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Delurk already!


Don't you know? This week is Delurking Week! That means that if you read me you have to leave a comment or else I am allowed to come to your house and steal your dog. Why? Well, because Sheryl said so, of course. So come on, you know you want to. Leave me a comment? Be your best friend...

(Just kidding about the dog thing, I don't like dogs.)

(Updated to add: I tied my total comments from last year at 2:04 today. You all rock, except now I am feeling a little shy.)

Comments (220)


I found your site a few months ago and really enjoy your insights on parenthood. I'm engaged and hope to start working on a family soon after. Thanks for sharing!

:) I've posted ocassionally in the past, but read you every day. Happy Delurking Day!

OK, you got me. I've been reading for a while. I think Mia is just the cutest, and I keep wondering if I'm ever going to run into you in person (I live pretty close to where you do.)

Happy Delurking Week!

Delurking! I'm here for the laughs and for the baby pictures - love your blog. I also love that you have a husband who blogs. If my husband wrote anything, ever, without being assigned to do it, I'd keel over from shock.

Not really a lurker as I occasionally say "Hi!", but "Hi!" again. Love reading the adventures of the cactusfisheswannabeduckowners.

I've posted once or twice, but not enough.

I started reading a few months ago when I found out I was pregnant and dug around for interesting pregnancy and new parenting blogs. (I wish I could tell you how I found you, but I just followed link after link after link...) I found you and several others practically the week the baby was born, and it's been very exciting to get a sneak peek of what's coming!

Thanks for the entertainment.

Oh no don't steal my dog...wait I don't have a dog. Nevermind!

Happy de-lurking day!

Hi. I enjoy reading your blog and your hubby's too. Love your baby. Shes gorgeous. You come from the same field that I am now starting off in. You are very witty and honest. Love that about you. Besides, I think I'm a snob like you too!

Hi. No dog here, or cat, and you can not take V so I guess you are forcing me to delurk. Happy De-lurking day.
Love the blog, Adore the baby pictures considering signing you up to be our girlfriend. Mia for V not you for me.

ah-HA! I knew there was something odd about you. Just for that I'm sending you my dog.

She doesn't eat much, and only needs to be walked three times a day. Oh, and she gets the middle of the bed.

Have a great day!

Good thing I don't have a dog! :)

Good morning to you!

Hey! Can we see more pictures of Mia, the ones you take, not Chris.

Well, I'm not really a lurker, but I'll comment anyway -- I commented on Chris' site, and no way should he get more delurkers than you.

You better be my best friend ;-)

I'm not really delurking but and I don't like dogs either.

Hello there - I love your site. And Mia. More Mia! She warms my heart.

Hmmm...I'm posting to save you from my dog. He really is the biggest baby and I don't think you could handle it as you already have 1 beautiful baby to take care of. (He's a baby in a non-pleasant/annoying way) Happy delurking week!

I'm not a lurker, but I'm commenting because you said so.

And because I am celebrating the De-Lurking of lurkers on my blog this week also!!!

Hi...PenguinTarts here! :) Representing the NoVa/DC area woot woot ;) ha ha ha


happy de-lurking! Definitely a lurker here.. Love your blog though and read it often! You and Chris make me laugh with your "dibs" posts!!

I've only been reading your site for a few weeks, but I really enjoy your entries. Mia is adorable, and you have a great sense of humor.

So there. I delurked. :)

Hey girl!!

Happy de-lurking week!

I delurked just recently. I've been enjoying your blog and usually find something I can relate to since we both have babies about the same age. You seem to be doing really well in the comments department. It's only 10:20am and you already have 24 of them. I, on the other hand, really will have to follow through on the dog threat because I get a fair amount of traffic and almost no comments. It's frustrating! I'm thinking dog threats or if that doesn't work, Half Nekkid Thursday threats. Comment or else you'll see me half nekkid!

Darn! I was hoping you'd come take my incontinent old dog who barks all the time. Would you like a black cat who is very sweet but has shredded the carpet on my stairs?

Somehow I don't think I'm making them sound too appealing.

Happy De-Lurking Week!

Woohoo! I will now mark you down as my new best friend...

Happy De-Lurking Day!!!

I've just de-lurked on Chris's site, only to come here and do the same.

Hi, my name is Mindy. I am from Richmond, Virginia. I am married, have 2 cats and 1 dog. I officially delurking. I found your site and your hubby's site a few months ago. I have been reading every day since. Mia is too cute. Have a great day and Happy Delurking week!

I've been reading for about a month or so. Never know really what to say in the comments. Still don't - but hello.

De-lurking to say hello...

i have been reading yours and Chris's posts for almost a year - you guys make a beautiful family and surely keep me reading daily! Thanks for the laughs -

Sometimes-lurker, delurking to say Hi, love your site!

Ever notice how if you say "delurking" over and over again, it starts to sound weird?

Now that I've delurked, I feel *so* much better.

You've got one hell of a cute kid by the way...

De-Lurking to say 'hi' back to my regularly scheduled lurking.

Totally delurking. I love your site and I read your husbands too. Both are fantastic!

I'm not really a lurker but HAPPY DE-LURKING WEEK!

Love it here. Read you all the time. And your smokin' ass looks great in those pants!

Hello. I read often and comment rarely. I enjoyed reading both yours and Mr. Fish's blogs. You are such devoted parents. What I like that most is that you don't seem to have lost sight of being yourselves in addition to Mia's parents.

I read all the time, but only comment occasionally. So I'm saying hello, even though I don't have a dog you could steal, even if you wanted to.

Hello, Beth!

I've posted a couple of times, I think? Maybe just once. Yup . . mostly I lurk. But I've enjoyed your blog and most recently sharing the baby journey with you. (I've two of my own, nearly cute as Mia . . )

I always comment--but here's a delurk comment ;-)

Does that mean you'd rather steal our cats???

Happy de-lurking day.

Found you just before Christmas - you have the cutest baby EVER!

Popping out of the woodwork to say howdy. Love your site and read you and cactus every day. It's a great way to start the work day. =)

Happy delurking day! Thanks for your fun, honest, interesting posts!

Hi! :-)

I've been a lurker for about 4 months now - love your blog, thanks!

Hello, semi-lurker here. Love your blog!

Not a lurker, so there! ;-)

No, please, not the dog! She is the only baby I have!

Love your writing- I will make commenting one of my New Year's resolutions!

Called out!!

Came across your site through DC Blogs when Mia was born. So yeah, I'm the stalker that stops by at least twice a day :)

PLEASE! Come steal my dog! I'll even let you choose which one you want!

Damn, I guess this counts as a comment so there wont be any dog stealing at my house...*snap*

Hello, and Happy Delurking Day!

I don't remember how I found your blog... *thinking, thinking* huh. But I liked it so I saved it and now I read it regularly.

I stop by everysooften. HI!

Hey Momma-Beth!
Now stop comparing numbers with Chris. :-)
Go kiss Miss Mia!

Sheryl is like... teh god. And if she says you can steal my dog for not delurking, then you can steal my dog for not delurking!

Great read!

Happy de-lurking day!

DELURK - You crack me up on a regular basis. Thanks.

You can steal my cat. He barfs too much. Delurking to say I love your blog, been reading for a few months -- ever since you (or Chris?) posted a particularly adorable picture of Mia. Too cute that kid.

Wow, alot of lurkers! I enjoy reading you and Chris, you for your humorous commentary on mothering and your social phobias...Chris is funny too but I especially enjoy checking out what he is reading and listening too. I guess I never comment for the same reasons you feared the playgroups, I might babble on about basements, well, we don't have them in the south, but about something else that I would feel really stupid about after I hit "post"

Well, I don't have a dog you can steal but I do have a cat I would be very sad to loose!

Found your site months back, helped prepare me for what to expect with my new daughter, now 2 weeks old.

Now I've been delurked!

I got really excited by the fact that you may steal my dog, then you said just kidding.


I don't lurk, you've seen my comments but I'll tell ya how I came about your site. Found it off of Pregnancy Weekly right after you had Mia, you're post I think was the 38 week pic with Mia outside of you on your belly in her diaper. Damn that was cute. Anyways that's about all I have to say. Just wanted to give you one more comment because anyone with a blog LOVES comments.

And this is a different Sabrina than the one above just so ya know. ;)

I like dogs. Well, some dogs. Maybe even most dogs. But not all dogs, certainly.

gah, lurker is such a sinister word that makes me sound like I'm doing something terribly illegal and could enter a social circle that's shared only by the most vile & looked down upon of our criminals. OK! I'm here! My name is Sara, it's very nice to meet you.

delurking to say hello and thanks for the restaurant recommendation in NYC. we loved becco! and they squeezed us in (literally) without a reservation. so nice! such yummy pasta! thanks again!

You don't like dogs?!

greetings from cincinnati! will you steal my neighbor's noisy dog?! please? by the way, thanks for the outer banks info you provided a few months ago. it looks like a gorgeous place to visit.

I read your blog all the time and love it, thought I wouldn't really say I'm delurking because I've left you comments before.

Hi... I am a bad commenter and even worse cause I still owe Mia her sweater... Ill get it to you soon I promise and... ummm dont steal my dog ok??
thanks :)

You know I'm reading, but happy delurking day anyway!

My wife got me hooked on both yours and Chris's blogs.


Bad commenter - regular reader.

I don't lurk
I comment
and give unsolicited advice
and understand why you cuss so much
and think Mia is absofreakinlutely adorable.

but you I am....

The pup

got me - I check in a couple of times a week, but never comment. Mia is scrumptious!

p.s. would you take two small goats?

Dude, you can HAVE my dog. She's being a total bitch lately...

I am a lousy commenter. I have my work cut out for me this week.

I love your blog ;)

alright, alright - i am a notorious lurker, but out of fear for my dog i will leave you a note.

i read your blog frequently, thanks for all the great mia stories.


Frequent reader, casual commmenter. Lovin' the Mia photos - she's such a doll!!

So far, you've got 81 comments, and if nobody comments before me, I'll be number 82.

82 comments. That's an insanely huge number of readers!

I'm so jealous.

I comment from time to time..but probably not enough. So here you go!!

Nice to meet you, I'm Isabel. Hola!

Happy de-lurking week.

I'm bad, because I've been reading your site for nearly a year, but I rarely comment, so here I am! I comment at your husband's site more frequently, and I suppose I should do so here as well.

Well, for starters, you have THE MOST ADORABLE baby on the face of the planet! I love the stories you post about her, so keep it up!

You and Chris crack me up. Definitely an enjoyable daily read. Yhanks for sharing!

Hello over there!!!

Oh! Oh! Steal MY dog! (Wait. I just commented. DAMN.)

Lurker here, and if I may be so bold, a pretty good one at that.

Me! Me! I read! I'm just anti-social and not really funny. And really, who wants to read comment after comment from someone like that?

Semi-lurker here. Happy Delurkey Week! (gobble, gobble)

I'm a lurker, I admit it! Hello!

I'm still popping in to check out Mia's new tricks! Thanks for writing.

i'm far too extroverted to really lurk. but hi again!

I have posted before and even commented at your husband's site once. Although, you are on my favs list and he is not.....yet. Anyway, you commented at my site once and I was giddy all day. It was like being asked to sit with the popular kiddos at lunch. You rock! Love your site.

I read and Mia is adorable!

Since you asked, I'll send you a comment! Oddly enough, I came across your site after I read "Life of Pi" because you had a link to it, or to something else that the author had written, on your page.

I just started following along in the chronicles of your life after that, mostly because your writing style is very amusing and descriptive, and I was also curious about how it will feel to one day have a child.

Keep up the good work. It is strange to get to know strangers through the Internet, but it is also really cool too.


Hi! I guess I am officially de-lurking here! I enjoy reading your blog and seeing the pics of your cute kiddo. :)

Hi...I admit I have been reading for a while both you and hubby's heck I even sent in a baby blanket way back when.....
I enjoy reading both blogs..I have been in Japan with Marine Corps husband for a year and a half now with another year and a half to go....but find myself with lots of extra time....

thanks for all the great stories..

I've only been reading your blog since you and your husband were featured on I have a 3yo daughter and am expecting my 2nd in April so i love seeing all the Mia stuff.

And I have no dogs, but feel free to come and steal the stupid orange cat.

Another one delurking, been reading for a few weeks - gorgeous cat and gorgeous baby!

Hiya - Im sure Ive posted before, but in case I imagined it - here I am. Great blog, wonderful couple and amazing baby - thanks for sharing it all with us! Long may it continue (it will wont it?!!!!)

Lena xx

Happy Delurking week! I read your blog everyday! Mia is adorable!!!!

i too have been called out! i have read you for months and never left a comment! love ya!

Hey Beth!

We don't have a dog, but you can bring a truck and steal all the junk in our basement instead. Its still in boxes from when we moved in 2 years ago. It should be easy. :)

I've only commented once before but since it's an official holiday and all - Hi! And I don't like one of my dogs. Somebody can have him.

I wasn't always a lurker but lately I've been lurking.

Hello, Dammit!

Your kid is cute; your writing's fine; your husband's funny. . . and as odd as mine!

Happy Delurking Week! Best Wishes!

Delurking here .. and please steal my dog, its spastic.

Thanks for answering my email a few months ago when I told you that you're a daily (or however often you update) read of mine and that I'd faithfully read all your archives...I was afraid you'd turn me in for stalking or something! Thanks for the entertainment and insights you share!

I've commented before, but what can I say, I feel uncreative when all I can think of to say is "Your kid's so cute. No really. F-ing adorable." :)Hope you're well... your mom skills are inspiring.

delurking. thanks for writing :)

I post on your site from time to time, I definitely wanted to post for this, I'm wondering if you can beat Mr. Cactus' total?! lol

Would you take my cat instead? But that creates an issue-- as a lurker, how would you know where to pick him up, unless I post a comment? Then the kitty is off the hook due to this comment.

Oh well...

Never a lurker! However dropping by to say hello anyway!

Hi! I read your blog!

Not a lurker, just stopping by to say hi!

delurking! :)

the only reason i ever lurked is because every time i try to comment, it doesn't go through. i hope this comment makes it through and officially de-lurks me. :)

I dont have a dog, but I have a cat who thinks she's a people.

Feel free to visit her, she LOVES pets :)

Yours was one of the first blogs I started reading. I've loved it from the beginning. I read you everyday, even though I don't always make a comment.

I lurk more than comment, but I was still really hoping you'd come steal my dog.My daughter was supposed to take her when she got married and the dog is still here!! The dog is great around babies. Mia might like her even if you hated

Happy Delurking day..I've commented once but read this frequently..
P.S. I do have 2 ducks as pets and they would make very loud bathtub pets :) so they live outside, besides theres only so much chaos hubby can stand with me around..hahah ( he did let me keep them in the bedroom for a few weeks when they were litle though..

Hi Beth! Have a great afternoon!

What did the tie say to the hat?
You go on ahead and I'll hang around!

Hey! Just cause someone reads your blog EVERYDAY and doesn't EVER comment, doesn't mean they're lurking...

...mmm, okay, yeah...I'm a lurker...

...but the first step is admitting you have a problem!

Okay, so I'll comment, but I'm tellin' ya that there are a few blogs talking about anal glands and squeezing them ... and ... well, I refuse to do that to my male dog.

That said, if you are going to come steal my dog, please make it the MALE dog ... then you can have a 'go' at those glands.

PLEASE come steal my dog -- the fur tumbleweeds are getting on my nerves!

I'm here, Beth! I'm delurking even though...I think I've commented, but delurking is always gooooood. I mean, I p/m even link to you, so there you go. You are awesome Beth and I heart you FOR THE AGES.

Well hello and Happy New Years..oops, what I meant was Happy De-Lurking Day! Hello and my name is Jennifer from NC and I AM A DE-LURKER! That makes me sound soo like an alcoholic that just stood up for the first time at a AA meeting . Anyhow, I have commented before in the past and I do love reading both of the Cactus-Fish family blogs, You guys are way much better then any newspaper on any given day. So Kudos to y'all! An hope the three of you have a Happy. Healthy New Year!

#128 here. Good lawd woman, you're entertaining!

Ahhhh but according to my information, I am #128!

Doh! My computer knows nothing I am #129! Sorry Angie....:-/

Hey :)

One more! Lurk often, comment much I do not. Says Yoda-Jen.

I always read you and the Cactus...sometimes I comment, and sometimes I don't, but I always appreciate your blog.

i'm posting to up your numbers. Regular reader, Mia is just so darn cute to not keep reading. Keep writing!

I am a fairly new reader, and I got here from someone else's blog, but I don't remember who. So anyhoo...consider me de-lurked!

okay! De-lurking! But always enjoying Cactus-Fish-Beanette! Here's the weather report for Ann Arbor, MI: 36F, mostly cloudy, 76% humidity, winds 8 mph WNW, and most importantly! the barometric pressure is 30.16 and rising. Have a great day and thanks for your visits and comments!

Not really a lurker, but I'll add my "hello" here.

Hi! Unlurking!

I just delurked over at your husband's site and now I'm on a roll! Hehe

Love reading your site Beth, and Mia is too precious!


I'm here!

138 comments!!! I'd say you have some pretty honest lurkers reading your site. About the gym pet peeves - mine is when there are 48 identical machines in a row and they are all empty except for yours and someone hops on to a machine RIGHT next to you. Personal space thing I guess.

Happy De-Lurking Day!

I'm officially delurking after checking your site daily for the past frillion years. You rock, your baby is adorable, and I love it!
- your fellow introvert

Found your blog when you (and I) were pregnant. My gorgeous baby girl is a few weeks younger than your beautiful Mia.
Thanks for the cheap entertainment!

I've been reading since a bit before Mia was born. I read Rude Cactus too.


I'm going to start typing fast because I fear I might pass out from the stress of "delurking". So the Cliff note version. I read your blog and Chris'- that's it. But each day I learn something new and always find something that makes me laugh or apprecitate at your site. So thanks. And it really was one of my New Year resolution to stop by and say a proper hello this year. Mission accomplished!

I've been reading for a few months now, absolutely love your blog especially the pictures of Mia, she's the cutest baby I've ever seen!

I don't lurk, but I don't comment all the time, either. Does that count? :)

Will de-lurk here too....Delurked at your husband's site too. Enjoy reading your blog from time to time. I have a 2 year old (and a 9 year old).

I have read your blog for awhile - I have had fun because I have a 5 month old and share in some of your issues. My little girl, Isa, was also an elephant too - when I saw that picture of Mia, I couldn't believe it! She is a doll!!

You've got people coming out of the woodwork, eh? Congrats!

I read, I comment occassionally too. Keep up the good work.

BTW- You can HAVE my dog!

Delurking to say Hi... I have you on my bloglines feed..

Delurking:-) I don't know why I don't comment, but maybe I should start.

Hey-hey! Im now delurked! Who's gonna win the most or the cactus?! I enjoy your blog! Brings a piece of Laughter to my day! And plus that lil mia bean of yours is so frickin cute, who wouldnt come back just to view those addorable pics!

guess I can only be delurked if I leave a name huh? Yeah, that up there, thats from me, Dawn =0)

Hi there, I'll delurk as well. Hope you're all doing well.

You have quite an audience. No surprise. Your blog is wonderful and so very entertaining. So "hi" from me.


Hi! I've been reading from a little after Mia was born...sweet baby!

Hi from Canada!

Hi there, delurking so I can read your new post.

I delurked on your hubby's site but since I found his through reading I am!!!

you can take anything you like, just leave my bags and shoes alone!

holy moly i'm late to your party! mostly regular commenter delurking!

Greetings from a fellow nothern Virginian. Happy De-Lurking Week. Instead of my dogs, you're welcome to take one of my kids and see what you're in for when Mia is a teen.

I'm a somewhat regular commenter, though I visit daily. Hi! Come see me!

Lurker here.
Please steal my neighbors dog.
I hate that mut.


I've posted a few times, so this isn't really a de-lurking for me. But I thought I'd add to the list. :)

Hello! I found your site when I was pregnant. As others have said, I'm not sure exactly how... just kept clicking until I got here. Love the posts! I think my baby girl is one month younger than yours (born 8/22), so it's been great reading your parenting stories and seeing the pictures. Especially when I was home on maternity leave and having a few rough days/nights at the beginning. Thank you for sharing and being so honest. Keep up the great blog!

Ok i guess i have to post then. this makes twice i have posted (the first was to guess Mia's birthday and size).

Happy DLW!

I am a member of the lurker club!!

Just stumbled here for the first time, and I can't take a chance and risk you stealing my dog. Happy Delurking week!!

173 comments? thats just wrong!

Well since the baby is still asleep on my lap i have already completed 1 de-lurking and still have a spare minute to read your site i read every other day and sometimes when my 7 week old son permits every day! keep up the awesome blog mia is adorable!!!

Hi from the Michigan Lurker! I delurked at Chris' blog yesterday, and being a first class introvert, I could not bring myself to delurk twice in one day. (I did try.) And, with it being Haiku Monday, I had to go there first... if you had Mia Monday, well, you'd win, hands down - I might never even make it over to read the Haiku!

Left a comment before but am going to say "Hi" Anyway!....... Hi!

Delurking in 5...4...3...2...1 Hi!

Ok, Ok, boy you and your husband are pushy!! :) AHAHAHAHA And I'm only doing this because I really love my dog!!!!! Hi Beth!!! Is it ok for me to go back and read your post??? Thanks!

I always comment (Oh, whoops, no I don't), but I can't very well lurk this week, now can I?

I think I comment sometimes - but not always. I do read every day - but sometimes through an RSS reader that makes it hard to comment!

Happy Tuesday - sorry I'm late!

Comment 184 here!

O.K. I'll delurk because I am a BIG fan of Mia's. I think it's great fun to read your journal. My girls are grown up now so I don't have to get up in the middle of the night to feed them and that's fine, but sometimes I wish I could transport myself back to when they were young for a few hours and remember to relish every minute. You will love yourself when you are older for having kept such a great journal.

Hi! I found your blog pretty recently and I'm digging it. Just doing my delurking duty. :)

Okay...I've been reading for like ever. You're just too funny not to read!

I don't know if I have ever left a comment, but I found you through Fluid Pudding and I link to your hubby and love his blog as well. The two of you were even listed in my favorite blog couples!

Because I like your humor. :0)

Reporting for delurking duty, Cap'n! (Then scurrying away like the shy, shy little 'fraidy cat I am.)

CAN'T keep eyes off cute baby photos! Like both of the adults too.
Happy DeLurking day!

Hi! Great blog, I stop by every now and then to catch up. Love the baby photos!

HI! I don't comment as much as I used to, but I still lerve you, Mia, and the blog. Chris isn't too bad either.

I've been reading for a long time. Mia is just gorgeous!

The trap is sprung! Curse you, vile Delurking Week! How can I resist your dog ownership-threatening charms? Well, it's been a few months since I Googled "whee bored what to do" (or something along those lines) and, miraculously, came up with this charming fish-bedecked page, at an entry called "Whee... ennui". Now, I'm a big fan of the word ennui, and all such other such semantic deliciousness (zeitgeist, portmanteau, semantic even), so I decided to browse for a few minutes. Hours later, I admitted to myself that I was hooked, and to the Firefox hotbar you went.

Hi. I'm no lurker! :o) Happy De-Lurking Week.

De-lurking to say hello, love your site, and Mia is ADORABLE!

Can you delurk if you don't lurk? Cos I never keep my thoughts to myself... :)

I'm delurking and a loyal reader (I read RudeCactus too), and now I want to read the new post.

i havn't posted in a long while, but still read.

De-lurking to say hi. Hi.

Not a lurker! Hello Beth! I love your blog. In fact, I loved it so much I started my own!

i dont lurk, i visit and comment often.

Delurking to say Hi! I also want you to know I love your site and reading about your Mommy adventures!

I'm officially de-lurking. I seem to come late to your posts, and there are always so many comments that I feel like I'll get lost in the masses. But even though I'm way at the back of the pack, I'll say hello. Hello, Beth!

count me as officially de-lurked

you dont like dogs!?!?!

well hell i wont be coming back!!!

just kidding ;o)

i like to swing by and get a giggle.

Lurker de-lurking! Can I go back to lurking now please?

Me too. this is the first time I've come by. CynicalDad linked you up. I'm so jealous. I get about 2 comments a week. Those are from a girl I went to high-school with. No one ever de-lurks at my place. Oh well.

Happy Delurking Week! :)

I'm not exactly a lurker - almost all of your posts I can relate to and I unconsciously find my fingers typing away a response. Keep up the great blogging Beth!

Delurking here. Beth, I enjoy reading your blog!

Consider me delurked.

This isn't my first time commenting here, but I haven't done it too many times. I figure there are so many comments anyway that I don't really need to comment, I'm sure someone else has already said what I was going to say. :) But I will today in honor of de-lurking week, and to protect my dog...oh wait I don't have a dog....

A slightly belated Happy Delurking Day!
I've been lurking since I stumbled upon your blog sometime late last year.
Thank you for making me laugh my arse off with your Chap Stick confession, I too share your affliction.
There. Delurked.

I'm not so much a lurker but I'll do it anyway. Hi!

I too am de-lurking to share my chap stick addiction with you & your adorable babe. Thanks for the giggles.

*emerges from bush, waves and vanishes once more*

Well I post sometimes, so I am not actually a lurker, but here ya go anyway.

Have only just come across your website in the past couple of days and am currently enjoying reading your archives.

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