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Like mother like daughter.

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I forgot to do the sticker trick!!!!
Darn! You both look so darn cute with the sticker! I got one too! : )

that poor baby.

poor, poor baby.

What a great promo for voting! I like it.

Mia is a great patriot! And a cute one, too. :)

I'm glad somebody in the Cactus household was responsible in doing their civic duty.

How did you get her cute little fingers to punch those chads out?

Good work team!

dude - isn't she a little young yet - did they lower the age in DC and not tell the rest of the country??? :P

(oh the cuteness!)

Oh my god, I just tried to SQUEEZE those little cheeks (hers, not yours) but the glass of the monitor got in the way. She makes me want to spell squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze with two hundred "e"s.

her chubby cheeks are just edible!

Way to go, Mia!

I love those photos! You could be the poster child for enfranchisement.

You guys get such fancy "I voted" stickers (ours are simple red w/white lettering). I'm very proud of Mia for getting out there and making her voice heard. This is the FIRST time they've ever given out stickers at my polling place. Go Mia!!

Oh my god that was soooo cute! Thanks for the laugh...

Now, I'm all for voting early and often, but isn't this just a wee bit too early for your little punkin to be concerning herself with politics? I mean, could she even reach the levers on the polling machine?

Dangit! I voted early to avoid the crowds and they didn't give me a sticker. I was gyped!

And bravo for starting Mia early on her good citizenship!

Good Gravy,that's a cute kid.

Yall are so cute! She seems like such an easy going baby.

This is too cute! Both of you!!!

you both look so cute!
*you withold sex too...guys are so easy to mess with!!! hee hee hee!

Next election you can both come vote with me-- the stickers aren't that great, but it's at a fire station, and who really cares about the stickers when there are firemen around?

Aw, so very adorable!!!!! But I bet you already know that (about BOTH of you)

In my country, we don't have lack of voters...... still.
I fear in the future we'll find ourselves in the same situation, and people we'll say "I voted", as that wasn't mostly expectable. Many people, especially the youngest ones, already think that way :)

Nice child, but.... I can see you're already dragging her in the politics' inferno!
(kidding :))


that's priceless!

I not only use sex to force my husband to vote, I use sex to make him vote in the correct manner... I can't wait until I have little ones to corrupt! (by "corrupt," I mean "make politically active!")


you are having Way. Too. Much. Fun with that baby. ;)

I think I just passed out from the cuteness. Her little chin is toooooo much.

She can't possibly be eligible to vote. What is this, Florida?

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