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Mia is sleeping. Chris is at the grocery store. I have 20 minutes entirely to myself and no idea what to do with them.

I think I'll go watch Mia sleep.

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It's amazing isn't it? Suddenly to love someone so much that even when you have 5 minutes of rest from taking care of them, all you can think of is being near to them anyway.

Are you kidding?? Go take a shower! Go to the bathroom by yourself! Go sit down and read an entire page without someone needing you between every sentence! (I may be projecting a bit here...)

:) If our little one were here now, I think that's what I'd do too...

:) If our little one were here now, I think that's what I'd do too...

I vote for giving yourself a facial. (i already spent an hour watching mine sleep today.)

Whoa, wait. You have free time? But Mia hasn't moved out to college yet! You are obviously forgetting something.

I just did this yesterday. We had a party today and there was TONS to do yesterday. ANd my little man fell asleep after 20 minutes. I held him and he fell back asleep. And I held him like I did when he was a baby. And we sat there for at least 30 minutes. I studied his face and kissed his hair, head, eyes, and thought about how I'd only get maybe two or three more chances to hold him and watch him sleep the same way I used to when he was a baby. So I took this one little chance. So I know what you mean.

Im so jealous!

Being alone can be one of the best things in the World. Other times it's just so dang boring.

I remember those days well. They are fleeting-- enjoy her!

um, i know she is precious and knowing she is happy and sleeping must be jouyous, but aren't you always talking about how she wont sleep and stuff?? go dance around the house in merryment!!!

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