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For the record

For those of you playing along at home...

Mia hates:
rice cereal
sweet potato
milk in a bottle
milk in a sippy cup

Mia likes:

I know I won't have to go along to college with her so she can breastfeed, but I am starting to get a little worried about kindergarden.

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Smart kid!!

All the cool kids are into boobies this year. They're the new black.

heh. i think at least for now you can take that as a compliment. when they're big enough to walk up and pull it out, that's when you need to worry! ;)

I once said to my husband, "Boobies are strange" as I looked at my nursing boobs and was slightly scared by them. He stopped what he was doing, grabbed me by the shoulders and (totally serious) replied, "No. Boobies are great."

So you see, she just knows what men know. Boobies are great.

Not to be too graphic. Fuck, it's a little, but...

Mommies smell better than spoons. They're more comforting than a high chair. I could see where she's missing the best part of her food experience.

Three words:

Beware the Teeth!!!

ROFL! Hold her while you are eating...pretty soon she'll want what you are eating. Hope you like custard, bananas, and sweet potatoes. ;o)

Goodness! She doesn't like bananas? Good luck!

Oh dear... you poor thing.


She knows what the good stuff is! :)

Try avocados. A lot of babies love them and it's so easy to prepare.

Mia, dear, put down the boobie for a second:

I hear ya, girl. Some of us never grow out of it. You'll have the rest of your life to eat oatmeal, hang onto those boobies while you can.

My son would still be breastfeeding if I had let him. Oh, um.. he's 25.

rock on, Mia. Hang out with Helena.

You can compare your...mommies'....breasts.

Wait, nevermind. Stay right there.

Perhaps you could introduce a nipple shield so she gets used to the feel of silicone. Medela makes some, I think Avent does too.It might help her accept a bottle better. I am using one right now for the opposite intention- to encourage my 2 1/2 month old to start latching on again. It works great.

How does she eat when the in-laws watch her when you and Chris go out?

Kyra loved the boob as well. We couldn't understand her distaste for food, since her dad and I like it so much. She'll come around eventually, though. In the meantime, enjoy nursing and try not to worry too much.

I'm gonna weigh in on the side of the commenters who said to wait it out. Getting used to the texture of food takes some time; she may be more receptive to in another month or two.

Or not. But either way, my understanding is that nursing can provide everything she needs in the way of nutrition until at least the 1-year mark.

I think this just proves that when smart folks breed, they breed even smarter kids.

Don't warm the milk in the bottle. How does she feel about peaches?

My 1 year old is the same way. I wanted to wean her by 1 year but she won't drink anything else. She barely eats anything else! It is becoming quite a problem. Hopefully Mia's interest in food grows but this is a major pain!

I think Liam and Mia (hey! "Mia" is "Liam" spelled backwards without the "L") have been talking and conspiring against us.
I'm getting a little nervous as the time to return to work creeps ever-nearer...

she'll come around, lol.

Two of my three skipped baby food entirely and nursed exclusively past six months. They started eating bits of table food when they got a few teeth (have a great pic of my son gnawing on a t-bone at 10 months). Both weaned themselves at 13-14 months and drank whole milk from a cup.
No worries! Well, unless you were hoping not to nurse that long!

Yeah, baby food is more for fun and practice than for nutrition at this age anyway. Let her nurse on demand as she'll get all she needs. Offer the solids but don't push them. She may be one of those kiddos who prefers to totally do it herself. You might try giving her a small, mushy hunk of banana or a bit of rice cake or something and see what she does with that on her own (supervised of course!).

Heck, she's only 6 months old. I nursed my first child exclusively for the first year (gulp!). He enjoys a variety of food now, and he was weaned by age 2.5. :)

I look back now and it went by so fast! :)

LOL - me too - as I type this Cosmo Boy is trying unsuccessfully to get Sierra to drink a bottle of Formula. We may just have to go cold turkey with them - I'm thinking 12 months...

We're about to hit 18 months here. I'm not worried....yet....

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