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So it's official, I'm over 30. Last year, I had a limo. This year, I have a bouncy seat. I think I'm having more fun this year.

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Happy Third Annual 29th Birthday Beth! What did Mia get you?

Happy Birthday, Beth!!

Happy Birthday to you...and many more.


Have a great day!


hope the day is wonderful :)

Happy birthday, happy happy birthday!

Have a wonderful birthday!

happy birthday, beth!

Happy Birthday to you young'un!!!! Hope you have a lovely day...

Happy Birthday! I want to know what Mia got you also.

And you know who else is celebrating a birthday today? Mr. Butch Walker. You're a lucky girl to share a birthday with him ;)

Happy Birthday, Beth! Hope your day (and your year) is great!


you look so fabulious in the pics over at cactus I would have never guessed your age (even though I already knew it!)

Happy birthday! I'm glad you're enjoying the bouncy seat lifestyle.

Happy, happy, happy day!

Happy Birthday!

Bouncy seats are cool!

I hope you have a spectacular birthday! Please try to enjoy being 31 - it starts going by so quickly after that. But you know what they say now? 40 is the new 30! So, really you are super young still! Plus, your ass is smoking hot, so you've got that going for you!

Happy Birthday!

did you actually get in the bouncy chair???

because that seems like it would be fun!!!

:) happy birthday

Hippo Birdie!


Happy birthday!!

happy 20-11 birthday, as mama duck would say.

happy birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY- I too recently had a "carding in the package store" experience and......... it made my whole night to see the look on the teenager who sold me my boozes face when she did the math!!


What's with all these women turning 30 but looking no where near 30?? At least I have something to look forward to.

Have a wonderful day with Chris and Mia.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BETH!! Hope you get everything you wish for. :-)

Happy birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! The bouncy seat is far cooler, especially if it's got the vibrating massage option. No limo I've seen had a massage option.

Happy birthday Beth! Its been so amazing watching your last year go by in blog form! I happy for you and Chris and Mia!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Happy Birthday!

Yay! Happy Birthday!

THe photo on Chris' site is just heart meltable - tell me you have that framed in your home somewhere!
You look fantastic - and have accomplished so much - you're fantastic!

...and many more!

happy a few years when i am 31 i hope i look as good as will take a few thousand more trips to the gym but i can do it, i got time! happy birthday to you!!! (you look 28!)

Happy birthday!

Happy B-day!!! and that is a beautiful picture your husband has posted in his blog. You couldn't look prettier ;)

Happy Birthday and best wishes for a wonderful new personal year!

Happy Birthday Beth!

What a beautiful and special family you have! :):)

Happy Birthday!!!!

The happiest of birthdays to you! And it's so weird to remember the limo from the last year - me remembering it, not you, of course. You remembering TOTALLY makes sense.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Girl Friend! Love your life! It is and baby bouncies! All good! : ) HUGS

Happy Birthday! I am glad to have found your blog because we apparently have a lot in common. I am turning 30 next month, and on July 21 I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy!! Our children are practically the same age. Congratulations! :)

Happy Birthday.
30 is great!


Happiest of Birthdays!

Happy Birthday...

Happy belated --- and by the way -- bouncy seats can be fun :-)

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