years old. I was buying a 6-pack of beer in Texas. No, I don't look like I'm under 21. I had a head full of grey hair and several near-legal-age children to my credit. She didn't look at me at all. I said, "You're kidding, right?" and she finally looked up at me and said, "No, you're fine." It wasn't anything like a compliment or an insult. It just made me wait too long for my beer!

I'm going to be 32 this year. If someone would card me, I'd kiss them too.

You go girl!

Buying wine in the morning is a sure sign of a problem! LOL

Happy Early Birthday!

I would totally make out with anyone who carded me. It has been far too long since that happened!

Happy pre-Birthday!

Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to Be-eth!
Happy Birthday to You!

You are prettier and more wonderful every day. Don't believe me? Just ask Chris and Mia.

Happy B-day! Glad you still get carded :-D

I love getting carded. I got carded last week buying groceries.

In retrospect, I should have kissed her, but I usually just say "thank you".

Happy Birthday! And you completely look like you need to be carded, IMHO.

How great is that!!! Happy Birthday!

Last week, on my 30th birthday (dum dum DUM!), I had a breakfast meeting. I show up with an armful of documents to review with the client. The lovely hostess asks me, "Oh, honey, is that ALL homework?"
That was my favorite present, for sure.

Happy early birthday! Getting carded is theeeee best thing. I got carded at dinner last year when I was 41. I about kissed the waiter and I made my FIL give him a much bigger tip.

Oddly enough,I get carded more now when I'm 36 than I did when I was under age and attempting to buy things that I shouldn't (not that I would ever do such a thing).

It's my birthday in two weeks :D Happy birthday to you, Miss Beth. You're totally card-worthy.

I'm 35 and I only ever get carded in the States. Sitting at dinner with my Man. The dude asked for idea when I ordered a beer with dinner. Then he asked if it was real ID (guess he hadn't seen an Ontario driver's license before.) Sweet!


Happy Birthday!

congrats!!!! and happy b-day (ALMOST) :)

I would most likely card you... but only because I would want one of those kisses!! *smooch*

I don't think there is such a thing as 'carding' over here. When I was in the States last year, I was carded 4 times in three weeks. I swear I thought I was going to have to buy a second ticket for the jouney home just for my head!!

Too funny! Similar thing happened to me. I was carded for the first time in my LIFE after I'd turned 30. At first I thought the waitress must be carding everyone but neither of the 2 other people at my table got carded so I was giddy. I reacted quite similarly too: Told the waitress that I could kiss her. She seemed a tad freaked out.

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