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Two step process

Step One: Go here.

Step Two: Come back and tell me I have the cutest kid you have ever seen ever.

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Well, if I didn't have the Christmas Spirit beforehand, I sure do now!

I think my favorite is the first one...and the 'just one more' shot.

She is ADORABLE!!!! (Wanna nibble those cheeks!)

That's cuter than her Halloween outfit! How will you ever choose?

Oh my goodness, I can't take the cuteness! She's getting so big!

Good grief...she's too cute for words! My favorite is the first one too. She is absolutely adorable.

you do indeed have the cutest kid ever :)

No doubt. Cutest ever.

My favorite is number 7. Hatless. She looks so serious. What a precious girl.

I like the one with the spit bubbles! She's adorable! The smile in the first one is great. I'd be hard-pressed to choose just one for a card.
Thanks for helpig out with the holiday spirit around here.

Oh! My! God! That is oh-so-cute!

Yup...she's a cutie!

What an angel!

Which one of those did you choose for the card? I don't think she could be any cuter if she tried.

LOL - I thought my kid was the cutest ever... But alas - Mia has won this contest! Adorable Beth!

There is something in her face, in her eyes that makes her like a china doll.

She almost doesn't look real she's so perfect.

But not as cute as mine. Sorry can't go that far. Heehee.

awwwww!!! :)

SECOND cutest baby ever. Which, out of all the babies ever, is still pretty darn good.

I like the one with the spit bubble and any that show her hair -- she has such gorgeous hair. What color are her eyes? They look green!

A. dor. able.

totally, well except my two but Mia is right behind them, I swear!!!!! Just kidding, those are very very cute pictures! Adorable outfit too!!!

You do! :-)

Love the first one - smile is too cute and I love the one where she has the drool bubble on her mouth. Love it!

Beth! Did you know that you and Chris created the cutest kid ever?? Don't tell my goddaughter, okay? :)

And really, it's one of the cutest Christmas baby outfits I've ever seen. Good job!

Just so you both's do. :)


She's precious.

Makes me so impatient for next Christmas when our little girl is here. :-)

I like the 6th one the best! She is the cutest little elf ever!

You must have the cutest baby in the world. I love the pictures.

An elf cutie for sure :)

look at how much she is smiling in those pics! such a happy little elfbean :)

She's adorable! And growing, so fast!

Yes, yes, cute. :-) Of course the cutest kids I've ever seen are my own. ;-)

Yep, Yes you do. The cutest.

I love the ones with the drool. Not because of the drool, mind you. Just because in both of those she looks like a little cherub. So cute! How you don't eat that girl with a spoon daily, I'll never know.

Yes, she is the cutest!

Well, besides my own when they were tiny.

the cutest!

What a little bundle of holiday joy. How blessed you are!!!

Lordy. That is the cutest little baby outfit EVER, and the cutest little baby wearing it.

The cuteness is KILLING ME. Her little chubby cheeks are just adorable!

She's adorable and wins cutest baby. Cutest bigger girl goes to mine, I think. ;-)

Oh My Gawd! I LOVE it! She is the best EVER!

holy that really is CUTE!!! i was all geared up to say that although mia is cute she is not the "cutest" cuz all babies are cute and all that but i give in, she really is the cutest!!!!

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