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In case you ever doubted who was in charge around here

If these pictures don't make you smile, well then I think you have no soul.

Props to the Cactus for the photo shoot.

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I wonder if you can get that shirt in bigger sizes so that she can continue to wear it when she's 16? But then it won't be nearly as cute. By that time, I'll choose highway, I think.

Ummm, choosing highway for my daughter, of course.

I'd never choose highway over Mia's way because I can just give her right back to you once the cuteness subsides -which, I think is safe to say, will be sometime during NEVER.

Your daughter is scrumptious! I want to nibble on her cheeks. Why does the allure of chunky thigh rolls diminish so greatly past babyhood?

i love her little wispies growing around her ears. someday, momma, and you will be putting that pretty hair in pigtails! awww...

cute shirt. ;)

That's a damn cute kid!


Ooooh...she's just...ebullient. Her personality looks like it's bursting at the seams here.

The baby thighs! I love them. Mia is so adorable.

Why am I sucked into the bright orange shirt?? Maybe because Mia looks way better in it than the ugly construction workers I work with all day.

She...can pull it off like no other!

Gah! I just want to eat her up!

My favorite is the 3rd from the last where she's looking down. But her baby gorgeousness is to be revered in all of them, of course!

That is a great shirt. And the funniest thing is that she looks like she is barely ok with the fact that Chris was taking her picture. You know, like she was humoring him.

Total cuteness-- I was the first one to look at the pictures last night (or, I think I was, because it said, after I had viewed them, that they had only been viewed once).

She is too cute!AND those cheeks...kisskiss!

Great googly moogly, that's a beautiful baby.

Hi i am very new to the world of blogging and even newer to yours, but i just had to post to say your baby girl is a stunner, she will be a true heart breaker.

Dude. I cannot get to flicker here (damn company fitering program - grumblegrumblegrumble) - I feel so deprived :(

Just too darn cute!

Ohsocute. :)

Great light in those photos!


I have never left a comment but enjoy your blog very much. I have a one year old son and Mia shirt is so true. Anything that makes them happy, they get it. Love the pictures.

She actually keeps getting cuter -- if that's possible!

Ummm... totally agree... soul-less if they don't think those are ADORABLE. I love her wispy hair - my niece had those wispy little curls. CA-UTE!

Shwew...glad to know I pass the soul test! :D

Not only did they make me smile...but I dare say chuckle...and perhaps even put me in a better there!

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