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I used to keep vodka in my freezer. Now, I have this:

Sadly, it is all too old and destined for the drain.

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Perhaps you can use them to chill your cooler when you go on picnics...

My stash too sadly had to be washed away.

It upset me somewhat because it was so darn hard to produce in the first place. Pumping is hardly the most glamourous aspect of motherhood!

[Mind you neither is sitting around in spew covered jeans, but heck, welcome to my life. ;-)]

All that work...down the drain.

I love alfredsmom's idea. And they'd make fun party favors too!

Save it. You never know when you might need cream for your coffee! LOL

It's true about the cream, probably a little sweeter, too!

Breast Milk-tini anyone??

It might work with Kahlua. If you were already so drunk you didn't care.

Mmmm breastcicles.

A familiar site in our fridge at one time too... Once we went to my hubby's boss's lakefront place. I pumped while there (although child was at his granny's) and I LEFT the milk there. How embarassing! So months later, he (a bachelor w/o kids) is going through his fridge and comes across boob juice.) LOVELY!

This is in my near future.

Reading your blog is seriously becoming what I feel is a prelude to parenthood... thanks for being so honest!

I would hate to think of pumping that much just to throw it alll away. =( Poor Beth!

I hate to admit it, but there are still two 6 ounce bags in the garage freezer from 2002. :) I'm not really saving for them any reason special... it's rather I just keep forgetting to throw them out.

I can't believe that came from your breasts. Such a strange concept. I think they'd make great ice packs.

When Mia gets a little older, you will have ice trays of pureed food in there hee!! Missed reading you when I was gone!

First: Dang woman, you must have boobs of steel to produce all of that! I'm truly impressed.
Second: Nothing is sadder than going through all of the work of producing the milk just to have to throw it away.
Third: I don't really have a third, I just felt like it needed to be here.

Liquid gold...

Do you have Milk bank there? This lot may be old but you could possibly donate any excess in the future

Breastmilk will keep for 6 months in a deep freeze if you have one!
I wouldn't toss it just yet - you can always thaw it and see if it's OK before offering it to baby. If it's bad, the baby will not drink it. (Or you can taste it yourself.) It could be used for making solid foods or used to put on cuts and scrapes and such to heal them.
Or if you know anyone else desparate for more milk, maybe a mother to mother donation.

It's already been said, but I have to chime in as well -- it would totally have reduced me to tears to throw that much away. I worked so hard for every drop that I pumped. Sob.

have you tried ebay? i haven't looked lately but there might be a market for expired boob juice. if it's been frozen the whole time it can't have gone too bad.

on a side note... i'm impressed, i was never able to get that much when i needed it. you're a machine!

I think MM can be stored for 6 months in a deep freezer (that's where I put mine) and we're slowly going through the 30 bags that I have down there with her cereal. I think I have 27 left... Just call me Bessie ;)

This would be so painful to me, I'd probably cry the same volume. I'm lucky to have half a day's worth of milk in the freezer at any time. It's a struggle every day to pump enough enough for one bottle and a little to mix in the kid's cereal. So. Jealous.

isnt there a cat shelter or sumthing that can take that, hate for it to go to waste, lol.

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