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Why is it that Mia will suck any and everything that comes within range of her mouth, including her clothes, my clothes, the remote control, the cats, and the bed posts, but consistently turns her little nose up at the pacifier and the bottle?

God help me when this stubborn child learns to talk.

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That's how I feel about Maddie's learning to eat solid foods. I have a spoon, she has a spoon. They are exactly the same. She consistantly pushes mine away and "feeds" herself with her own empty one. She better learn to eat before college, or god help me.

That would be because she is smart! ;-)

Sucking serves many purposes, as I am sure you are aware, and things sucked upon come in two basic categories: food source and non-food. So, non-food is exploratory sucking, while breast, bottle and pacifier are typically equated with food (yes, a pacifier doesn't provide actual food, but we have all used it to try to fake a baby out until the food source is available). Mia knows "breast is best" and is smart enough to know that, "Hey! THAT is NOT where the good stuff comes from!" You may well never be able to give her a bottle. Someone else likely will at some point (so long as you aren't there). Unfortunately, the pacifier is too much like a bottle nipple to your little smartie.

You might try a pacifier that is "different" of the ones that are as far from simulating the breast as possible. If you have used silicone bottle nipples, try a latex pacifer, or vice versa.

Good luck!

She can tell it's rubber and hates it. My two girls were the same way!

ummm yeah
we see the pattern.
you're definitely in for it.

Don't know what you sowed to reap that...

Too bad you couldn't hook a tube up to Chris's neck. Seems she has no trouble sucking on that either! Your problems would be alleviated right there!

For my two cents,I've never been able to get one of my kids to take a binky (pacifier, in the vernacular).

They were all bottle babies,(for one reason or another(bite me, La Leche)) and all refused the old bink.
In the long run,I was just as happy (about them not liking the bink,not about them being bottle babies..was not happy about that. This concludes this disclaimer. Thank you.)

. All of them viewed their bottles as 'food' instead of comfort and none of them were difficult to break of the bottle.

Diaper training was a bitch 16 years ago when I went through it with my oldest and it was a bitch when I went through it again 2 years later with my middle kiddo and now? Doin it all over again with my baby.

Any tips on how to potty train a kid who is seriously against the idea? He means it. Not even M & M's can convince him to give it a shot. I've never met a kid who could resist M & M's.

The Girl never took to the pacifier either. She was a thumb sucker. I was quite happy she stopped sucking it on her own at about two and a half.

She's probably teething and wants things that are textured in her mouth to help break the gum tissue for the teeth to grow through.

Seth was obsessed with wash rags. I started getting them wet, twisting them up, throwing them in zip lock bags and freezing them. The cool, icey stuff is what he lived for. They can suck the water out of them while chewing. Free. Easy. That's how we do!

Nicholas was bottle fed and never took a pacifier. I wouldn't worry about it too much.

As for bottle feeding, my sister's little guy only takes the bottle from the non-food source. Basically, her (same-sex) partner had to leave for a two-days and the wee-one had no choice. Eventually, he got hungry enough and figured it out. (

Babies should come with a little LCD... "you had too much curry last night, and the milk tastes funny."

Hang in there...


My baby does the EXACT same thing!

LOL - I think her and Sierra would make great friends - she's the same way!

Kids can be so stubborn. In a couple years, I bet Mia will love to put things on her head (bowls, pails, folded newspaper) but will refuse to wear a hat to protect her adorable self from the sun or to keep her head warm in winter. And she'll only like the food off of your plate, even though it's the same thing you've given to her.

You can hook a tube up to chris' neck!

My Lily hates all binkies too, except this one...
They say the vanilla scent is what get's them. All I know is it works. We buy ours at the hospital.

See, Beth, just tape that ole capillary tube to Chris's neck and viola! Instant peace and quiet.

(actually, adoptive mothers can use this as well to breastfeed their adopted babies while using hormones to stimulate the production of their own breast milk.)

She sounds perfectly normal to me!

I just blogged about our binky dilemma yesterday - LOL! ( )

When we first started using a pacifier, I had to put her in the breastfeeding position to get her to take it. We tried over a dozen shapes and sizes before finding one she likes. It is the ONLY one she will take. We tried to substitute a silicone one that was the same shape and size and she wanted nothing to do with it.

We had the same problem with bottles and different nipples. She also will only take a bottle from my husband when I'm not in the room. Collapsible bottles work best because my husband can squirt a little milk into her mouth and give her a taste of the milk before she can react to the nipple. But again, if it's not the one kind of nipple she likes she'll just start screaming and choke.

Each of our 3 children preferred a different brand and we had to do lots of experimenting (which is why we had such a stash of them this time around). A good friend of mine could never get her son to take a bottle. He went straight to the sippy cup when he was 5 or 6 months old.

Good luck!

Because. ;-)

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