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Odds and Ends

- You are all very nice. Have you lost weight? I love that shirt on you. Thank you for saying kind things about the picture in my last post. When I get time (ha) I will post the three pictures taken immediately before that one and you can all laugh at how hideous I look. Mia is gorgeous in every one, naturally.

- Yes, Mia is ginormous. She was 18 pounds 3 ounces last Friday and gaining a little more than half a pound a week. You should see my biceps. I adore that she is so big and healthy and chubby, but it does make it harder to fit her entirely into my mouth.

- When I came home with four brand new chap sticks, Chris asked me if he could have one. I said no. I have given him chap sticks before and he loses them. Also, I have already used three of my new ones to replace empty tubes and therefore only have one extra which I need to keep in case of emergency. (I have chap stick in 5 strategic locations. Is that overkill? It was more when I was working and had to stock my office.)

- This is a co-sleeper. Mia is still in hers and I highly recommend it. I wish we had gotten ours in the beginning because it would have been great to have right after Mia was born when getting up out of bed to check on her was a long and painful process. Now, you are only supposed to use this thing up to 5 months, but Mia cannot yet get onto her hands and knees and has shown no inclination to pull up on anything, so does anybody know whether she can keep sleeping in her co-sleeper until she does those things?

- Samosas are Indian stuffed pastry things and are fabulously delicious. The secret to making them is to fry them. People will try to convince you that you can bake them and they are just as good, but those people are lying.

- Does anybody have any recommendations on how I can get Mia into a playgroup? I don't know very many people with kids near her age and have a terribly hard time meeting new people but she is so thrilled by other babies I really need to find something. I have considered putting up signs in my neighborhood, but that seems a little... well... odd. So, any ideas? Or are any of you living in the suburbs west of D.C. with a baby and, you know, not insane evil stalkers? Also, can you do playgroups at Starbucks?

- Hey, you know how I used to respond to all my comments? And sometimes even comment on your blogs? Can't get it done. So which is better, to respond to comments (more regularly) or comment on blogs (more regularly)? I think comment, but then some of you don't have blogs so I feel like I am neglecting you, but the child does not nap.

- I think that's it. If you have asked me anything lately that I didn't answer and you still have a burning desire (or mild curiosity, or obsession with every small detail of my life, or just nothing better to do) let me know and I will try to answer.

- Kiss kiss.

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I looked on for a playgroup in my area and met with another Mom and her son. Then we hooked up with another group of 4 Moms & babies and we have all been meeting every week for two years now. All the kids are the same age and we actually all like each other. I don't know about the playground scene in your area, but here in NYC that is the best way to meet Moms. I am not the most sociable person in the world, but it worked for me.

I just found your site and I'm really enjoying it. Mia is edible, she's so cute! Liam is my 6 month-old, youngest of three boys. We don't have a co-sleeper but we love our Amby hammock; it's right by the bed. Wish I knew about it with the other two.
I have to continue reading now!

That's the funniest, most random, and lengthy post we've had from you in some time! So enjoyable.

My vote is for commenting on my blog, versus responding to my comments. I equate commenting on comments to saying "thank you" to someone telling you "thank you." It's unnecessary. The irony in this is both you and Chris are the reason I respond to all of the quotes on my own blog. But my vote remains the same.

By the way -- the baby is PRECIOS. Seriously. The Santa outfit? Priceless. :o)

You could join one of the national moms groups like Mothers and More or Moms Club

Good luck!

I have met a lot of moms through, that's one place to look. I also recommend the women's lounge of your larger high-end department store (Nordstrom here): Comfy and a steady stream of other moms coming through to breastfeed!

I don't know if it's too late to contact someone at your hospital and see if there are playgroups advertisted there. Or maybe through the place you took childbirthing classes? Both "suggestions".
Do you have a special carrying case for your Chap Stick attached to your purse or diaper bag? My previously-addicted C.S. friends sewed little pockets onto theirs. Funny.
I think you should frame that photo. It's a darling one!

Try contacting your pediatrician's office. Or see if there's a parents' listserve in your town or a neighboring one. Is there a Boys and Girls Club nearby? Churches also sometimes have them. We belong to two playgroups (one found through my town's website, and the other at a church, though the group is not religious), and they save my sanity!

I like it when you comment on my blog, it makes me feel like I'm one of the special people. ;)

Someone already suggested checking with the hospital, which is what we did and found an amazing playgroup. We also found a signing class, a yoga class, and a MomFitters group that goes walking/hiking.

Also, we found a music class through our local library when we were there for storytime.

We have friends who love their Gymboree class.

Best of luck finding something!

I'm embarrassed to say, my son was in his cosleeper until about 8 mos. He left a dent in the mattress. At the time, we had taken the higher part off and he slept in the lower part (like a pack and play). My daughter was still in the crib.

try the local library. ours has a "toddler" story book hour once a week, and there are always plenty o' moms with wee turtles like mine. oh and comment on blogs. i just started my mommy blog, which i'll try to blogroll you. i was getting too mushy/mommy for the readers of my blog at my art website. so anyway, thanks for the tips on the samosa, and i am really enjoying the blog.

Oh Yeah....a local la leche league????

Contact your school district about their Parents as Teachers program. You don't need it-- but they do have playdates at the school and that is how I found some of my dearest friends.

Look for Gymboree or Mommy and me classes at the YMCA. :)

I say don't comment and don't reply. What is the point of having a baby if she can't get you out of doing things you used to do, right?


I live in the western DC suburbs and I acutally have a playgroup. You are more than welcome to check it out. I have thought about contacting you to get together before (I know we are close-ish because my husband frequent a sushi restaurant that is pictured in Chris' flickr) but I really didn't want you to think I was a crazy stalker person.

Members of my playgroup range is area from the town that starts with an S to west of the town that starts with an L (that's where I live). I know... creepy code language... I just don't want to be too specific. Oh, and the age range is from current expecting to kindergarten+. My best friend has a baby about Mia's age and there are several more 6-9 month olds.

Anyway... if you are interested, please contact me. We'd love to have you.


I live in the same county as you and I would recommend looking into Parktakes. I have taken my kids to many classes through Parktakes and they really enjoyed it. And, it was a chance to get to know other moms. Gymboree or Little Gym are good options too, just a wee-bit more money! This is a hard time of year, because it is so cold, so mommies tend to get isolated pretty easily. I would also take my kids to Barnes and Noble and hang out in the kids area. I would get a coffee and then just read to the kids. There are many moms who hang out there in the winter. I would love to meet you for a playdate at Starbucks, but I don't know that my 7 and 4 year olds would be very entertaining for Mia! Sometimes it is more important that mommies have playdates though!

Gah! Just rereading my comment. My only excuse is that my caffeine hasn't kicked in. I'm not usually so unintellig... hard to read. :-)

I vote also on commenting the ol' blog. If you actually READ the ol' blog... otherwise? It's just giving me false hope. Otherwise? I don't care... no comment, comment, email, no email... I will still comment you.

you do indeed have a gorgeous baby.

as for playgroups, i have no personal experience, but i do know there are a group of moms who get together at one of the starbucks in ottawa, so it's been done...makes it difficult for the students wanting a quiet coffee/place to study, but the moms seemed to love it...

we have a community center near us and they come out with a booklet each season with classes that you can take with your child. i took a few classes with emily when she was a baby - and met tons of other moms and made connections through there.

you might want to see if there is something like this - they are mommy and me type classes - i took a really great gymboree-ish one and a music class.

1. Honestly, I looked at your face in the picture...I think you looked great...but then I was drawn to the goddess which is Mia....can't remember anything else.
2. Miz Mia does look huge. We likes the healthy baby.
3. Never ever share your chapstick. Men just don't get it.
4. Keep her in the co-sleeper until she can raise up or push up. We kept our last in a bassinette for a LONNNNNG time because he was small and he never tried to pull up out of it. He knew that was the sleeping spot.
5. Never had a samosa...sounds good. What time will they be ready.
6. Check at the Y for playgroups. Check at the gymboree store in your mall...seriously.
7. Comment on my stuff. I never ever have time to go back and read your comments again to see if you "waved" at me or not.
8. Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies.
We know you're busy.
Did you get your Baby's First Christmas Ornament for yourself?

How west are you? Im in Reston, va. and the Reston community center does have info, and I think play groups

WOW! I wish they would have had those co-sleeper things when mine were babies, then I wouldn't have had to worry about rolling over on them all night and I would be a much more rested person all these years later!

co-sleeper-- my daughter hated it so she slept in my bed w/o one-- i made a tiny fort of rolled receiving blankets and she was fine---

play groups-- any type of mommy and me gyms in your area-- look those up-- kids love that!!


I was sad when my son stopped fitting entirely into my mouth, too. He's 8 months now. It wasn't until he arrived that I realized that when animals eat their young, it's not to weed out the runts, but because their babies are so delicious. Then they realize what they've done and stop eating the rest.

Anyhoooo... I live in 'your town' and enjoy both a moms' group and a listserve. The moms' group is dcmetromommies (they also have a dc chapter: dcmetromommiesdc) and the listserve is Both are great for support and information from moms who've been there/done that. There's a good mix of perspectives.

The mommy group gets together for mom's nights out, and there are playgroups, too. There's a new one starting up on Thursdays, in particular.

Anyway, Mia is a freaking cutie-pants. Good luck finding a group convenient to you.


No playgroup yet, but if you find one in NoVa? Let me know... I'm in the same boat (only, my baby's due in February, so I've got a while to wait)... but seriously, if you find out where to find a playgroup, or find a good playgroup, let me know...

craigslist, playgrounds, hospitals are some of the best places to pick up moms. :) also, do they offer any "mom and me" classes in your area? several gyms have things like that from yoga to swimming.
i think you should only respond to comments on those that really deserve an email.

happy day!

tTe co-sleeper thing looks interesting. I wonder if I should look into that for my upcoming baby?

Good luck findind a play group. I have heard they usually have them through Church's. You could also try

I live out in Ashburn, and though Muffin Man is nearly 4, I'd still love to get together with you both sometime!

Local libraries often have age-appropriate stuff going on where you can meet other mommies and babies.

i tried to link your blog, but i stink, so i put you in my last post. i'm really enjoying the blog!

I will redouble the library suggestions from HotMomma and liz. My in-laws would always screw up their faces and say 'so she doesn't get much out of it..' But going to the library program gave Miss Fancy just that baby interaction you describe in the post. And, I caught up with some pretty like minded mama's who did believe in playgroup at Starbucks.

You look just lovely dear. And never give a man your Chapstick. You will never be able to borrow ot, nor will you ever see it again.

Comment on mine. I like to pretend people read it, and comments help my dillusions. :)

Just comment. I for one, love to hear how things are going at your house. And I think that co sleeper is wonderful. I wish they were around when my children were babies.

Have a wonderful holiday - all of you.

Beth, I didn't comment on the post with your picture because I have become strangely anti-commenting lately. Anyway, I thought I'd step up and say that I think you've looked beautiful in every photo I've seen of you.

And yes, Mia is gorgeous. You and Chris make pretty babies. You should make MORE. :D

I had to read the comments just to give MYSELF some ideas on finding a playgroup. I don't think there's anything like that here in KS and with how many years now I've been home, I feel like I talk and act like a kid now. I need help! LOL

Good luck on finding a group and some ADULT interaction!

you are a busy mama, we get that, no worries!

I keep my Bath & Body Works lip balms in several places so I have easy access. Same thing with my Neutrogena hand cream.

Go for story time at Barnes & Noble. You can stalk other moms who show up with their kids. ;-)

Um, comments please! I rarely get comments on my blogs. Chris throws me a bone sometimes.

Ohhhh... that's a bummer that you don't know people with babies that are Mia's age. We actually have FIVE friends that are all having babies within a few months of us (most have already had them) - of course these are all the friends that made comments about how insane we were when we started trying like a million years ago. ;)

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