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People, I have been so busy with the mothering and crankiness due to lack of sleep and shirking of my housewifely duties that there are, I dunno, eighty gabillion things that I have not had time to tell you. Therefore, on the theory that you are all as enamored with every mundane detail of my existence as I am, I present the following catch-up post (in my all-time favorite random list format, of course). Hold on to your hats, we are going to jump around a lot.

- Chris and I went out! To dinner! Without the baby! For the second entire time since her birth nearly six months ago. Chris's parents kindly agreed to babysit and also kindly did not fold, spindle or mutilate the child. Apparently she didn't even notice we were gone for half an hour and when she did notice decided to deal with it by going to sleep. By the time we got home though I could hear her screaming before I even opened the car door. I am traumatized and will never leave her side again, but still we went out and you should be proud of us.

- Speaking of Mia (which we all know I hardly ever do) she has two brand spanking new sharp as all hell teeth (which came in one after the other rather than together). Now Mia is a perfect dream angel child and the light of my life, of course, and overall she handled the teething process very well. You would hardly have even known she was teething except that she didn't sleep longer than 45 minutes at a stretch for two weeks and demanded that I maintain full body contact with her drooly little self for the same period of time. That explains why I have given her to my husband this afternoon with instructions to call me only if her head actually spins around. More than once. Mama needs a break.

- We are now the proud owners of a new carseat since the infant carseat that was meant to last a year was outgrown in less than six months. The new one is like a baby barcalounger and even has its own cup holder.

- Speaking of things Mia has outgrown - here are the clothes that no longer fit her:

Picture 041.jpg

We are into 9 month sizes and I expect she will be in 12 month sizes before she is 6 months old.

- There are certain members of my family with whom I exchange Christmas gifts every year. Every year, I write a thank you note, while these certain family members have never once even asknowledged that I sent a gift. So I decided that this year was the year I would put my foot down and refuse to send a thank you note. After all, I am no longer a child and if someone is going to be rude to me I am free to choose to give as good as I get. Except - I just wrote the thank you notes. I can't decide whether I am polite and well-raised or just a sucker.

- Damn. The baby is fussing and I can't stand it. Breaktime is over.

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Don't send the note! Stand your ground!

Set an example of good manners, send the note!

Yay for time with hubby! Boo for Mia growing up so fast and all those clothes she can't wear anymore. :-)

Now, you can choose whether to listen to my regular self or my evil twin. Good luck!

They grow up so fast. It's just hard to believe.

look at all those cute things that must be laid to rest! so sad. :( ah well, can use them for the next one, eh? (hehhehhehHEEEEHHHHHH).

Car seats today are so luxurious! Kyra's has a cup holder, too, and it's completely useless. She's 19 months old and off the charts for height, but she still can't reach it. Supposedly, the things made for children up to 100 lbs, so maybe the wait on using the cupholder 'til...I don't know ...she's in junior high or something.

Oh, I understand how short the breaks have to be because of that damn invisible umbilical cord that draws us to our child after the briefest of moments.

Fortunately, as the child grows, so does the umbilical cord.

Yay for going out to dinner with Chris!!

OMG, look at the pile of clothes: down near the bottom it looks like a tiny Santa is traped and trying to crawl out. You see his itty foot?

I'm totally going to have tiny Santa dreams now... which I guess is better than tiny Satan dreams.

I swear we are living parallel lives. I have a stack of clothes at least that high that my son has recently outgrown. I just gathered them up today. He's a really big baby and thus, we, too, had to go and get him a new car seat last Sunday. Now we have this, apparently not unlike Mia's, Barcalounger-looking thing complete w/ cupholder. I expect it to last him less than a year. He just got his first tooth a week ago and we were in HELL for weeks until it arrived. HELL!!!! Then we had like 3 days of relative peace and normality. Now the companion tooth is coming, I assume, because, as you so aptly described, he's only sleeping in increments of 45 minutes to an hour. Naps are non-existent and we are both cranky, crankly, cranky. Arghhhhh!

Regarding the thank you note...that's a real pet peeve of mine, along with wayward RSVP's. I say go ahead and send them since you already wrote them. You are better than them and you have the notes to prove it!

And if it makes you feel any better, my little guy will, according to my calculations, be starting to fuss in about 4 minutes.

It looks like you could make a bundle of money on Ebay with that lot!

Yay for out to dinner with the hubby! Also, send the notes...lead by example. Besides, you took all the time to write them out, why should your time be wasted?

Who's this Mia person you've suddenly started babbling about? Honestly, sometimes you're inscrutable.

Thank-you notes is one thing I don't get. 'Get' meaning understand, in this case, not receive. Well, both, really. I figure, if they're sending me a gift, they obviously know I exist. I guess if someone sent me a thank-you note the first time we exchanged gifts, I would start sending them next year, but I'm not really a unilateral thank-you note sender.

So... if they haven't noticed the thank-you notes coming, they probably won't notice the thank-you notes stop coming. If they get all huffy, you can play the "postal service sucks" card. It's one of my favourite cards, right up there with "she came on to me!" and "that gun was stolen two weeks ago, officer".

I hope you had a lovely dinner with your hubby! :)

That's a lot of clothes!

You mean to say, the very expensive car seat we bought may not last a year?

You're better than I am. I meant to write thank-you notes, and I never got around to actually writing them this year. But did I buy cute new initial note cards with which to write them? Yes, yes I did.

Wow, busy busy! Mina has grown any teeth yet--but Rob was really slow on the toothfront too.

I say send the notes if you want, don't if you don't. Also, I think it's possible to be both well-raised and a sucker. I am both, and it seems to be working out okay so far. I mean, except for that part where I feel guilty for not living up to my well-raised potential. (See how the sucker part kicks right in, as if on cue?)

Yay for time away with Chris. :-)
Are you interested in reselling those clothes for cheap? I'm having a girl in April...
I vote for polite and well-mannered. Some people never write thank you notes and it irks me. There have been two weddings I've attended where I didn't get a thank you note. :-( Ah well.

I say send the thank you notes. I feel the same way you do every holiday and I always send the dang notes, despite feeling like I should just forget it this year. I can't help it!

Take the classy route, even though they clearly don't know that road.

I vote 'sucker' b/c I do it too. I actually haven't written my thank you notes yet. I keep telling myself that people need mail in February too!

Thank you notes are one of my things, too. Or, at least a thank you..I seldom even get a verbal one these days. Does it make you feel good to send them? Do you feel bad, once they are in the mail...or like somehow the universe is in its order once they are stamped and gone? I think I am suggesting 'thank yous' say more about the sender than the receiver. And (the biggy) what do you teach Mia (the sweetest baby I have read about for a long time btw)...will she send thank yous as soon as she can hold a crayon and to everyone or only those who write back? Boy this Mom thing can be difficult, can't it. If it were just the lack of sleep, mountains of laundry and separation anxiety, but from now on every thing that happens has to be run through the "how will we handle this with Mia" test. I enjoy your writing and glimpse into your wonderful family's life. Thank You! Sue

Never sent or received a thank you note. Not really a Dutch thing I think.
But it does sound like a really nice thing to do and sending them would maybe remind them? I say send them, that way you are being polite and doing your part in good-manners-education.

Freakishly fast growing children? I hear ya. The first year was just nuts with our little Miss. Just think though, more excuses to shop for Mia and you are making people at the salvation army very happy!

Have a great week!

I am a fanatical thank you note sender.
They will not change me, I will be what I am regardless of what they do.

Oooh! Sell those clothes on Ebay!

I still rue the days of my pregnancy when I gave away all the ugly baby outfits people gave me. I could've made a KILLING with all that stuff!
(Not only was it ugly stuff, it was stuff in size, like, 4T. The stuff would've dry-rotted before she was old enough to wear it! People are so strange in their generosity.)

(So glad I found you via RockStarMommy. You are so funny!)

i am the same with thanks you notes...i rarely get them but i ALWAYS give em.

I am all about thank you cards. So, I think you are just well mannered and a good person. End of story!!

Ack! I hated it when my girls grew out of stuff so fast. I swear the cutest stuff is the littlest. Also, I don't enter a store anymore without buying milk, bread and Motrin. Totally swear by it for teething. But I am sure you knew that.

New Reader Here...would have commented during delurking week, but I hadn't been lurking prior to that so I figured I'd bide my time. Love your blog, by the way.

Mia is absolutely beautiful and check out all that hair! My Miss E is almost 10 months old and is still bald as a cue ball. Good luck with the sleep issue. I know that we are still dealing with that. Ugh.

My daughter turned 2 on Thanksgiving, and still wakes up at least once every night. In fact if she wakes up only once, I feel like gold in the morning. Most of the time though, I feel like sh**. The bad thing is that she still only has 12 teeth. She's working on canines now. The teething process takes forever. And she's in a toddler bed, so she can come find me if I don't go get her.

Everyone says it gets better. I think that what they mean is that you get more accustomed to it in time. Good for you for taking a break though.

As for the clothes, I have an attic full. Luckily, my soon-to-be baby is a girl too. i don't know where I would have stored the clothes if I had to buy a girl set AND a boy set

OMG, the clothes, the teeth, the crying oh my...I too have the joy of giant children. my boy 6 mo old is 18.5 lbs & 28", and my girl 2 1/2 is 3'2" 36 lbs. needless to say i am 5'1", dad is 6'3". whose genes do you think they loaded up on?? we outgrow clothes so quickly, i think my head may start spinning around. i think we're in 9 mo too, but not for long. so long ass comment short, i sympathize, empathize, and all of the above.

It starts young, the lies, the lies about clothes sizes! I think the manufacture tells you a certain size, like in womens clothes, but they are NOT that size! Giggle

Hang in there! You are doing the best job ever! *hugs*

I hear ya about the out-growing business. Ava had to get a new carseat too, and she is starting to wear 12 month stuff depending on the brand. We have a pile of clothes just like yours! Aaahhh the joys!

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