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Stupid things I have done this week

1. Burned the crap out of my finger. With a pacifier. Yup, a pacifier. See, I got some new ones for Mia to use as teething rings (she refuses to use a pacifier as a pacifier or a teething ring as a teething ring), boiled them, and then picked one up barehanded, at which point the very hot water still trapped in the hollow nipple part burned the crap out of me. Clever.

2. Trapped myself in the backseat of my car. I got back there to strap Mia into her Baby Bjorn and shut the door since it was raining. The child locks were turned on. Mia's new carseat is so big I couldn't squeeze around it to get to the front seat so I had to sit there and bang on the window until a kind and confused passing stranger released me from my car. I can hear you wondering "Beth, why didn't you just roll down the window and open the door from the outside?" and to that I say "shut up."

That's all so far, but tomorrow is another day.

Updated to add: Kelley has quite astutely pointed out that in most cars the windows won't open if the car isn't on, so that is now my excuse. Nevermind that my car has a remote start so all I had to do was push a button. Really, that is neither here nor there.

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I've done the car thing, so I ain't laughing at you.


Ha...won't say a word about rolling down the window...doing dumb things is my speciality. Thanks for the muffled laugh behind my cubicle wall though :)

Oh man, that is totally something I would do. I locked myself out of the house when I was about 9 months pregnant. My husband was upstairs in the shower so he didn't hear me knocking and ringing the doorbell for a while. He finally heard me, let me in and gave me a hug when we heard jingling. Yep, keys in my pocket the whole time.

I have done that too, so I'm sending you consoling hugs instead!

I'm still laughing out loud, but only at the car part :-)


You are SOOO my hero!

Oh my gosh, that is so funny. I nearly spit coke on my monitor.

Yes, but I bet you know what Old Faithful is, don't you?

thats soooooooooo very funny! not the finger, the car! heeehehee. glad you got out safe ;)

Do you always get a full night's sleep? No? So then I will not be laughing at you. Hugs.

Ow! and Doh!

Ok, the car thing? Best laugh I've had in a loooong time. Thank you. I love you.

You know, it's funny things like this that make me say, "Boy, I wonder what goofy things I'll do when I have kids..."

Love it, but only because I too have had weeks like this. Yesterday I spent searching for my car keys for an hour that my toddler had put in his toy basket. Of course, I had given him the keys to play with thinking that I wouldn't let them out of my sight.

I've burned my fingers on many of my kid's pacifiers. You'd think I'd have learned my lesson after the first one, and yet...

That was too funny. I just had to delurk to tell you that. Thanks for the belly laugh, I needed it. :)!!!

The windows on my minivan and my husband's car won't roll down if the car's not on. Obviously, you wouldn't have gotten out of our vehicles via the window.

I've so done that with pacifiers! It sucks. And I couldn't help chuckling about the stuck in the back seat business. Tomorrow IS another day!!

LMAO. That sounds like shit I would do!

I assumed your car was like mine and didn't have windows that roll down in the back seats.

So if Mia uses a pacifier as a teething ring, what does she do with teething rings? They make beautiful baby bracelets, you know. Especially the Fisher-Price Linkadoos!

Now, when I'm short of blog material, why I don't just write about all the stupid things I've done. I'd never run out! ;)
Thanks for making me feel just a little more normal.

Last week I was in the car with my mom in law and we passed my husband in his car and I caught myself knocking on the car window to get his attention. Like he could hear me...

I am the last person who should be laughing at you now: I do that kind of stupid stuff ALL the time.

Still, funny thing is, I'm still laughing. ;)

Not laughing either cause I have done it myself more than once.

Have a safe, sane Friday the 13th.


My wife calls phenomenae like that "Baby Brain." It's when, for whatever reason (usually lack of sleep) you do things you wouldn't normally do, like grabbing stuff from boiling water or locking yourself in the car. At least you didn't lock your keys in the convertible with the top down, right? :)

That is so funny.... Brings back a lot of "being dum" memories! hehe

That is exactly why I am not leaving the house with my new baby until I have to. I am known to do things more stupid than what you've done.

Ugh... I've done the same thing with the car door... it's uber-embarassing to have to get some stranger's attention because you can't get out of your own car.

I am not laughing at you, mostly because that is the kind of thing that would happen to me.

I've burned myself on the pacifier too...don't feel bad.
we all have.

as for the car...I haven't done that. But my friend who has twins did. She put them in their car seats at about 1 and a half, went back inside to get something and came out to the car running, (in the garage) kids inside, car locked. She had to call a locksmith, who also laughed at her.
When the locksmith got the car open, she quickly unbuckled the boys and was hugging them. Set one down to walk around and was talking to the locksmith, when promptly the other boy locks the doors again. Yup, locksmith had to re-jimmy her door. He said he needed a laugh like that and didn't charge her as long as he could tell the story down at the watering hole...she's like, go noon everyone will know, cause my mom knows.
too funny.

we feel your pain.

I can't help laughing out loud at you sitting in the car waiting for someone to let you out. But to be honest I didn't think about ways you could let yourself out until you mentioned it. So, you know.

I once locked my child in the car, with my keys.

The only awesome part about it was the super fast response from the tow-truck driver. Other than that I felt like a total ass.

#2 was so funny I peed a little.

I've done the burned myself on water pouring out of a freshly sterilized nipple or pacifier before.

It doesn't feel good.

Ha, I'm laughing *with* you, really.

doh! that is too funny though - I got a chuckle out of it and am noting to self - so I don't do the same thing some day!!

I have totally done the pacifier thing, although not actually burned myself, so I can see where you were coming from on that one.

As for the car, hehehehehehehe, thanks for sharing!

I can't see the screen through the know, from all the laughing at you! Sorry but I can't get that image of you in the backseat out of my head! And to think when I saw that there were only TWO things listed for the whole week I was gonna give you a hard time, but really you only need the two. :) Have a great weekend and try not to shut yourself in anywhere else!!!

I am so there with you. I haven't ever locked myself in the car, but I've locked myself out of it so many times that I now have extra keys stashed all over the place. I have one in my desk at work (which I can get to 24 hrs a day) and one in my daughter's cubby at day care. This way, I can always get it open without having to call a locksmith. And if I happen to be picking up my daughter at the time, she doesn't have to ride in a cab with me to work and pick up my keys.

This is kinda weird. I was just getting ready to talk about this on my blog (because I've already done it twice this year), so if you see it show up soon, you can skip that part (assuming you'll ever be back)

Yes, but if you've ever been wedged between a captain seat that HOLDS a car seat WHILE the electronic van door is closing - THEN, you'll know real terror.

That thing just hit my butt over and over and over until it finally gave up.

And here I wanted to lose weight.

You're my new hero.

That is all.

Seriously, I just laughed out loud at the mental picture you just painted! A similar getting-stuck-inside-the-car-situation happened to me once, and I TOTALLY remember not having any sense to manually unlock the door (not childproof). It's like all of your intellect remains outside the car with all of the people laughing at you! At least you only had one person pass by---I was at a party!

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