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Playgroup, Round 2

Mia and I went to another playgroup today. Remember that thing I said about being idiotic around strangers? Oh yeah. My two best conversational gambits were rambling on for several minutes about how most houses in Virginia have basements but most houses in California do not, followed quickly by a lengthy monologue on how warm it was this fall. They are so going to invite me back.

For her part, Mia, who is so against sleep that we have paid her to do it on more than one occasion and who usually takes nearly an hour to settle down enough for a 20 minute nap fell sound alseep in my arms in the middle of four screeching two year olds. I couldn't decide whether to rejoice or knock myself over the head with a plastic violin.

On the plus side, there were chocolate covered peanut butter Rice Krispie treats.

And by the way, Mia has cut one tooth and has another on the way. Fuckers are sharp.

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About the only homes here in Texas with basements are very old. It is so humid that they are great places to grow mold.

Of course, commercial buildings have basements, sometimes, but they have commercial people to clean them.

What? Just trying to make conversation. Tough group.

You can never go wrong with good refreshments.

Also, ow.

You trying out baby foods yet?

Yeah those teeth are going to feel like freakin razors I'm sure if they're sharp! Watch out!

Yum on the snack! I would have probably been kicked out of the group for eating all the rice krispie treats.

Ahhh, playgroups... I remember my first playgroup encounter. I sat there nervously hoping that this group of strangers would like me and my son. I remember holding my breath through his tantrum where he picked up a toy and heaved it at another boy. I was convinced when I left that it would be the last time I saw any of them again. But, the very stressful first encounter (and few after that) proved to be so worht it because I made a group of really nice girlfriends and eventually we all found lots of things to talk about! Hang in there, it will get easier.

DAMN SHARP! bebe boy has 2 bottom teeth, with a shitload on the cusp, just waiting for my boobs. he's 6 mo now, and doing the whole solid food thing, which i thought would cut down the nursing. no luck. his boob habit is as strong as ever. good luck, i feel ya!

I HATE strangers. HATE THEM! Professionally I an talk to anyone anytime (well sort of). Personally...hate it...become an uninteresting...lunatic

Don't worry about the boobs. They'll eventually get used to the new chompers just in time for the upper teeth to break through. Those were what really hurt for me. And definitely enjoy eating treats while you can in front of Mia. Soon she'll be eating solids and want EVERYTHING you're eating.

What's the going rate for getting babies to sleep these days? I hear they won't do a 30-minute nap for less than ten bucks.

OH, no! The TEETH!!!

That's what she needs! Siblings so she can sleep! :)

I'm sure you've probably never been to my blog or anything but rather coincidentally, I just posted tonight about my son's first tooth making an appearance. After making my husband get up and come into the bedroom to feel the new arrival, he goes "It's sharp. I hope he doesn't bite your boobs" What a buzzkill! Anyway, congrats on the new tooth and for making it through playgroup #2. They get easier once you get past that initial awkwardness. Did you tell them about your blog? That might make for some interesting conversation :-D

i am sure the teeth won't hurt you as bad as you least i hope they don't...there is a kid at the preschool i work at, who is still nursing and she is going to turn 3 on monday!

a tooth!?!?!? How exciting! We keep thinking Ava's going to sprout one anyday.
About the playgroup: I'm glad it's working out for you. We tried it once - and, quite frankly, I was miserable. We tried Gymboree - and, while I loved it - Ava had other opinions. To this day, you can sing the "theme song" that they bein every class with... and she begins to cry. I'm not kidding.

At least she fell asleep without you having to pay her again! LOL!

Found you via CoffeeSoup.

Just had to add that I do the ramble thing too ... oh my God do I do the rambling thing ... just ramble on and on about nothing until I realize I'm the only one speaking and that, I am indeed, rambling. Yep, very familiar with rambling ... rambling ... rambling.

tee hee

Sidenote: I would march into hell for chocolate covered Rice Krispie treats. I'm soooo a sucker for anything chocolate covered.

It sounds like maybe Mia's one of those babies who need some kind of noise to go to sleep? My youngest nephew was like that.

Weird thing about the basements, I was just discussing why California doesn't have them and Jersey does with a chick from California. Apparently she thinks it's because there are no tornados in California. Hello, when's the last time we've had a big twister in Jersey. What she failed to realize was that California has earthquakes so therefore no basements. Anyways, have fun with the teething, she's growing up so fast. :)

Don't worry. You'll develop callouses.

beware the baby teeth!

yes, they hurt like hell...especially on unsuspecting boobs. :)

Don't forget we have a date for Sunday the 22nd!

You and me and Mia and Muffin Man and lots and lots of meatballs!!!!!

LOL! "Fond" memories!

Teething, my least favorite part of parenting.
Speaking as a freak-magnet, your topics of conversation sounded fine to me.
Besides, how could anyone fail to love you and Mia?

Those first teeth made me almost want to give up nursing. But you can get past that.

CynicalDad sent me here. On the tooth thing: my daughter bit me once, and I was so surprised that I yanked my boob out of her mouth and screamed. I guess that I scared her, because she NEVER did it again. And, it took about 20 minutes to convince her that it was okay to continue eating.

Wow! I kept singing to Sierra "All I want for Christmas is your two front teeth" and she of course, didn't listen to me. No sign of teeth yet - Arrgh! Congrats Mia!

I am sure you were captivating... and if they don't invite you back, start your own palygroup ;)

I have to say I am so incredibly jealous because Ava is 7 and a half months old and still has no teeth. Although, she acts like she is teething tremendously (did I mention the screaming fits).

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