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Ok, how long was my site hosed in IE and nobody bothered to tell me? You can't all just wait around and let DeAnn do all the work. Honestly, 63% of my hits are from IE, so don't tell me nobody else noticed. I fixed it, no thanks to you guys.

That's it, you are all in time out.

Comments (49)

I'm on IE and it looks beautiful to me.

I'm also on IE and have had no problems, at least no problems that I know of.

I usually use Firefox (or a reader) - but came over in IE to see what you meant and see no problem.

But can I still go to time out? Please?

What's wrong? I see nothing wrong, and I am using IE too.

i dont see no problems... nope no hosing here...

now if there were hot firemen to go with the hosing- we'd talk!

I don't know what IE is
I feel so out of touch
so out of sync
so out of sorts
so uninformed
and yet, I've been bad.

yes, send me to the naughty corner.
I'll be good. next time, I promise.

No problems here, I use IE but I checked it through Firefox and it looks exactly the same.

Okay...I admit I noticed it was acting a little weird yesterday but I thought you were probably doing something. can I stay in time out for the rest of the afternoon, I have a meeting I dont really want to go to. Can I please...pretty is Time out Tuesday now?

to be honest, it was pretty hosed in firefox all weekend too. i figured you were doing some maintainence or something... maybe swapping out the fish image for one of Mia. *shrugs* sorry.

I don't see any problems and I am in IE, too... Strange.

Aww, I figured someone else already would've told you. Sorry.

Um, I read through bloglines? So I didn't notice? Or else I totally would have said something?

Yeah... that's it.

I swear I didn't notice, please take me out of time out...I gotta go pee! :) I'll come right back, promise!

Um, can I please be excused from Time Out? I use Firefox.

Yay! Time out! I'm taking a nap!

Don't put me in the Naughty Chair. I use Firefox and didn't see any problems.

Oh, and can I have $10 to go to the movies? Thanks, mom.

I use Safari and it was jacked last night when I popped in. I figured you were tweaking your code or something.

I haven't had any issues at all using IE.

I could only dream of taking a time out. My time out is 9PM when the kids go to bed.

I have been checking your site without any issues yet I run IE 6.0.

BTW love reading your site and adore the pictures of your beautiful daughter, you must be so proud.

I"m on IE, and it looked fine to me yesterday - still does!

Um... it was hosed in Mozilla for a bit yesterday and I just figured you were working on it...


Hey, I only use IE at work and it looks fine right now.

It's Firefox at home...

Can I come out and play now??!! ;)

um, i have no idea what ie is so i couldnt have told you nothing! lol!!

ok wait, is it internet explorer?? lol, i have firefox.

I actually was in Firefox when it looked off. At least I think I was, because that's what I almost always use.

It looks great now, though.

Mac?! Safari?! Please, mommy, I swear I didn't do it!

I didn't know...because I didn't visit yesterday. I deserve Time Out. And no dessert after dinner.

I have Safari. IE is bad! Am I excused?

I have Safari. IE is bad! Am I excused?

Thank god, I have been waiting for a time out for months. I love you for it.

I'm in IE. Never saw any problems.

I'm innocent! I use Netscape 7.2 so it looked fine to me!


I KNOW ALREADY! IE truly just does not read CSS correctly. I've been viewing through Firefox and you always look fab!

I am no part of this. lol I have IE and did not notice any problems...

I'm not in time out! I don't use IE. ICK! *spit spit* I'm a die hard Firefox user.

I use Firefox, so I am in the dark there. I once locked myself in the backseat (wasn't strapping in baby mind you) and didn't think to unroll the window either. Mia looks content with cereal in her nose, but I'll bet she didn't like it when you cleaned it out! lol

No going to timeout.....use Firefox, thank you very much.

thats what happens when you fake sleep and make your tired wife change the diapers! :)

Innocent! I use Apple's Safari! :)

No idea what that means, but I couldn't access your site (or your husband's) for a couple of days. I believe it was the end of last week/over the weekend, but it was OK by Monday afternoon.

Is that related to the IE issue?

By the way, I love the Mia Mondays idea, I hope you keep it up. The baby, she is very, very cute!

I'm not sure what this means, but I use Safari and it's look awesome. And my dear, can do the splits... for that I will always be in awe... I think if I even attempted it, my uterus would fall out.


Fixed what? I'm dying to know. And I too, am in IE.

Sorry, this is a comment to a previous post, but.... thank you.

Your 5 confessions post (great idea by the way) inspired me to be a grown up and mend a fence.... patch up an old friendship.... so, I wanted to thank you :)

What's IE - uhhh did I miss something?

Ahh, I am an Emac girl myself. Looks great

I check your site on a daily basis and use IE and didn't notice a problem.

I have no idea what IE is? SO am I exempt from time out?

You have got to be kidding me...its Internet explorer.

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