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Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to my old man, who is and always will be young at heart.

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Aww, Happy Birthday to Chris! He's not THAT old! lol

Hi Beth,

Happy Birthday to Chris!

Have a great day and thanks so much for participating in our site. Now go read some amazing compliments from your readers at

Cute pic.

I hope he's posing with the gifts you got him :)

Happy Birthday to Chris!

See, now if I had read your site first I totally would've known the answer to his question. That's an awesome picture...I love things that make me smile. There's a display that I drive past for work every day that says, "Thanks for the smile. Pass it on." And everytime I see it, I smile, even though I try not to. Kinda annoying ;)

he looks about 15!!!

Happy Happy Birthday!! :)

And congrats to the two of you for being featured on Mommybloggers!

Your husband looks an awful lot like my husband.


happy b-day!

Heheh, happy belated birthday to your hubby. I hope you both had a wonderful day celebrating! :)

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