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It seems that my last post may have given the wrong impression (although I cannot for the life of me imagine how). My husband is a kind and wonderful man and an excellent father who loves his daughter madly and works hard to be sure he is doing his fair share of infant entertainment and maintenance. He frequently asks me what he can do to help me with the night-time parenting. However, since Mia is still exclusively breastfed and Chris is sadly lacking in breasts, the answer to that question is "nothing." Additionally, he has to get up early in the morning to go to work in order to keep our little family in, you know, food, since I have steadfastly refused to earn a thin dime in nearly six months. It has not happened often, but every single time I have woken him up at 3 AM because I just could not deal with the baby for another second, he has not only gotten up immediately and taken her downstairs so that her inconsolable weeping would not disturb my sleep, but he has never breathed a single word of complaint. He is a rock star, a prince among men, and a tremendous father and I am impressed and awed by the way he has risen to the demands and challenges of fatherhood.

That said, I stand by my description of his flagrant diaper shirking. He has a different take on it, of course, but it happened exactly as I said it did.

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I have no doubt that he did that. Even the best of men will ignore a dirty diaper if given even HALF a chance. You can't. Your boobs would leak if you tried to ignore a baby cry. I'm 2 1/2 years after breastfeeding my last baby and STILL those boobies ache when I hear that newborn cry from OTHER people's babies.


But I thought it was a hypothetical no need for the clarification, right? :-)

I can't speak for anyone else but I know that even a good man will occasionally feign sleep in a situation like the "hypothetical" one you presented. To be fair, I also know of a really amazing, super-fantastic wife/mother (who shall remain unnamed) that has also done it once or

(And yes, you DID scare me! You gotta stop delurking in the bushes like that. Thanks for the comment ;-)

Yes Isabel...I too know of a mommy who has done that. Not ME of way, no sir. Nope. Glass houses, Pot-Kettle-Black and all that.

Funny. The choices that is. But, I know what you mean, there are those moments you just can't do it anymore. And, as for the 'father-shirking-diaper-duty-dilemma', well, that's happened here a time or too. I can't complain, though, he does do his fair share-and we use cloth diapers to boot!!

I can only hope that I am so lucky one day...will my prince ever come?? :)

jeez cant people tell sarcasim when they hear it?

Ahh My old man hasn't changed but one diaper in 3 years. Chris is a good guy.

You're a lucky gal, and Chris is a lucky guy to have you as well.

I wondered what that big sucking noise was.


yes, he's a good father, yes he's a good husband...but darlin' he is after all, a man....

so sorry I had to be the one to tell ya.

My hubby said he never changed a diaper with his kids. My ex was actually great about it. Me? I'd have shirked the entire routine if I could have. I all but puked every time I had to change a dirty diaper. Just not my thing! Still, I'm just waiting anxiously for my daughter to give me grandkids so I can powder thier little butts! Go figure!


I would have to say the same about my dh. Since he's getting up early and making all the money, I guess we shouldn't make a big fuss about getting up to take care of the baby. (sigh)

I loved reading some of the answers given though. That was funny as hell!

being a lactating mother with a husband who is also an amazing father, i still think a swift kick in the nads would have been appropriate (sorry, chris) :)

Yes, it doesn't matter how good they are or how in love (with the baby... with you) there will come a time when the pretend sleepy hits. As others have pointed out, though, it's quid pro quo - you, too, will get the pretend zzzz's at some point :) ENJOY the pretend zzzz's. You now have a license.

Hey, all's fair in love and 3am diaper changes.

I believe you!!

I'm a famous lurker on many, commenter on few. But I decided today was as good as any to step out of the closet and say, "Hello!" Thanks for the laughs, and especially the adorable pictures!

ooh! ooh! I am not a lurker. I just got here! And -yahoo- I LIKE it here.

Just thought you should know.

Love the blog! Love Mia - she is so cute! I have a 6 1/2 month old boy so I can totally relate to most of your entries. The pictures are awesome too. Just wanted to de-lurk and say keep up the good work!

Awww lucky you! You married a wonderful man :)

So your husband is trying to defend himself over on his site....I read through the responses and it looks like I am not the only one siding with

yeah right didn't "hear" the baby!

Since when does a guys version of the story count?

He's a prince among men, I'm sure. I'd say the same of mine.

HOWEVER, tell him if he wants to be the king OF men and not just a prince AMONG men, that surely a butt wipe here and there can't hurt, yes?

heh heh

Even a prince mucks up every now and then :D

You gotta hate when the men come up to you and say "I read your blog." It usually means that you have to apologize for something and make them look good. We're not saying they aren't good men, but like talking to the girlfriends, blogs end up being the receptacles for rants. Sometimes about them...

Still think you should hit him in the gonads. ha!


After my 2nd was born I was the breadwinner and my husband was at home...many a night I "didn't hear" her crying. I was not successful in breastfeeding her so he could manage everything! If it had been the other way around I would have done the same for him. Getting up at 5 am for a long day at the office gets even harder when you are up at 3am. At least when you are at home you can nap with your baby.That said, lending a hand is always a good idea, if said hand can wake enough to offer!

You are too funny Beth! You are not spoiled. Being a stay-at-home mom to a baby is taxing. Especially one that doesn't sleep. I hope no one takes this comment to mean that working moms have it easy.... Every mom, whether she works out of the home or inside of it has alot on her plate.

He's lucky to have you. And you are lucky to have him!

There's a reason why I don't rave or even talk about my hubby on my blog. If you can't say something nice....

I have no doubt that Chris is a good daddy. I think it was on his blog that I saw the title "What I did today" and there was picture of him sitting beside the baby's crib playing his guitar. I get all weepy thinking about it. It's such a beautiful picture!

awe, we know he is great!

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