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Diary of a long night

6:30 Start putting napless child to bed.
8:15 Succeed in getting napless child to bed. Bastard firemen
8:30-9:00 Laundry
9:00-10:00 CSI and ice cream
10:30 Fall asleep
10:40 Baby cries, rescue baby from crib
10:42-11:00 Nurse
11:00-11:10 Rock
11:11 Decide to stuff the whole "teach baby to sleep in her crib" scheme for the night and take baby back to bed
11:13-11:20 Fend of hair-pulling from wide awake child
11:22 Baby asleep. Brag to husband about sweetness of falling asleep holding baby's hand
11:49 Wake up to remove baby toes from mouth
12:14 Wake up to remove hair from baby death grip
12:18 Move arm to block baby boob kicking
2:00 Baby cries, nurse baby
2:15 Baby wants to play
2:18-2:40 Jiggle, pat, rub, soothe baby
2:41 No dice
2:42 Get up with baby, change diaper
2:43-3:15 Bribe baby with boob and play minesweeper
3:15 Burp, rock, walk floor with wide awake baby
3:16 Return to bed hoping for the power of suggestion
3:22 Husband starts snoring moderately. Contemplate whether a gentle nudge would stop or escalate said snoring
3:24 Sharp kick to husband's shins
3:24:02 Seek shelter from atomic snoring
3:25 Baby stops wiggling and starts crying
3:26 Sit baby up. Baby stops crying. Contemplate feasibility of sleeping with wide-awake baby sitting next to head.
3:27-3:45 Try to soothe baby
3:46 Give up, get out of bed
3:48 Baby fast asleep
4:00 Return to bed
4:15 Wake up to discover pacifier in nose. Ponder briefly how baby carried pacifier from crib to nursing chair to bed. Decide it does not matter, give pacifier back to baby
4:18 Baby throws pacifier to points unknown
5:00 Baby cries, nurse
6:00 Baby cries, try to nurse, boob denied
6:01-6:10 Try to trick baby into going back to sleep for an hour
6:11 Baby poops
6:11:01 Baby wins, get up for the day
6:13 Discover pacifier 20 feet from bed. Consider contacting baseball scout
6:15 Change diaper
6:20 Pour orange juice over cereal. Not as bad as you might think
6:21 Start counting the minutes until naptime

Comments (32)

Apparently I was allergic to milk as a kid, and used to have apple juice on my cereal. And loved it. Who knew?

I know this schedule all too well. This too shall pass. Blah. Zzzzzzz.


But seriously, what did you do last night?

I know it doesn't help any, but that was Busy Girl. Actually, she's 11 and it still is. Just replace crying with, "Why caaaan't I watch another episode of 'Full House'?"


Oh, I've so been there! THe low point at about 4 am when you realize deep down that no sleep will be happening... I think sleepless parenting should be an Olympic sport.....

That sucks. I can't believe what a happy baby she is in all the pictures, given how little she sleeps!

3:26 Sit baby up. Baby stops crying. Contemplate feasibility of sleeping with wide-awake baby sitting next to head.

You will get very, very good at this! We all do!

Thank you for reminding me how glad I am to be passed this special time with my kids... :) (of course I am entering teen years...)Heres to a peaceful night sleep ! (BTW did you do anything more "stimulating" (store , park playdate etc..) yesterday than normal ? I always found the more I did with my kids to wear them out for bedtime, the more overstimulated they became and hoe less they were willing to sleep at Just a thought ! Enjoy a nice bath and a cup of tea !

But she looks SO cute!

Ohhh, you've had a rough couple of days with the sleepless, fussing baby! Hugs!!! Have a shot of tequilla and put your feet up! Maybe have aother shot. Then you won't care if Mia is screaming or not!

orange juice in cereal...hmmm...might try that one! LOL

Damn, that is a rough night. Good luck tonight! She has to sleep eventually, right?

Sounds almost like my night, minus the firetruck, but adding in a 3 year old also kicking and thrashing.
Ain't motherhood fun?

I imagine Mia's heard "you're lucky you're cute!" more than once. Especially during a night like that one. Hope tonight is more restful. And, if not, at least you're up with a fun, cute baby (as opposed to sourpuss monkey baby).

Yikes! Some babies are eaters, and some are sleepers - I got myself one that likes to sleep but not eat - seems you got the opposite - I'm sorry.

Holy guacamole!

I hope tonight's better. Sleep tight.

So...this is what I have to look forward to one day.....:)

Add to that a 16 month toddler and you had my schedule up until last week (hubby took over the baby nighttime feeding ritual). Here's hoping that you get rest and so does Mia.

I made a similar mistake a couple days ago. Of course, my reason for being exhausted wasn't nearly as cute as yours when I poured milk, rather than dressing, over my nice garden salad. Oops.

All i can say is...

After a sleepless night like that, you don't have to be up at 6am to get baby to the sitter and to the office by 9 in a semi-coherent state...


good luck with the crib thing. Try putting the crib right next to the bed, this is how I am weaning mine out of co-sleeping; it works very well.

happened along this blog and I have to say.... one of the funnest things I have read in a long time... sorry you didn't get any sleep.... wishing you and baby sleep soon.

Ahhh, I have been there too many times in the last 10 months! I feel for you....

I feel your pain, especially the boob kicks and the hair pulling.

I'm so sorry, Beth, for you nighttime troubles.

I will not take this time to tell you how my baby sleeps from 8 p.m. until 8 a.m. That would just be cruel.

My son? Still wakes up to come to our bed for a snuggle. He'll be 5 on the 20th, so I'm not completely insensitive to your plight.

This evening, the only way my teething baby would be happy and laugh was when she was sitting on my shoulders and gleefully pulling every last lovely hair from my head, root and all. The sound of laughter was so much nicer than the crying. Oh the cryyyyyyying. Make it stop!

Oh, how funny! I just posted about my own sleepless night!

Hang in there. It will pass - maybe not soon enough, but it will.

Thank you-- I am officially not doing this again.

um, and i thought iwas tired..geesh!! heres hoping you get some zzzz's.

I HATE sleeping with my kids and this is why.

Okay, I totally get that this is your blog, and that we come to read and enjoy it...but may I ask a question? Why is it a few days ago you post an entry more or less begging for advice on how to get your daughter to sleep in her crib alone, and then, out of the dozens of wonderful suggestions you got, you ignore them all? I guess I don't understand why people will ask for advice and ignore every scrap of it they get, especially when there are so many different types of advice.

(This comment is untrue in every point. I never posted any such entry and I have heeded quite a bit of the unsolicited advice I have received in response to my posts about Mia's sleeping. -Beth)

just imagine the alternative:

9am: arrive at office
9-6pm: sit under florescent lights and move papers around without serving any real purpose but still getting paid for it
7-9pm:watch mindless tv

do it all over again...and again...
i'd rather spend time with the sweetest boy

Oh my goodness I laughed so hard! My Dylan is four and a half months old and this sounds just like our nights! I tell ya, I don't understand how our husbands can sleep through this stuff! Michael's good if I wake him up to take Dylan but otherwise Dylan could be having a meltdown in between us and Michael still wouldn't wake. I'm assuming I'm not going to sleep more than four hours at a time again until he's 18.

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