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This is why you have children, right?

Ordinarily, I make it a policy not to stick bows and ribbons on Mia's head. There is, however, an exception to every rule.

Thanks to Internet Auntie B. for the onesie.

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Bwahahaha, thanks. That is awesome. Great onesie, too.

Mia has the best facial expressions! You can almost hear her saying, "Mom, there's not much I can do about this now, but I won't forget. I WON'T FORGET!" Heee.

Can't read?

I bet she's not potty trained yet either....
I am so turning you in to the Uber-Mom Police

That's great!!

LOL I love those pictures. I have some of mine that they are so going pay me back for.

Hahaha! If Maddie weren't teething and in so much pain today, I would totally take advantage of her helplessness and post some mean pictures. Mia is just the sweetest little sweetie pie.

So you are showing this to the first boy she brings home right?

That tee shirt is fab! I gotta get one of those

Oh, she's hating that. Which makes it even cuter.

Thanks for sharing.

That's just way too cute. You have to show that one to her first date or rather to all her gentlemen callers. you just have to, it's what beng a mom is all about.

Ohhhh, my goodness!!! She looks adorable. If I ever have a little girl, I totally plan to do the same thing! LOL.

That is so totally wicked!! Aww, seriously...all melty and laughing my ass off at the same time.

Love the onesie, love the bow and most of all love the adorable baby, look at that face! Love it!

This is just too cute!!! I won't tell her, I promise!!! LOL

I LOVE IT! That shirt and her expression -- priceless!

HAHAHAHA I love it, she looks darling! (she IS darling!)

LOLOL!! Adorable!!

Completely adorable! Love the onesie, too.

that face! so freakin' cute.

What a riot! That is hilarious!

I think you should try to make sure your kids are at least two years apart for your own body's sake-- let your body recover for awhile. At least that was my doctor's advice to me. I didn't follow it, so my uterus is very thin now (3 c-sections). And because you have had one c-section, you will want to talk to your doctor about their recommended recovery time for you.

But as for the sibling squabbling, that has everything to do with personality, nothing to do with the age difference, in my experience.

She is so stinkin' cute, I could just eat her with a spoon! But I wouldn't, of course. I love those cheeks!

See - I fully believe in dressing them in whatever wacky and crazy way you can. Because sooner than you can imagine, they will have opinions about what they want to wear and will dismiss any of your ideas. So dress up and have a good time.

That's why my daughter was a skunk for Halloween this year. ;)

hahahaha... that is too funny. Man is she going to make you pay for that someday! Priceless. "Mom, you are so NOT posting that to the internet."

Too funny!

You made a really sad day a whole lot better. Thank you for the pic of Mia-Bean.

Love the pout. :-)

She's so cute. And thank goodness it's that type of bow. I had a horrible image of Mia in a head garter with a ginormous bow on it.

So Freaking adorable!

I love it! I gotta start taking advantage of Sierra's inability to use her hands...

Hee, look at her face! She's totally going to revolt, as soon as she figures out how.

The look on her face totally says "I know what you're doing, Mom. Just you wait until I'm more mobile!"

Great picture!

Hee hee hee- she looks p-i-s-s-e-d. The wonderfully goofy things you can do with a kid who can't say no or bat your hand away from their head as you put said bow upon it :)

Just remember what I always tell my Mom when she pulls out embarassing pictures or stories around my friens...your kids pick your nursing home. ;-)

I love that onesie! She's a doll - as usual. ;-)

She doesn't look too pleased about that bow ;-)

i think she thinking "you're going to have to pay for that therapy, lady!"

That's one way to keep her hair down!

LOVE the expression on her face!

if your daughter were a doll i would buy it...she is so ADORABLE!!!...gotta love a baby who rocks out in curly ribbon ;)

Hehe... she's looking at you like, "mom. you SUCK!"

LOL - the whole get-up is too cute! Thanks for sharing :)

HA! I hope you'll delete this post once she's old enough to have boyfriends. ;)

She looks very unamused! Enjoy these moments, before she learns to walk and talk back!

Haaaaa. It's even more delightful when she's in it! (Although, she clearly disagrees.)

Wow! Can't wait until Christmas morning pics! lol

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