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Blue jeans

And she has little pink bunnies on her butt.

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What a cutie.

She is adorable. LOVE the jeans.

THAT is one beeeaaauuuuttttiiiiiffffuuuulllll baby!

she is getting so big! and, seriously, if you showed the internets the little pink bunnies on her butt, i think we would all explode from the cuteness...

OMG - is that an Old Navy T-shirt? I swear I almost bought the same one for Sierra yesterday. Instead I opted for the sale rack - LOL. Mia looks completely adorable - it's amazing how cute they look even though they haven't gotten their beauty sleep!

I love the little pink stripy socks!

I want to tickle her little belly. Please, take that in a non-creepy way (as it was meant)...

oh my goodness, she is just too cute!

Of COURSE she has little pink bunnies on her butt! The ensemble wouldn't be complete without it!

She is heart-breakingly adorable.

I'm not one to type oooh's, but seriously, that is flippin' adorable.


Just when I thought she couldn't possibly get any cuter!

Look at that little tummy!!!

That's it. She's all grown up now. Look at her sitting up like such a big girl!
So beautiful. But I insist that we see the pink bunnies now that you've told us about them. What a tease.

okay...seriously...for a baby who doesn't sleep...she looks amazingly alert and happy!

and, of course, adorable as usual

are those feet edible? ;) So sweet!

Very sweet. When my son was that age and would wake up if he heard a fork clink on a plate (we ate with plastic cutlery for months), or, god forbid, a door close, we lived on an alley through which the neighbor's teenager would ride his dirt bike, mere feet from our window.

I can honestly say that in my life I have rarely experienced that degree of rage over anything else.

GOD, I love babies in blue jeans. I am firmly not in the "dress babies like babies" camp. Give 'em blue jeans and sweaters and all the bells and whistles!

Course, it helps that your baby is cuter than most.

Ah, baby jeans are the best! Ava has a pair from childrens place that are sparkly! Every girl needs sparkly jeans!

Ohhh, shiny...

Must. Eat. Those. TOES!!!!

Such a cutie. You guys did so well... :o)

BETH! You have got to STOP putting pictures of Mia up like that, or I will be forced to track you down and squish her! She is so undeniably cute!! Eeeeee!! Look at her little tummy, all snug in her little shirt, just dying for a little squeeze. And her feet? You must eat those all day! Those jeans are tooooooo cute. I thought it was impossible to make that child cuter, but you succeeded! Those jeans have officially put Mia over the top of cuteness to pure delectable!

LOVE the little belly

Oh, come on. You can't tell us about the bunnies and not show them to us. It's just cruel.

She is the most adorable little girl I have seen......

Can I call her Budda Mia?

She looks so happy. And I love the belly!

Oh my goodness! Look how beautiful she is! And so big!

I think I love the socks even more than the jeans. Too cute...

It really doesn't get any cuter than that does it?

You're killing me. She's gorgeous. I have a beautiful boy, but there's something about dressing up a little girl.

That's one damn cute kid!

Oh wow...she's delectible!

Wow! Is she adorable or what?

Beth, She's beautiful!

How cute! She looks sooo happy in her little jeans!!!

aAGH! So cute! My husband thinks I'm having an affair with you because I'm always talking about your site. Sorry, but it's just because I'm in love with Mia. I mean, you're pretty and everything, but your daughter? Adorable.

Too damn cute for words.


I have so many pictures of my firstborn in every single outfit he had. Because every day, he looked cuter!

Has anyone mentioned yet how cute Mia is? ohmygod! She is so freaking cute it's not even fair! I thought I was the only one allowed to have beautiful babies. (By the way, my first baby is 20 years old today, so believe me when I say they do grow up pretty fast.)

Anyway! The cuteness! It is killing me! Gah!! =)

Oh. My. GOODNESS! SO CUTE! I can't wait until mine is big enough for jeans...

Have I told you lately (or ever for that matter) how completely darling Mia is? I love this picture!! Happy baby in her blue jeans!

too cute for words! i love the tummy!

when my sister was about 4 she used to wear my brother's jean jacket so much that he ended up just giving it to her. on her it looked oddly like denim trenchcoat. i still remember how cute she looked in it and i've always thought that when i have a child, i'd buy him/her an oversized jacket to achieve the same look. what is it about kids in denim that is just so cute??

she is gorgeous!

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