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Just a little extra cute for your weekend

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awwww, precious!! :D

Ohmygoodness, can I come smoosh her? Just a little bit?

Oh my. How do you not eat her up!?!


Oh my gosh. I never felt like I was missing out on all that much by not having a girl, but apparently, I was...

Aaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww... How cute is that?!? Where did you dind that hoodie? It is cute and she looks so cute in it!

Pure delight! That is what Mia is! I think she hearts you, Beth. hehe I'm so corny

What a sweetie!!! That sweater is adorable!!!

A little extra cute - you're right. the picture put a big smile on my face.

Have a great day!

Very cute, Mia and sweater!

*Swoon* You have must killed me with the cuteness.

Oh man, she is making my day, yet again! Thanks Mia!!!

Wow! So totally adorable! I got my 3 year old that exact same sweater. Her picture is posted a few entries back at my blog. Boy, are our daughters cute or what? Good choice!

Where do you find such cute clothes?!

Aww she's adorable and a really good blend of you and Chris.

That is the cutest freakin hoodie EVER!!!!

She is precious! I was getting anxious too, waiting for "Mia Monday", thanks for giving us a little extra! :)

Love the sweater. I wish I could have an adult-sized one just like it.

Adorable, simply adorable! I could just eat her up!

Danger Beth Robinson! Chris has begun exploiting her for superstardom!

I have a teeny tiny obsession with hearts so now I don't know which I want to steal more: the hoodie or the cutest baby in the world. Bother.

She's just precious. But then you know that already.

I love that sweater. But the cutest part is that you can see how big her tummy is, whithout actually seeing it.

She's got the same look on her face that my cats get when I put clothes on them. Like, "Why did you do this to me you crazy sick woman?"


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