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Teaching Mia how the world works

Last night, we offered to give Mia $20 if she would go to sleep the first time I put her to bed and stay asleep (more or less) all night. It turned out to be an offer she could not refuse.

Or course, as soon as we paid up she decided to showcase her fairly new talent of picking things up...

... and cramming them straight into her mouth.

Apparently we need to do some work on the concept.

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LOL. oh man, that is TOO funny. glad she finally slept, though!

heehee. yay for sleeping babies. (and mommies and daddies who then get some sleep!)

cute pics

She is too cute.

so cute! i'm glad you finally got to sleep :)

.. perhaps she took the phrase "put your money where your mouth is" a bit too literally ;)

Ohhhh! I'd say she's priceless, but that's just not true anymore!

Better open that sweetie a bank account, before she drools her riches away.

I use benedryl and my wife dosn't like that I do that. But we all get to sleep ... don't we?


Thank goodness she didnt tear it in half!

Awwww, she is such a HONEY! How cute!

MMMMMM...nothing tastes better than the sweetness of a bribe. LOL.

Thanks for sharing pictures of your angel.

I'm glad you got some sleep last night!

Heh...I like how you took pics of her rather than taking that money out of her mouth!

Just teasing. Glad you all got some sleep.

And is that a patch of red hair now?

Oh my God she looks like a little doll. So did you end up get a percentage of that $20.00?

Hahaha, she is absolutely beautiful. And I love her hair!!!

Mia, you gotta hold out for MORE MONEY next time!

She is precious, as always - and I am digging her hair. It really looks red!

And I'm SO GLAD you two finally got some sleep.

And yet what a promising beginning!

she's precious. i just want to eat those cheeks right up!

Woohoo on getting some sleep!

Dang, she's cute!

And I must say, twenty bucks for a good night's sleep is a bargain.

Beth, beth, beth, beth, beth... she is just GORGEOUS.

I love her expressions - especially the one in the first pic :D

Congrats. So very happy for you.

I think a good nite's sleep is definitely worth $20! Mia's Ivy League education will be paid for by the time she's 12 if she keeps this up! heehee.

Believe me that kid is going to seem like she "eats" money for the next 20 years. Thank god she is so cute and charming and can trick you into not even caring.

you know...i too would sleep for you if you gave me $20 dollars. :) j/k

She'll get it eventually. Also, has her hair gotten lighter? I still love the little mohawk.

Very cute! Her hair looks red now.

see, everybody loves money, even cute baby girls!

She looks like a perfect china doll come to life! Beautiful.

Maybe she's already way ahead of you and just testing to be sure it's not a counterfeit $20 bill ;)

She is too cute! I bet that night of sleep was fabulous too!

Wow! I can't believe how much BIGGER she is. She's beautiful. Glad you got some sleep too!

Bribing her to sleep -- I never would have thought of that!

She sure is cute.

it's amazing how every single thing goes straight for their mouths!!!

cute pics!

The things we'll do to get some sleep!

She's such a cutie! Congrats on getting a full nights rest!

Put your money where your mouth is, eh?

Oh my.

She and my daughter must know each other, for they are exactly the same.

My adorable first born, now almost 3, did not sleep through the night until she was 20 months old and I finally let her cry it out. She took TWENTY MINUTE NAPS her entire babyhood. TWO PER DAY. 40 minutes of frantic quiet time.

I'll warn you that to this day she still wants me with her every chance she gets, and her favorite phrase is "Pick me up!"

I don't know if it's a first born thing or just a personality trait, but I hear you.

She also never took a bottle and I didn't wean her until she was 20 months old when she FINALLY started drinking enough milk to satisfy me that she'd get nourishment.

Hang in there, and know you have a kindred spirit out there. My younger daughter is NOTHING like my first, but then again, she isn't allowed to be!

anything for a night's sleep!


Very cute pictures. I decided to go the other route and tell my 21 month old kid that I will be holding back his future allowance for everything he does bad.

She is getting so big!!!!!! She's so cute!

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