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I've got nuthin'

Actually, that isn't true, I just don't have time to type nuthin'. However, and as an explanation for not having time to type nuthin', I do have a really cute baby.

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You could just post pics of Mia all the time and I'd be happy. ;-)

She's such a cutie!! I can't wait for mine to finally get here. :D

those chubby cheeks are just so squeezeable!

OK, you've got to stop doing that. She is too cute. I have a plan for when to start trying for baby #2, and it's going to be entirely Mia's fault if I don't stick to it.

I just want to snuggle her forever!

Yes. Yes you do have a really cute baby. (!)

I can't wait for my little girl to finally make an appearance!

Hey! Her hair! It's laying down now!

My daughter plays with the same comb all the time. It's always the free non-toy objects they like the most!

She is just so scrumptious!

man, she's way better than the dog ate my homework excuse. too cute for words.

A doll. Total doll.

What a lovely distraction. Like, Look! Over there! An adorable baby! You want content? Pshaw, look at Mia! ;) Lovin' it.

Look, the baby has Elvis hair!

You know I say that with total love in my heart.

what a cutie! i'm still amazed by hair on babies--i hardly had any until i was at least two, and my son was the same way! at first glance, while i was reading, i thought she had a corn cob in her hand...

Ah, using the old cute-baby-gag to avoid posting an entry. Well, I suppose if I had one I'd usi it too. Mine are past the baby stage by 16 and 17 years. Although great looking in their own right, they're of course useless in the cute baby department.

You got a lot there! Definitely a handful!!!
Yeah, and she sure is cute!

Yeah, I agree with other readers that pictures of Mia are just as good as posting anything in narrative form. She is so sweet.

Seeing a pic of your beautiful little girl makes my day. Keep posting pics. If I could do it on my dinosaur of a computer, my blog would be nothing but pics of my little man.

She is so beautiful, just like her mama.

She is terribly cute. In this picture, she looks so much like you.

Oh my goodness, what a little cutie. Look at her, grabbing her little brush. So sweet. Thanks for sharing the adorable picture.

That's a good excuse!

oh my gosh! FLUFF! it's like she just spent a lot of time and hairspray feathering her sweet sweet hair with that comb. what a cutie.

i love FAT babies.

all mia all the time
bring her on....

So very adorable. Look at how serious she is about having responsiblity for that comb.

my goodness...she's adorable.

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