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Mia Monday #2

Please do not eat her chubby little thighs, I am saving them for when I finish her toes.

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Yay, Mia Monday! Love it!

pass the butter, i see some rolls!

Ok, those rolls on the back of her KNEES? I am dying from the cuteness. Look at me, I am dead.

Ha! Love the legs...don't we all wish chubby thighs looked so cute on us?

Man! I can't wait for my baby to be born so I can partake in some of this cuteness!

She is too cute. I love the pudgy little legs!

You know, its not fair. How come chubby thighs are cute ONLY on little girls? :-)

NO Thighs first!!!

And the hair.... she is so cute, but you can smack me for saying this- but I swear it looks like she has a comb over that has been blown up by the wind :)

Oh my goodness, what a sweetie! Absolutely gorgeous!

Cutest chubby lil thing evah.

Love her smile. There is nothing better than a baby's smile (especially when it's your own baby)!


Mia Monday is SO better than the Haikus. Not that the haikus are bad.

Mia's just...better. :P

Positively adorable! She looks eager to crawl too!

Absolutely adorable...I just love all the chubby cuteness!

Yeah! I love chubby babies. Sophie has like 40 chins and I have to eat them all up every day.

everytime you post a picture I marvel at how big she's getting. And all that hair!

What a gleeful little baby.

#2 is my favorite. Her hair and chubby legs make me smile!

Oh thank Heavens for Mia Mondays.

I honestly believe she is getting CUTER! I didn't think that was possible.

Oh I just want to squeeze them.....
and she's rolling
and sitting up
and she's mobile!!!!!!!!

one day when she's a teenager, she's gonna kill you for photos like this... how will you ever explain to her that GAH!!! They are just ADORABLE!!!!! Those chubby lil' legs... who couldn't resist those?!?!

Those legs! That hair! So adorable :)

That is indeed a tasty looking baby! Don't forget that tummy, it needs some nibbles, too.

Cute baby pics beat the Monday blahs every time.

When my Jess was little we called her "Chunk-a-lious". Mia definitely qualifies to be princess of this title as well. So... cute!

Oh, the cuteness! It's too much! Stop it or you'll make me want to get pregnant again!

Absolutely adorable! The last one is my favorite... baby smiles are so precious. =)

OMG! Look at that little butterball! I think I'm going to pass out from all the cuteness. LOL.

So cute! She sure looks bigger than my 6 mth old and he was 10lbs at birth! That's the power of good breast milk. LOL

Congrats on her 6 mth birthday!

Could she BE any cuter?! I love all 3 photos, but the last one is my favourite because of that beautiful smile and the fact that she looks like she's clapping her hands in delight. WHEEEEE! :)

My daughter had legs just like Mia's....soooo adorable!

Ooowww, The CUTENESS! They are all beautiful pics but the last one is just heartstopping stuff. I can almost HEAR the giggles!

Man, she is just too cute for words!

Baby's are so lucky. I mean NO one ever says to me... "She is too cute. I love the pudgy little legs... aren't those rolls of fat just so yummy!!!" It just doesn't happen!

ha! i see your adorable chubby thighed baby ina white onesie with something yellow on it and i raise you one!:

ah! mia's so cute!

Didn't your Mommy teach you to share? Oooooh the chubby thighs! All my boys are very lean; no yummy rolls over here. But their necks are lovely to buy your face in!

Oh my goodness. She is so cute and so big! :-D

Oh My God! She is so cute, and such litlle ham thighs, I could eat her. My grandmother would tell you it's proof you are doing a good job.

I missed this! Because I was checking your blog from my blackberry! And I didn't scroll down enough!


OMG! that is just the most adorable baby EVER!

What a cute baby. My daughter is due in Feb. And these pictures have me wanting my Grand Daughter now. She is just tooo cute for words

wow, she already looks different...time flies! she is gorgeous!

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