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Five Months

Mia Bean,

You are five months old today and I can't quite wrap my brain around that fact. The last five months have gone very quickly, but this last month especially has flown by. You are learning so much and changing so much every day that I hardly know where to begin to describe you.

Last Friday, you weighed 18 pounds and 3 ounces. Your feet, which I think look like doughy dinner rolls with toes, are the same length as my palm. Your legs are as long as my forearm and your arms are as long as my hand. You are far too big to fit entirely in my mouth, so I have decided to slurp you through a straw instead.

This month you learned to laugh and I spend all my time trying to make you do it. One sure-fire way is to wash your face with a washcloth, but only at night when we are getting ready for bed because it simply isn't funny any other time of day. You also learned how to produce an ear-splitting screech which you use to show that you are either upset or bored or happy or maybe just to turn the Christmas tree lights on and off (they are plugged into the Clapper your father gave me for my birthday last month).

You also learned to roll from your back to your stomach. Unfortunately, you seem to have forgotten how to roll from your stomach to your back, so once you are there you are stuck until I rescue you. You don't mind being on your tummy so much anymore and will stay that way for several minutes. I think you have realized that that way lies mobility, and you are desperate to move. You are starting to get your knees up under you, but can't quite push all the way up on your arms yet.

Earlier this month you saw a little girl (about your size, actually) walking. You were fascinated. You squirmed and fussed until I stood you up on the floor and then just stared and stared. Since then, you have very little patience with lying down and only slightly more with sitting up. You want to stand up all the time and you love when I get on my knees with you in front of me and "walk" you around the room. If wishing made it so, you would already be running around the house.

You don't have much interest in mirrors, and I wondered why that was until I realized that you already know what they are. Instead of gazing raptly at the baby in the mirror, you turn around to look for the objects that are being reflected. I tell myself that you cannot possibly have figured this out, but watching you there can be no other explanation.

You have always loved my hair, and now you are accurate and strong enough to reach out and give it a good hard yank. Between all the hair you are losing and the hair you pull out of my head I think we are shedding more than the cats. You also like to pull your father's hair, but it is too short to get a grip on. You yank out handfuls of the cats' fur every chance you get and I am in a constant race to get it out of your fingers before you cram it into your mouth.

You still refuse to take a bottle or pacifier, and you like to play with the sippy cup but become very angry if milk comes out of it. You are sleeping much better at night (we went back to swaddling) but napping is still a real problem. However, twice this week I put you down in your bed and you (eventually) fell asleep (with me there singing and shaking the mattress, but I still think it is progress).

You are starting to like other people a bit, as long as they keep their distance. You will smile at your grandparents as long as your father and I are holding you, but handing you over guarantees an instant scream. You recognize your own name, although I am a bit confused you are going to think it is really Mia Bean.

I was talking to your father last night about how wonderful you are and how beautiful you are. That is practically all we talk about anymore. We are both so in awe of you that we have to force ourselves to focus on anything else. We also discussed how much we have both come to love you over the past five months and how that love just keeps growing. As I told your father, it is a strange feeling to know that I would jump off a building for you without a second of hesitation. I want no matter what for you to always know that you are that loved and adored.

I've been thinking a lot lately about what I thought this would be like and how wrong I was in what I thought. My life is nothing like it was before and nothing like I imagined it would be, but I am madly in love with it. Thank you for this new life.


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Wow. What an extraordinarily lucky and blessed child to have you as her mother.

I love letters to Mia. Every time another month comes, I call to James, "Beth wrote another letter to Mia today!" and I read to him how she has changed. We always laugh together, thinking of her doing silly things like stuffing cat fur in her mouth, much like the picture of the money which she received for sleeping.

It's such a joy for you to share your lives with us. Congratulations to you and your family. And your soon-to-be bald cats. :o)

I'm all verklempt.

Wonderful post, they grow up so fast! I love having the monthly posts to look back on.

Wait! It's not possible. She can't be five months already!

Yep Beth, that's pretty much what it is, isn't it? We thought we were a 'family' and then we had our first child. And by the time we had our second, we were a family beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

Awww, beautiful! *wipes tear away*

Very sweet, happy 5 month anniversary.

i can't believe she's 5 months already!!
and i can't believe she's 18 pounds. my older 2 were 17 pounds at a YEAR!

it's amazing how so many babies do the exact same things...right now we are familiar with the hair pulling, the rolling - but only from back to stomach, the adorable belly laugh, wanting to stand all the time...

enjoy every second of your adorable little princess...although it truly seems like you are!!!!

Beautiful. I'm getting all weepy. 5 months already!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

What a lovely post and a wonderful keepsake for your daughter. Happy holidays!

Five months already? Where did that time go? Happy Birthday Mia.

oh my, i can't believe she's five months old already!!!

Have a very wonderful christmas. Enjoy mia's first visit from santa!

Awww, what a sweet letter to Mia. You're such a good mommy.

I love your love letters to Mia. They are so beautiful and remind me of those early months/years with my daughter. It goes so fat. My daughter just turned 29 and it seems like just yesterday she was 5 months old! Keep writing. One day Mia will really enjoy these golden words from you!

What an absolutely lovely letter! My husband and I are in a similar place with our son who just recently turned one year old. The last paragraph about how much your life has changed was so spot-on. Children are so magical, you really don't know what your life was like before them or how you thought it could've been as wonderful. Thanks for sharing this!

Love the letters to Mia, because my little Pumpkin is only 5 days younger so it sounds a lot like my house. (My little Pumpkin thinks it's especially funny when me and my 3-year-old do a little dance to "Build Me Up Buttercup" - we're so bad, it's good.

They grow so darn fast. And, I think I must have a "little person" baby because from the way you describe Mia--she is a couple pounds or so bigger than Mina! ACK! Maybe I should be feeding her sticks of butter or something...

AHHHHHHHHHHHH! 5 MONTHS ALREADY?!? But she was just born like... last month, right? This is going to happen to me, too, isn't it? (Pout).

What a beautiful letter, Beth. I'm sure this Christmas will be extra-special for you and Chris. Enjoy.

This post was so beautiful! It gives me the kick I need to go write to Ava. What a great gift for Mia to read when she is older. I can tell what a devoted mommy you are. As to your previous post, I wish I lived closer (we're in Columbus, OH) because we too have been looking for other mommies and babies to play with...and I agree...Starbucks would make a great meeting place!

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