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He said, she said

Last night, Chris informed me that he took exception with my description of his music room as "filthy" and said he was going to post a rebuttal. I warned him that if he posted a rebuttal, I would follow with my own rebuttal of his rebuttal and that I would include pictures. He posted this morning and told the entire internet that I was lying about his room.

I have decided to leave it to you to settle, internet. We'll play a rousing game of He Said, She Said and you can choose who is right about the state of the music room.

First off, here's what I said: I happened to go into Chris's cd/guitar/stereo/half empty soda can/rock hard old gummi bear room (which I never enter as it is filthy and as I am responsible neither for creating nor cleaning the filth I just blissfully pretend it does not exist) to look for a pen and found the pink pacifier perched on one of his pedals. He is now in the dog house and also responsible for boiling the thing for half an hour to remove residual filth.

Here's Chris's reponse:The music room is actually, in my humble opinion, the most organized, well-kept personal space under my purview. Between the 3500+ CDs, six guitars, gigantic stereo, 8 speakers, two amps and five guitar pedals, I think the fact that there's any floor space in the tiny 10X10 room is a miracle of organization. There's even art on the walls. And a nice, hand-woven rug on the floor.

Now, I admit that when I went down there this morning to take pictures, the room was somewhat cleaner than usual, mainly in that there was no food rotting on the floor. However, I think I found enough evidence to back up my claim.

First, the establishing shot:

From here, it looks messy, but I not necessarily filthy. (Not pictured are an equal number of cds shelved on the opposite wall.)

Next, we have the old, half-empty soda can:

No idea how long this particular can has been in residence, but I would bet it is at least a couple of weeks.

However this old root beer bottle has been in this exact spot for no less than two years.

Moving on, I think it is fair to say that this room has not been vacuumed since I got rid of the cleaning lady in October, which explains both the very old, dried out, nearly decomposed cat puke:

As well as the half of a cricket carcass. I have no idea where the other half is, possibly it makes up the cat puke on the other side of the room?

I admit that the rug is nice, but it is also bunched up under the door:

If Chris were left to his own devices, the shirts in this picture of the inside of the closet would still be steeped in three years of accumulated cat pee. I washed them.

As an aside, I would like to point out that I gave Chris the big Crate amp and also the lovely handcrafted wood guitar stand that you can almost see in this picture behind the pile of crap:

Upon a review of the photographic evidence, I suppose the truth is somewhere in the middle. However, if you vote for me, I'll post more pictures of Mia.

Comments (54)

Being a big of a clutterbug myself, I was with Chris until you got to the mummified cat puke.
I've got to come down in the middle, though. It seems like mostly clutter, and doesn't really seem excessive for such a small space, but the remains on the floor are a bit gross, especially as Mia will be fully mobile before you know it, and I can attest to the total inhibition a kid that age has about putting the most filthy things in her mouth.
Also, laundry fairy hates finding stashes like that. Impossible to get the stains out once they've set, especially when you have old kitties with bladder issues.
Do I still get Mia pictures?

LACK of inhibition, rather!

Thank you!! And here I thought you guys were beyond perfect! I am so happy to know that you are actually human. Which makes me feel a little better as I sit here in my turtleneck which I discovered has a hole.

The room is pretty gross (you are soooo right), but I will overlook it because you all are exceptional in every other way !

And, I'm not just saying that because I want to see more pictures of Mia!

Cat puke wins every time.

I agree with Beth the room is Dirty. Sorry Chris but she is rigt;)

Okay, I was leaning towards Chris's side until I saw the close-up pics. You win Beth...that's filthy!

...and the bugs...Mia will eat them. My daughter nearly gave my mother a heart attack when she was two, as she spit out an two-inch long beetle that was still squirming around. Toddlers will eat ANYTHING.

I will vote for you as long as Chris can't come up with a better offer. :)

On principle alone, however, I'm totally on your side. Yuck.

Around here, we've got a proverb which can be translated, more or less, as "do not put your finger between man and wife".
However, it would be hard for me to choose who's right. My whole house is sometimes far worse than that room, except for the times when I find time, mind, and guts to clean it and make it shining.
Ok, I finally made my decision: Chris, the room is honestly a little dirty. Instead of rebutting, clean it, and your wife will be proud of you (will she? :) )

yeah i was definitely on his side until the cat puke. you win.

FILTHY. Let me repeat, FILTHY!!!

In my opinion, a messy room is only "cluttered" until you enter a good dose of "dirt with consequences" (ie, foodstuff or anything that could contribute to inviting in other living organisms, be they bugs, mold or other). By definition, this room has surpassed cluttered, and rocketed itself into filthy.

But I may award Chris a few points for his use of "under my purview." That being said, you are still the clear winner (in a manner of speaking).

FILTHY. Let me repeat, FILTHY!!!

In my opinion, a messy room is only "cluttered" until you enter a good dose of "dirt with consequences" (ie, foodstuff or anything that could contribute to inviting in other living organisms, be they bugs, mold or other). By definition, this room has surpassed cluttered, and rocketed itself into filthy.

But I may award Chris a few points for his use of "under my purview." That being said, you are still the clear winner (in a manner of speaking).

oooh, a tough one. ;)

but i have to say the cat puked turned me to your side.

more mia pics please!!!

I vote for you!!! And kudos to you for posting pics of the dead bug carcasses and old cat vomit. We all have things like that hanging around our house but most dont like to show others. Good for you. That's being REAL. Not freyed. :)

I, too, as a habitual messy person was with Chris until the cat puke and crickets - so I vote for you, and the Mia pictures. I also think that Mia should post a final decision on her blog (do you and Chris still post there?)

You win! Ask him if he would ever want Mia crawling on that floor! Yuck! Do we get more pictures now?

I agree, it's pretty bad. I am not judging, because my master bathroom always has a ginormous pile of laundry in the middle of the floor (mine and husband's) and the bathtub in there (which we never use because we have a separate shower) is always full of cat hair and dust. I think we all have our room of shame. Mine is just most of my upstairs.....

You totally win!

Sorry Chris, have to side with your wife on this one...especially the cat puke and cricket carcass....EW!

Need more Mia please :)

HAHAHAH you guys are funny. I'm with you, because my Hubby has a room kind of like Chris has. Except without the cat puke. I could have done without that. In ours though, you can add 60 pez dispensers on the wall in their original bags. Pure crap I tell you.

You had me at Cat Puke and Half a Cricket. :) You win.

Oh dear. The first photo didn't look too bad...then you got dirty and went to the floor. Nice work. ;)

Well, hell, if you're going to bribe us like that, I'm totally on your side. 100%.

The cat puke got my vote to swing strongly over to your side, Beth. But then the whole bribing with pictures of Mia really put it over the top. You have my vote for sure! There are 4 in our family, can I vote 4 times?

Um...yeah you win that is totally disgusting. I wouldnt be able to live with that in my house. I would have to break down and go in there and do a major toss out/ clean up. Men are just not sanitary that is the thing. I dont mind clutter as much as just being dirty. Yeah gross and I was eating too.

There is no excuse for cat puke. None at all.

And that is why that room has a door - so that it can be closed (or locked) to hide evidence that someone isn't as neat as he/she should be when guest come over. Now if I could just close the door to my entire house to sheild people from the mess that is my home, I would be set.

Sorry Chris, but the cat puke and dead bug tilt the scales in Beth's favor. There's just no getting around it. But I do give a little credit for there being an iron in the room. But, I will actually subtract points if it's just an empty iron box.

Oh my update! Based on further information, I feel compelled to subtract at least 50 points for the iron box and its contents. Bad Chris. ;)

I vote for you. The cricket carcass is what turned the tables. Though I will vote for Chris in his statement that the pacifier only needs 20 minutes - not 30 - of boiling.

Well, he gets points for the CD organization, but the cat puke and bug carcass negates any and all points awarded. I'd be throwing the pacifier out and getting new ones!

Like so many others, the cat puke swayed me to your side. But I have to say, this is absolutely nothing compared to my ex-boyfriend's so called "music room". He had two cats, no vacuum cleaner, piles of crap everywhere (literally and figuratively), more than his share of half-decomposed insects, and lots of mummified cat puke. It was easily 20 times worse than that. So as bad as you may think Chris' room is, it can always, always be worse... and I have the photos to prove it.

I vote for filty. Organized does not equal clean, especially in regards to the placement of a binky.

Sorry Beth, apart from the cat puke, I'd hate to see what you thought of our house... Messy... very very messy. I'm with Chris on this one.


You totally win. My husband is a messy and a HUGE packrat so I sympathize.

ewww cat puke and bug bits. You win.

Sorry, Chris, but Mia photos turned the tide for me. That, and the dried up cat puke.

Cat puke on the floor = My vote for Beth

Babies are on the floor. How's she gonna learn music if she can't go in that room? and obviously she can't because there's CAT PUKE, not to mention the spider, cricket, etc, etc.

Yes yes. I vote Beth.

Now. More pictures please. :o)

Never a dull moment! And I make Chris look like a neatnik.

Ha. If your husband had my husband's office, you would divorce him. :)

(the cat puke though, yuck)

Seriously? Cat puke? That's not PhotoShopped in for effect or anything? Because that's disgusting!

I do have to tell you, though...I don't see anymore how Mia could've been scared of the internet with that audio post. Seems to me she's got nerves of steel to be entering THAT place without a fit!

LOVE It. I barfed for you beth. WTG woman, and Mia!

At first glance, it didn't seem so bad. BUT then..... ewwww. You win.

cat puke & piss definitely defines nastiness. beth more mia pix!!!

RING DING RING!! Winner of this round is..........BETH from Sothefishsaid! Let's all give her a big round of applause. *clap clap clap*

what is it they say for moments like these?!

oh yeah... WHIPPED like the family pig!

i can see that the room is now shiny sparkling clean =D

I am a reader of your husband's blog, but since the battle of the clean wars has started I just had to see the before pics of "the room". EWWWWWWWWwwwwwweeewwwwwww!

I am surprised you just didn't dynamite the thing. You definitely got my vote. Er, but don't tell him that. :)

You have an amazingly beautiful family there, BTW!

I SO vote for you. I'll vote for you twice if allowed.

(the 'monica' in me is sobbing right now)

You had me at the dead cricket.

I was thinking it wasn't too bad, but then you got to the CAT PUKE and OH MY DAMN that is nasty. Somehow, that's even worse than the partial cricket carcass.

He's screwed! Pictures don't lie and that looks pretty bad. He's got some serious cleaning to do. Your punishment for the time being should be that you won't clean his underwear till he cleans his room. LOL

You get my vote.

Got to admit, though, that although the room IS bad, it has NOTHING on my boyfriend's bedroom. I have now flat out refused to enter again until it has been sorted and, more importantly, CLEANED thoroughly.

He IS doing it, thankfully, although it is taking a while (I have to nag every so often and remind him that when it is done and he has his new bed much fun can commence while his mother is out...) so hopefully soon it will be habitable.

Men do seem to be more impervious to mess than us gals. Sometimes I wish I was.

Can't get enough pictures of Mia, anyway. Loving the risqu‚, daring look with the green dummy, and very pleased to see she is already developing a talent for piano playing.

You can never start to early with music.

I would have voted for you no matter what...the cat puke is gross! However, the added pics of Mia make it a no-brainer! She's gorgoeus!

Women are always right (even when we figure out that we're actually not, on those rare occasions) so I vote for you.

clean or not clean, I am envious of the cds and shelving.

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