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Keeping the romance alive

Last night, as we were getting into bed, Chris presented me with a used and somewhat worse for the wear nursing pad that he had discovered among the blankets on the bed. He then noticed that I had already uncovered the matching nursing pad and placed it prominently in the middle of his pillow. I don't know that we are great minds, but we sure think alike.

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I have to say that I was an avid reader of your blog when I was pregnant (baby girl born May 29th--Ava)but then no longer had time. Today I decided I just had to check in and see how you were and when your baby was born etc. I've never commented before, but I've always found it funny how much we have in common. The reason I decided to write today was that upon looking at these most recent posts (I've only had time to make it through the ones on this page), I had to laugh because I have had similar nursing pad situations and, amazingly, our little girls had the same Halloween costume! Great minds must think alike! Mia looked adorable in it by the way. I don't have a blog or I would show you Ava's picture in it too. :)

LOL!! You two are the best! I don't think I know another couple who meshes together as well as you two do! Happiness to you both for many years to come!

Very sweet. Maybe you could do a trail of nursing pads from the front door to the bed? Wouldn't that be HOTT?

that is so adorable

and this? is why you are married - I know this because that is just the sort of thing that D and I do (well except we haven't the need for nursing pads at the moment) - thus proving that I am not completely off my rocker for getting married :)

It's sorta like The Gift of the Magi,huh?

No,really! Read it!

A Match made in heaven!

I wonder what Dr. Phil would say about that. ;)

Ah, l'amour!

In the immortal words of that wonderful sage, Paris Hilton - "that's hot!"

Now that is funny! :-o

mmm, sexy stuff goin on in that bed,lol!!!

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