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Nope, I lied. This is the best birthday gift ever

My clothes? My real, pre-34-pounds-of-pregnancy-weight clothes? They fit! This is excellent news as I am attending a wedding tomorrow and was slightly concerned that I would have to wear faded yoga pants. I would have rocked the yoga pants, of course, but will look slightly better in my fancy suit with sexy matching shoes (which also still fit).

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Congratulations. I used to laugh whenever I read missives like this one. I thought the whole losing-weight-after-giving-birth thing was frivolous.

Then my wife and I had our first child. And suddenly it wasn't so frivolous anymore. It signals a return to normalcy. Or at least something AKIN to normalcy. New-parenthood is, after all, a bit of a zoo.

Good on ya!

Wow! That's great your clothes fit again! I'm not quite there, but I'm hoping the day will come soon...

Your poor matter what he does, he's likely to be a distant third in the "Best Gift EVER" race!

Looking young and back to fitting into your pre-Mia wardrobe...hmm, maybe he wins all the way around

Congrats and Happy Birthday in two days!

OK, so it's your birthday in ONE day where you's still two days on my end of the continent, at least for another hour and a half!

Wooohooo!!! Here's to being a hot momma once more.

What Carmi said--that's exactly how I felt. It wasn't just that I lost weight. It was as if I was regaining some semblance of what my life was before I became a mother.

Happy Birthday!

Congrats! I wish I could say the same, but, alas, I can't. Happy birthday, I hope the wedding was fun!

woooohoooo!!!!! rock on with your skinny self!

Happy Birthday Beth, I hope your day is wonderful!

Happy Birthday Beth! I hope you have a great day!

Nice! Mine are starting to get there - I have 5 lbs to go and I'll be at my pre-pregnancy weight - and another 15 to lose the weight I needed to gain to get pregnant.... But I'm getting there!

argh... hate you.


you've got a good three weeks on me :)

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