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Birthday, Part Two

So, yesterday was my *cough* 31st *cough* birthday, but the anniversary of the actual moment of my birth did not occur until early this morning. You see, I was born at 11:14 PM in California, so it was not until 2:14 this morning that I marked 31 full years. Therefore, I have declared today Beth's Birthday, Part Two - let the wild partying continue.

A couple people asked what Mia got me for my birthday. It's a long list, I'll try to remember everything. She let me take a shower, she took three naps - two of them somewhere other than my lap which is the only place she will usually nap and which allowed me to change the litter boxes (three for two cats, don't ask) and empty the dishwasher, she did not pitch a hissy fit in the grocery store, she barely threw up on me at all, and she insured I appreciated every last moment of my birthday by keeping me up all night last night. She also gave me three new Dr. Seuss books and the latest Particia Cornwell book, which I know will suck but which I will read anyway because I do that.

Chris completely violated our agreement to not do birthday gifts this year (the budget, it is a little tight now that I am unemployed) and got me a gift certificate for a spa day. When I kindly pointed out that he wasn't supposed to get me anything, he said, "but you really deserve it" and how can I argue with that? My parents also gave me a spa gift certificate, so, like, woot. Do you think it is ok to go get a massage when I haven't showered in three days, because if not this is going to take a lot of planning.

Finally, Chris gave me something that I have wanted for literally 20 years and at first was too embarrassed to ask anyone for and then was unable to find. This is quite possibly the greatest gift I have ever received and I could not stop myself from doing a little happy dance when I opened it. I've posted a picture in the extended entry so you can all share in the magic.

Now, you are all going to click the extended entry and think "oh that Beth, what a card she is, what a joker." Let me assure you that I am completely earnest about this and could not be more thrilled. I'm serious about this, totally, one hundred percent serious. You may feel the need to mock my joy, but I'm so excited by this gift that I really don't care. Honest.

Mia and I are dedicating the day to deciding on the perfect place to install this wondrous device.

Totally, totally serious here.

Comments (43)

Sounds like you got great presents. Have fun at the Spa!!!

I think that's a GREAT present! And the Spa thing, I guess that's ok too (hahah). My husband MD and I are convinced that if we take the time to research and patent some kind of device (Clapper-based) that would make inanimate objects (like the remote) beep that we could be milionaires...CRAP, I just leaked our secret 'freedom 40' plan onto the internet!

The clapper! Oh, my! Well, I want the Scunci steam cleaner, so I'm there with you. What room will you put it in?
Happy birthday! (By the way, if the spa is really rockin, they should have showers there for the full treatment!)

LOL - that's a great gift - especially with a baby! I could use one to turn on my living room light - it's one of those little pull things on a ceiling fan that I'm just not quite tall enough to reach, especially when holding a wee bundle in my arms.

Have a great time at the spa!

Love it! A clapper screams class, and admitting that you want one is indicative that you have fully arrived at being one with yourself.

I had a clapper! I was equally excited when I got one for Christmas some years back. I lazily put it on the lamp RIGHT next to my bed (what was I thinking?!), but I was disappointed at the volume which I had to clap in order for it to respond.

I hope that you have much more success with yours than I did with mine. :)

Ahhhh, the spa. Enjoy. You do deserve it.

As for the clapper... I have heard that loud, piercing noises will set it off. Have I mentioned I have 4 boys? Afraid it'd be like a disco here with the lights flashing on and off. Enjoy!

That is so, SO cool. I had a thing for different colored ducttape for a while. My friends (pre-crazy-internet buying) searched high and low for all different kinds of duct tape. It ruled.

happy birthday to you!

happy birthday part 2!

My response to the extended entry was "That's AWESOME!!!" So, y'know, totally not laughing at you. Grinning, though. :D

does yours start and stop "Footlose"? Cuz I was just watching that episode of Will & Grace with Kevin Bacon and was thinking how cool it would be to be able to start and stop MY theme song like that.

Ha! Whatever makes you happy and this gift made you happy and me laugh! Hee!

Happy Birthday!

The Clapper? Is awesome. Except for when one of the cats accidentally sets it off, waking you in the middle of the night when you bedroom light turns on.

Moral of story: do not install in bedroom.

I almost posted anonymously because I am ashamed to admit, I not only covet your clapper, but I have always wanted a Chia Head and have used through 3 (3!) Rotatoes (Rotatos? Rotati?)

Happy Birthday!

Oooooo 2 days at the spa, that is awesome! The clapper, ha, that is great. Both Mia and Chris did a good job.

okay, so I thought I was the only person on earth who actually, truly and for real, wanted a clapper.

I would put mine in the bedroom as I do not like to read by my bedside light the DAMN FRIGGING children have lost the remote to my bedroom the clapper would definitely run those two things.

GAWD....I've got to put this on my Christmas list.

Happy Birthday, Fellow Scorpio! My birthday is on Thursday! I'll be fortysomething.
Love the clapper. My grandniece goes around singing the clapper song all the time. It's so cute to hear a 2 1/2 year old singing the jingle!

LMAO...the clapper!!! OMG, I had forgotten about that thing! Sounds like you had a great birthday. Hooray!

Happy Birthday Part Two! Because my husband is a geek, we have X-10 boxes everywhere so we can turn on multiple lights at once.

Sounds like a fabulous part two to your b-day.

I had a friend in high school who made his own "clapper" device...and it worked. Yes, he was a nerd.

(we have 3 litter boxes for 2 cats too - I fear we suffer from the same problem *sigh*)

Very cool! Does it work on Mia? Can you "cry on, cry off"?

I bet you want a Chia Pet next.

Happy birthday!

i am totally not laughing at you. all i can think of is that song, though! ;)

We got my inlaws one years ago as joke and it became one of the best gofts we we ever got 'em. Clap on... and HB!!

Hee, that's awesome! Happy Birthday!

I got the clap once, and I have to say my reaction, not as happy.

they still sell that??

Happy Birthday! Congrats on the gift - I can understand embarassment at wanting it, and the excitement about getting it. I always think that it would be so convenient, but never thought about actually asking for one. I wonder if I can add it to my Amazon wish list....

*clap clap* *clap clap*
Happy belated birthday! Have fun at the spa :)

Happy birthday, Beth!! :)

I'm so glad that you aren't one of those people who take everything they have in life for granted. You've got a beautiful, sweet, perfect baby girl. A sensitive, funny, husband who is crazy about you. A nice home, loving family, friends, over X amount of readers per day... and yet, you're so humble and appreciative of it all - what a wonderful trait that is. I truly admire you and sometimes, even get a little green with envy, haha. But seriously... enjoy the spa days and what a useful device that clapper is!! No more having to get out of bed to turn off the lights when Mia is fussy or you're too tired to get up again after reading. Thanks for the idea - I'm totally adding that to my Christmas list, haha.

Anyway... happy birthday again!! So glad it was a good one! :)

Thats so kick ass, Beth!
I have the same issue with Chia Pets.
It's the only thing I want Santa to bring me this yr

I'm SOOOOOO jealous!!! I found one of those at my grandma's house after she died and I decided she would have wanted me to have it. But alas, it didn't work. I was so bummed.

mmmm. TWO spa gift certificates. and a clapper. and a lapless mia nap? best birthday ever.

glad you had a wonderful day :)

Ok, I'm counting on you for an honest assessment of how the clapper works. I have scoffed, but if you say it's awesome, I'm prepared to believe you....

You are one lucky lady getting a spa day and the CLAPPER!!! I gotta get one of those!!

Holy Crap that is so awesome..... I'm so jealous.

I'm going to comment before I click....It's a Glo-Worm isn't it? ;)


Even better than the Glo-Worm.

Who wouldn't want a clapper? I'll tell you who. A communist,that's who!

Hmm...this is the second comment I've made on someone's else's blog today that involved communists. What,if anything,does this say about me?

You know, I think the reason why I love reading your blog is because you are truly unique person. Happy Birthday!!

Ha! Years ago, I was hanging out in San Francisco with an old friend visiting from N.Y. He'd been invited to his friend's house in Marin for dinner and invited me to come along. When I asked what his friend friend said, "Oh, he's the guy who sells Chia Pets...and the Clapper." :)

California Girls rock! I am glad Mia gave you LOTS of gifts! : ) AND I am so jelly about your TWO spa days! I need one!

I know I am way late for this (and I knew I would be, which is why I wished you happy birthday early!) but, happy birthday!

Now, about this not showering for three days friends with babies say that too, and it terrifies me. I really like showering! There's no showering with babies?

wow, we could so do with one of these since half the light switches in our house are in the next room(I kid you not)ours is not to question why as it's solid native timber so....

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