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Soul Man

Last night, as the three of us were lying on the floor getting ready to read Goodnight Moon, I glanced across our beautiful daughter and noticed that my husband was sporting a soul patch. We discussed it briefly, and then he went and shaved it off. Do you think maybe it was something I said?

For those of you who are as obsessed with my beautiful child as I am, Christmas pictures taken by my soul man husband are here.

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you should be proud.. a soul patch is most sexy :) hehe

not all men can carry it off though..

Um. Yea. To me those always looked like stray patches of

Happy New Year to the Cactus/Fish/Bean family!

I love a soul patch. My husband agrees to one for me for about a week a year. He thinks he looks like a poser with one.

Definitely something you said! lol

I've only known one man who could pull off the look. He had that whole coffehouse/musician/beatnik thing going on. I do love a nice, trimmed goatee though.

I guess if you let him know you thought it looked weird, maybe he was embarassed? Dunno!

Very cute pics. Love the peekaboo in the chair!

You made him shave it off?! HA! I don't know how this happens, because my boyfriend and I live together and spend a LOT of time together...but I swear, every once in awhile, I'll turn around and suddenly notice that he's sporting a GOATEE or (even more shockingly) a BEARD! I have NO IDEA how I can be so oblivious to not notice it until it's already...there. But a soul patch? Hon, that NEVER gets shaved off. (But then he IS a musician, after all). ;)

Ha ha ha! That is so funny! I've always wanted my husband to have a goatee, but he thinks it makes him look evil so he won't do it.

Did he not know it was there?

The pictures are beautiful!

Love the pictures! Mia is so beautiful and so is her Mom and Dad and family! Happy New Year!

You guys are adorable together!

Please tell me your secret. Trying to get my husband to shave his "creatively" cultivated facial hair for some time now.

I LOVE your blog!! You are just the funniest and your baby is adorable!! Happy New Year and keep on blogging!

First time, but not the last, at your site. Your pics are beautiful, and I can see why your obsessed with your beautiful child. Wow!! (Almost) makes me wish for one more! Looking forward to getting to know you better in the new year!

And what, pray tell, is so wrong with a soul patch? I might not pull it off, but thMom digs it so who the hell cares. ;-)

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