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Mia Monday

First of all, you all rock. Thank you to everyone who delurked and said hello last week (and thanks also to everyone who did not have to delurk to say hello). I am working on getting around to see everyone who left a site, but it is likely to take me a while. Have I mentioned that my child does not sleep? You probably think I am exaggerating, but let me assure you I am not. Mia and sleep are not acquainted. I have run into a couple of bad links, although I realize you may have done that on purpose so I wouldn't bother you. Anyway, if I don't get around to say hello by the end of this week or so, wouldya leave me another comment so I can find your site?

I also wanted to thank you all for saying such nice things about my baby, and even asking for more pictures of her when I didn't pay you to say that. Sandy even recommended that I start doing Mia Monday to compete with Haiku Monday over at that guy's place. I think that is an excellent idea! So here you go, Mia Monday #1: Mia Meets Rice Cereal.

Took me forever to clean the cereal out of her nose.

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HI! I'm a little late at delurking..but hey, it's better late than never?! :) So, I come here to lurk via Veronicasmind's blog...and I just have to say I enjoy reading your blog and of course...looking at pics of your sweet baby girl! lol..I remember the cereal up the nose :)

LOL. If Mina could, I think she would eat everything through her nose first :-D

have I told you lately that you have a beautiful baby?

Mia's hair ROCKS!! She is going to have awesome hair when she gets old enough to care!

That looks like a Fisher Price Healthy Start Highchair! I have one and love it, especially that easy recline behind their head.

Cute pics! Such a cutie. Love the swoosh of hair on the side in that first one. Does she try to feed herself already?

Such a beautiful baby. I started reading you right at a time when you were desperate for a child (well, I started reading you about the time you got pregnant, I think), and I remember how thrilled I was for you when you told us you were going to have her!

I still can't believe there was ever a time, though, when you didn't.

De-lurking. I live in Virginia and came to your site from Princess and johnsy's site.

Seriously, you're killing me with the cuteness. The way she looks right at me, with the hair, and the cereal ... I want to eat her up. (Well, not the cereal so much as her cheeks.)

This is not an official De-lurk as I have commented here before. Would it be called De-lurking once removed? Or Step-De-lurking, maybe? Hell, I don't know.

Anyway! I'm completely jealous that Mia has Good Hair. My baby girl was as bald as a baby eagle (but much, much cuter) until she was about three. (Okay, maybe not cuter, but certainly every bit as cute. Bald eagle babies are very cute, y'all).

I had to rely on those little baby headbands for infant ornamentation.
Until I took to taping bows to her head. What? Oh, like nobody else ever did that. Pshaw.

I used to give my kids a wet baby wash cloth to play with while they were eating. Helps with at least some of the mess! LOL!

I swear to gawd Mia is the cutest baby on the internet.

Just wanted to sympathise with you on the no sleeping thing. My blog entry today is all about that very issue. Many of my entries are. I am critically sleep-deprived. Despite thier not sleeping, though, our kids sure are adorable. Love the pics of Mia.

Cereal in the nose can never be a good thing.

SO cute.

Also, I get a strange white intro page to your site now and have to click on your archives to see the actual pretty purple site. What is up with that?

MIA MONDAY! YIIPPEEEE! i swear. i love pictures of babies eating. and sleeping. my son is almost five now, and i'm still taking pictures of him sleeping...

i missed delurking week last week (first week on a new job...) but i've been reading for a while now, and i'm so bad and am just now saying hi!

Hey- you combed Mia's hair!

Now I feel guilty about not combing my baby's full head of hair and letting it stick up and be all crazy.

I hope she doesnt get a complex of something.

Mia's beautiful btw.


I TOTALLY think that Mia Mondays should be a regular post to compete with Haiku Mondays over at That Guy's blog.

I mean, seriously. Poem vs. Baby.

Baby's gonna win. Even with rice up her nose.

Wait until she tries starts sticking full-sized peas up her nose! ha!


Yay! A Mia Monday!

I have to say, she's gorgeous!!

Adorable as ever! She looks like she liked the cereal! (Mine pulled a face like I was feeding her smelly socks when she tried cereal for the forst time!)

Ah, that's what that URL box is for. I'm rather new at this whole commenting-on-people's-blogs dealie. Oh, and you see that little number down there? That little number that says something like 1:32? As much as I love afternoon shifts at ze plant, I tend to come home zombified. I'm very, very bad at updating my blog, however; it's more of a monthly than a daily.

"Mia Monday" is a great idea (although I fail to see how it is different than any other day in practise ;) ), but Mia pictures AND a haiku, all at once? Hmm. Now, I like those haikus, but "Mia Monday" rolls off the tongue better, so maybe a little bedroom embargo could persuade the hubby to move the poetry to another day -- perhaps "Haikus for Hwednesday" (bit of a "Hanukkah" sound at the beginning there) --, and let the bean shine in all her drooly glory to our undivided adulation.

i absolutely love the little 'surprised' expression she sometimes has. sooooo CUTE!!!

Just wanted to let you know that the sleeping thing DOES get better. My first didn't sleep through the night until he was 2. Seriously. And at one point he was getting up something like 7 times in an 8 hour period. But he's 4 1/2 now and sleeps like a rock from 9 until 6. And the little one is 2 1/2 now, and has been sleeping excellently since he was 7 months old.

My point is, looking back on it now, it wasn't that long. It seemed awful at the time, but really it wasn't so bad.

Love the idea. Thanks for the pics

AAGH! I just died from the cuteness! We have that same high chair.


(Of course, my kids are WAY CUTER. (Oh wait. That kind of talk will get me kicked off the island, right?))

I love it! Mia Monday is Magnificent!!!! Oh, and your daughters eyes are so pretty!


Seriously, CUTEST.BABY.EVER. And that's a hard thing for another mother to say!

On the lack of sleep - my first was like that. We finally had to Ferberize at 6 months... and it worked. Also, it may not seem like it, but this time is going to go by so fast. Hold your baby tight while you can!

awww. mia's hair isn't doing the crazy mohawk thing anymore. i miss the crazy mohawk.

but she's still gorgeous as always :)

How cute. Mia Monday is going to rock!!! What a great idea. I normally read your blog while I am at work. When I am having a bad day seeing Mia brightens my day. She is too cute!

She's so munchable!

I just leave the cereal in there. Eventually it comes out in little rice noodles (like playdoh through one of those toys I never had when I was small and wanting one), then you have an entire new meal!

I LOVE Mia Monday!

Wait'll she tries grits... Sweet Pea loved 'em and I swear you CANNOT get rid of all the grits. 8 hours later you'll find a random grit in her hair, or in her diaper...

You're supposed to clean the cereal out of their noses? Now you tell me.

She's getting so big! Mia's simply beautiful.

Sorry I didn't get a chance to delurk last week. I love your blog. I have been stopping by for so long that you were still pg when I arrived. Sorry it took me so long to say hello.

looks tast-teeee!

I was just wondering if she has started real food yet...
Baby, no sleep could = hungry!

I know the boobs are doing good, but some times real food before bed makes a baby sleep! : ) an old Gypsy trick! My kids slept ALL night! Just saying.

Delurking to say cute baby pics. Do the monday thing, whatever you call it.

What a cutie! Just wait til she starts the green peas and

Love the idea of Mia Mondays!

what an adorable baby!!!! too cute really!!!!

love reading your posts

Just another Mia Monday...whoa-oh - don't wish it were - Mia means a fun day...

I apologize for dorkily adjusting the Manic Monday lyrics, but I couldn't resist. Yay for cereal! And yay for Mia with her Elvis hair!

I LOVE THE MIA MONDAY IDEA! The pictures are always great!

Thank you!

WAY too cute.

And even with a nose filled with cereal she is still terribly cute!

I am happy I did not have to get it out though...

Thank you for Mia Mondays. Your baby has the most beautiful BIG Green eyes. Do either you or Chris have green eyes? Your daughters gonna just grow more beautiful each day I think. Lotsa love to Mia.

That gypsy thing made me laugh, nice one.

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