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Happy Friday, sports fans. I have slept, let's see... 12 hours out of the last 80 so I think I am a little punchy. Everybody likes punchy, right? (And people please, please do not email or comment that at least I don't have to go to work. I know that. I know I am lucky to not have to go to work. But 12 hours or sleep in 4 days is still a real bitch.) Anyway, a few things:

No way in hell am I posting a picture of Mia's hotty pediatrician. (Does anyone else love how he has progressed from "a little cute" to "hotty" in three days?) I am fairly confident that the pediatrician in question will never stumble upon my little site and recognize himself as the hotty in question, but am less confident that nobody he has ever known would ever see a picture I posted and send him the link thereby requiring me to find a new doctor in another state lest I die from embarassment. As I said, he is very sweet with Mia so I would hate to have to do that. Just picture a skinny sorta nerdy maybe 30ish doctor type with glasses and dark hair and then make him kinda cute and there you have it.

It is distinctly possible that Mia's doctor is younger than I am. That makes me a little crazy. When did I get so old that doctors are allowed to be younger than me?

Could someone please tell me where in the hell I can buy one-piece, cotton, footie pajamas in 12 and 18 month sizes? Yes, my child is ginormous, does that mean she should be deprived of pajamas?

I have been looking for Mia's pink pacifier for days. She has a green one and a pink one that are her favorite teething rings and the pink one went missing forcing me to make way too many trips up and down the stairs after the green one. I happened to go into Chris's cd/guitar/stereo/half empty soda can/rock hard old gummi bear room (which I never enter as it is filthy and as I am responsible neither for creating nor cleaning the filth I just blissfully pretend it does not exist) to look for a pen and found the pink pacifier perched on one of his pedals. He is now in the dog house and also responsible for boiling the thing for half an hour to remove residual filth.

How does a 21 pound infant take up fully half of a queen sized bed?

Did you know that butternut squash looks and tastes remarkably like sweet potato? Did you know that Mia despises sweet potato? Would anyone like about a dozen frozen cubes of butternut squash? Free to good home!

One of my cats might have a urinary tract infection. She's on antibiotics. If the antiobiotics don't work, than either she has something like bladder cancer or it is the other cat. Remember when my cats were my precious angel babies? Now they are lucky if I don't lock them in a closet to keep them from waking Mia.

(I don't lock the cats in the closet, and the one we think has the UTI is 20 years old so if it is bladder cancer instead than really it would just be a race to see whether that could kill her before her kidneys fail entirely or her hyper-active tyhroid explodes. Either way, I'm letting her chill on her heating pad for the rest of her days rather than hauling her back and forth to the vet because that is what makes her happy and at 20 I think happiness should be the only goal.)

Mia's awake, time for the next round of The Mommy Show. Kisses.

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check costco for Mia some pj's.
Now I'm unsure if you have a costoco, but I just grabbed some carters pajamas for my little one there the other day.

I get footie pajamas at Tar-zhay and BJs for my daughter. And I would never, ever say "at least you don't have to go to work" because quite frankly, going to work is MUCH EASIER than having to be "on" all day with a baby. At least if you're at work you can slack off and fake it if you have to. Not so much with a baby!

I had a dream last night that I made out with my fertility doctor, and I think it's all because of your talk of hottie pediatricians. And my REI is so NOT hot. I have an appointment today for a test and now I am dreading it because of the dream. So thanks for that! :-)

Do you want lightweight pjs, or the heavier "blanket" sleepers? It's cold here and my daughter won't keep a blanket on in her sleep, so we always opted for the heavier ones. If those are what you're interested in, I think Nordstrom has them.

For the lighter ones -- not so sure. Sorry.

I had a dream I made out with Donna's doctor, too, and I second the "so NOT hot" comment. Good luck with your appointment, Donna.

About the bed thing, that is the infant's way of telling you to get a king size bed. They tend to get bigger (as you know from the PJ quest)

The pacifier just wanted some gummi bears. Is that so wrong?

If you worked, you could sleep at your desk... I think it's harder to stay home - that's why I work!

Try BabyGap for sleepers. They make the footed cotton ones up to a size 5T. Mia'll be there before you know it.

I love the ramdomness of a person who has not slept. Those days, I do not miss. Try Carter's or baby Gap. The have footie sllepers up to 5T. My daughter will be very sad when she grows out of them in a year or so. If they don't have a Carter's where you live, try Kohls online, cause I believe they have them. On another note, I can't believe someone told you, At least you stay at home. SHit, you should bitch slap them. I don't stay home with my kids, and that is why I am stil sane. I think the fact that you saty home with Mia is commendable. Hope she lets you sleep soon.

I also have a Giant Baby who still needs feety pyjamas and found that the Children's Place has a pretty awesome selection (I do not know how to hyperlink in comments) They make them tagless so they don't itch fitfully sleeping babes, bonus.

I didn't read through the comments so I apologize if you have already gotten these-
footie pjs-childrens place has them, as well as target, target's are cheaper by a lot. And don't feel bad, my 11 month old is in the 18 month size.

I'm on my third pediatrician now and OHMYEVERLOVINGGOD he is hot. I go in there to talk about my kid's rash and he's asking me questions and there I am drooling more than my infant and I'm all "What? What rash? Your skin is the most perfectest skin I've ever seen... I notice you have no wedding band on... this? this old thing... this is an antique... from my grandmother... no I'm not married... these kids? these kids aren't even mine... I just, umm, found them..."

Okay, none of that happened in real life.

Double dog dare me to say it to him next time?

Old Navy for sleepers - I can usually find them up to 4T or so. Also, Carters - they have an online store, I'm sure.

Someone else mentioned Tar-get' as a good place to procure large PJ's and I agree. Old Navy is also a good place, although get 24 months as they run a bit small.

My child is ginormous as well, so we're all about the egad-size footies.

Can I just say you are the cutest? I love your random, rambling blogs. It makes me feel so much better for my own randomness due to lack of sleep/personal time/etc. Does Mia like her pacifier for normal use or just for teething? My baby just likes to gnaw on hers!

Can I just say you are the cutest? I love your random, rambling blogs. It makes me feel so much better for my own randomness due to lack of sleep/personal time/etc. Does Mia like her pacifier for normal use or just for teething? My baby just likes to gnaw on hers!

I know carters has 12 and 18 mo pjs...because my two year old wears them. You may have to not look in the baby department to find them...may be with the toddler clothing but I have tons of them. Check EBAY! I will buy nothing from anywhere but there!

carters, children's place, gymboree...

I'm a nurse and I meet doctors who are younger than my YOUNGEST CHILD! Talk about making you feel old...

The Children's Place has THE best pj's

You may not have a job at an office to go to every day, but I'd say you have a very important full-time job with no days off!

I second Kate's comment. Glad to see all is well with you. Mia is beautiful, and cuter every time I visit the site. I can't believe how quickly she has grown. I love her hair. (Starting a new job has eaten into my blog reading and commenting time--I must rememdy this.) Oh, and the pediatrician--totally hottt. Re-cloaking now--Rock on!

You live in the same area as me, I think, and I get her footie jammies from Babies R Us and on clearance at Lord & Taylor. My kid wears a 3t in pants and pajamas and is off the charts in height, so I know of which you speak.

I can spell, really I can..."remedy."

Could someone please tell me where in the hell I can buy one-piece, cotton, footie pajamas in 32 and 37 year old sizes? Hubs and I are pining for a matching pair.
Let me know if you hear of anything.

No matter how hectic and difficult your days may seem at times, you will look back on this time with very fond memories!
That doesn't make the NOW lack of sleep easier, but it will get put into perspective. Just wait until she's running and climbing! Great fun... sometimes hard to go through, but great fun. Enjoy it all as much as you can! You will never regret it!

I did sahm for 6 years. It is the hardest thing you will ever do. ever. you be punchy all you want. You can even put in an Elmo tape and nap while she watches it.All mommies are pulling for you.

I would just like to say that I, for one, will forthwith be picturing your pediatrician as looking like Clive Owen with spectacles. That is all, lads and lassies. As you were.

iloved the carters outlet I used to live near. There are a few in your area:

"Carter's" carries footies through 36 months.... Good Luck! She's beautiful!

I stay at home too and I work waaay more hours than my husband.

OMG! RockStarMommy I was going to click on comments and Double Dog Dare Beth to get that picture! So, I double dog dare both of you!! WE WANT PICTURES!! We want lust shots of sexy-hott doctors!!

I had to laugh about your pediatrician crush. I recently had to change eye doctors because of an insurance change. I went to this new doctor and my jaw nearly hit the floor when he entered the room - he is HOT. Staring into my eyes (okay its his job to) and myself into his...very romantic. I wanted to blog about it, because well, it was just so funny and weird all at once, but, I was afraid Id have to change eye doctors if he ever found out! And I dont want to have to do that...he's so good! Hee hee. I thought it might just be a pregnancy thing or something;)

For the feet pajamas try Children's Place. You can order on line if you don't have a Children's Place by your house.

As far as getting 12 hours of sleep in the past 80 hours, your job is much harder than working outside the house. I did the SAHM gig for 8 weeks and I thought I was going to die. Taking care of 2 kids under 2 is SOOOOOOO hard!!!!

Ya know, I searched high and low for cotton PJs (Childrens Place are good, but can run small IMO)and my favorite ones are the Carters "just one year" from Target. Good luck, the lack of footie jammies is a mystery to me!

Beth said: "It is distinctly possible that Mia's doctor is younger than I am. That makes me a little crazy."

I remember back in the days when my kids were little and the Pediatricians we went to were all older fatherly types. They were also an incredibly busy practice and so they brought in a new Dr. Very nice and very competent, but I swear he looked like he just graduated from high school let alone Med School. Took some getting use to.

Baby Gap and Old Navy make the best footie pajamas by far. Now that Lady is crawling, she routinely gets one leg caught up in any of her Carter's, Little Me, Mini Wear....etc etc. Gap and Old Navy are the only ones that stay where they are supposed to. Also, Lady has outgrown all of her 6 month footies and is stretching the 9 month footies on all previously mentioned brands, but she can still fit into her 3-6 month Gap and ON footies. They must be longer!!

A little more expensive I guess than the others, but clearly worth every penny.

I think I'm the 10th person to recommend: The Children's Place. It's cool because if you buy 3 pairs, they give you a deal. Be warned, though, the cotton sleepers run a little small, so you'll want to size up. I have a tall, lean baby and she always needs the bigger the size. The blanket sleepers are really soft (and not thin) and the sizing is more generous.
Your pictures are great! Good luck with the going-back-to-work conversations.

We recently accidentally left our angel baby Otto kitty outside ALL DAY in the freezing cold. My sister used to laugh at us about how all our photo albums were of our cats and how quickly that would change...

Beth I am sorry about your kitty cat.

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