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No post for you!

I'm posting to say that I won't be posting today. Um, well, anyway. Chris and I are appearing over at Mommybloggers this week so you should go check us out over there. Yesterday saw a hard-hitting interview with only one use of the word "poop" and some lovely comments that we bribed fellow bloggers to make about us. (Don't feel left out, now that we are down to one income the bribes were pretty small.) Today you can check out a joint post that we slaved over for days and days (that's our story and we're sticking with it) and which references baby vomit and wild monkey sex. Not to be missed, I assure you. So what are you waiting for? A couple of weeks ago the huge fan base of the featured blogger crashed the server over at Mommybloggers and I will feel very unloved if the server stays up all day today.

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I hope all of this fame doesn't swell your head and you can no longer wear fashionable winter hats. That would be a shame. I bet you are pretty in hats. Congrats on the press, Beth!

That reminds me... I'd like my bribe in small denominations. Nickles maybe?

Good articles...most amusing. I'm glad I've "known" you guys for a while and have read all the'd take forever to go back over them. heh.

Very well written, gave me a good chuckle! Just added Mommy-bloggers to my favourites!

I saw the feature the other day and read the bribed comments too. LOL Love the binkie picture! Very Cute!

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