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Apparently, I'm it

So I was tagged weeks ago by Swiftyjess and am finally getting around to doing something about it. I am supposed to tell you five weird things about myself, but am feeling confessional tonight so instead will give you five confessions.

1) When we are feeling especially brain-dead and lazy, Chris and I sometimes watch home shopping. We've done it for years. Sometimes we will go months without a home shopping fix, and other times we will watch every day for a week. We get something like 14 home shopping channels, so there is a lot to choose from. We have never bought anything... until last night. I'm a home shopper!

2) I worked at Food Lion for a few months after college. Did I ever tell you about Food Lion? (You know what I love about the internet that also terrifies me? I would say there is a 60% chance that someone will leave a comment saying "oh yeah, you told us about Food Lion a year ago on March 9," or something like that.) I have this big long speech I give about why Food Lion was a valuable job experience, but the fact is that I didn't want to get a real job or move and it was right behind my apartment.

3) I owe Hillary Stevens an apology. I don't quite have the gumption to track her down and apologize, but in case she ever googles herself and finds this, here it is. Hillary, I don't know if this is worth anything to you, but 14 years later I still feel bad for what I did. I am not asking for your forgiveness, I just wanted to tell you that I am sorry.

4) I am trying to learn how to disagree without judging, but the truth is that I am a big judgy judging judger. I know, where do I get off, right? I'm not proud of it, but there it is.

5) After my plea for playgroups for Mia last week, I have arranged to meet up with two lovely people who are in my area and have been very friendly and kind in offering to get together with me. (Hi, ladies!) I am desperate to think of a way to get out of it because I am terrified of meeting new people and usually make a complete ass of myself. But you see how clever I am? Now that I have posted this I can't weasel out because they will know I am just being weasely no matter what I say. So now that my hands are tied I can try to stop worrying about it and look forward to it instead (if this does not make them think I am a freakazoid and cause them to weasel out, that is).

You know what, that was strangely cathartic. You should do it to. Leave me a confession and then we will all be catharticized together.

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I can't leave a confession because...I'm perfect. Okay, not really. Actually, I just need to think on it a while because there's just SO much to choose from. I love your blog! It's a hoot :-)

I like--no, love-- watching, "The Bachelor." There. I've said it. I feel grimy admiting it, but somewhat unburdened. Thanks!

I like--no, love-- watching, "The Bachelor." There. I've said it. I feel grimy admiting it, but somewhat unburdened. Thanks!

Home shopping? That's awesome!
I sometimes watch the weather channel or the channel that informs you of what is coming up at the hour. It's weird, I know.

I miss my blog!

omg, i always do the get-out-of-things w/ new people too. like this one lady was going to be kind enough to pick me up and we'd go to the yarn store, but i todl her i couldn't and then i went anyway. lol

i also hate asking people for rides. my friends don't seem to mind, cuz it's not like we get together that often, but i HATE doing it, and will sometimes miss out on things just because i don't want to ask for someone to get me so I can play too.

My Confession i once fired a once friend because she had a huge crush on my now fiance i felt really bad for a long time and i still feel as though i owe her and apology because she cried like crazy and i later found out she needed the job because her family was caught up in a whole tax repossession thing!
Morale of the story: if i'm your boss be afraid be very afraid!

My confession is that my first crush was on Kurt Browning the figure skater.

Let's see. A confession that doesn't make me look too bad. Hmm.

Ok. One time I got caught stealing cigarettes from a K-mart in a small town in Texas. (I was 12 and have not ever done the like again so be all Judgey MacJudgerson if you want, but know that I have reformed)

The actual confession part is that when my mother came to pick me up from the security office (and to KILL me) she said 'you don't even smoke!'. Except I did. And I lied. And I got away with it.

If you call being grounded all summer long getting away with it. Which I do, because she didn't KILL me.

Gee, this still makes me look pretty bad, huh?

I do that too. I agree and make plans to meet with people, and then realize I'd just rather stay home. Most times, my son's better company anyway.

Sometimes I read blogs all day long instead of doing work and other important things. Then I lie about it and say I was looking up important things for work.

And I thought I was the only person in the world who Googled themselves! Maybe someday that snaky girl from High School will appologize for what she did to me! (LOL)

Usually my mom and I have very similar taste in clothes. This Christmas, she bought me red pants. RED PANTS! Santa Claus red. Fire engine red. Old ladies in purple jackets red.

But I'll never tell her that I hate them.

I'm glad you're not gonna weasel out. I'm looking forward to our blogger play-date!

I loved your apology to Hillary. I should do something similar.

My confession is that I'm at work today mostly to escape my houseguest that staying until *Sunday* - - Gotta get a break!

confession: i want to make up something really juicy to get everyone's tongues a-wagging, but my life is entirely without excitement and i have nothing to confess.
unless you count that i am married and slept with my best friend (male) and his girlfriend this past year.
does that count? am i lying?

Now I'm curious: what did you do to Hillary Stevens and what did you buy from the home shopping channel?

I tried to take the high road, and make amends with an ex friend this holiday season, I wrote a nice little letter and mailed it out with the card that has the photo of the kids, and the letter came back to me! Seems I got the address wrong or something. Wow, can I be brave like that again?

Also, the only thing I have to confess about will go with me to the grave! I will NEVER, NEVER confessI tell you! Don't you know how I am going to tell all in the nursing home??

Many years ago, I dated a man through most of college. He was so sweet and I was so selfish, bossy, jealous and bitchy -- not on purpose but because I was a very insecure person. And once I tried (a few months ago) to call his biz and apologize. He wasn't in. And I haven't gotten up the courage to call and apologize ever since. Thinking about it makes my hands sweat! But I still feel very, very bad about how I treated him years ago. So there's my confession.

You could have your own Post Secret Beth.

No confession from me.

But I love to read what others say!!

I'm SO with you on the meeting-new-people-anxiety thing.

Re: Food Lion. Next month, we're moving South and we've found a house on which we'd like to make an offer. In checking out the area, I've learned that my two closest grocery stores would be Food Lion and Food Lion. I hope that's not a bad thing, 'cause I'm sure gonna miss Harris Teeter and Whole Foods!

Deep down, I mean, WAY deep down, I don't ever want to work. I have no good reason not to, and people say, "oh, you'd get bored" but I don't think I would. I'd love doing nothing all day long. I guess that makes me lazy, but oh well :)

Confession: I am a total NetSlob today, doing absolutely nothing but surfing, blogging and downloading and eating peanut m&ms and stale cookies. And I miss my kids. And cigarettes...
Assign me my penance Beth. And give that beautiful child a kiss for me. Mia too ;-)

My Confession makes me sick thinking I even did it: I blogged about it the other day. I actually left my 5 mth old in the car and went shopping for a 1/2 hour. I don't know how I forgot him but I'll tell you now after about throwing up and passing out in the line at Dollar General when I remembered, it'll never happen again.

I have memorized all the words to Sir Mixalot's "Baby's Got Back," but was unable to locate Vermont on a map the other day.

That's really honest of you to confess that you judge. I used to a lot too, still do to an extent - we all do to an extent, but it's gotten a lot better since I had kids. I hate how much I get judged by everyone around me for my parenting skills or for the way I look, etc. So it has really helped me learn not to be so judgemental. Maybe it will work for you too. Or maybe you don't want to change. Maybe you're judging me right now thinking WHAT A BITCH for saying I need to change! which is not what I meant. HA! I'm leaving now. ;)


I never read blogs but I was showing my daughter (2 years old) some images on Google images. We did Dora and dog and cat and then Spongebob. And result 7 is you. Congrats on the lima bean!!


My confession would be that sometimes, I spend waaaaay too long on the computer. When I hear the garage door open, which means that The Hubster is home, I run into the kitchen and start slamming dishes around. If he doesn't see me on the computer, he thinks I've been mucho busy and doesn't get upset.

We've got Food Lion here, and I would totally go to a playdate with you! We could make our play date a trip to Food Lion!

I'm a bit of a judger too when I listen to other people's opinions. I think we all are like that to some degree. What I hate is people who won't LISTEN to your opinion. They can certainly spout off their opinion on something, but they don't know how to listen to another's opinion, especially if it's different than their own. Grrr.

My confession is that I get a guilty smugness knowing that my sister-in-law (hubby's sister) thinks of me as the "good" in-law.

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