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Mia Monday #4

Mia always roots for the Nats.

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How utterly adorable! You guys make good babies! Anymore in the future??? *wink*

soooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!

*squeee* She's so freakin' adorable!!!! :)

wow, that is one DROOLY baby...

Aaaww, Eadible! Just too cute! I really like Mia Monday!

Hello! How adorable is she! I thought you might take a look at the winnie the pooh teether recall link, well you might have one as you have any and all things winnie anyway. How is the solid food crusade going??

Can't believe how much she looks like you!

Mia mondays are the best!!

it's so hard to have a case of the mun-days when you boot up you machine and see that little face


Under all of the baby fat is one hot mama! She's gonna have boys beggin for her (as long as she promises not to drool on them).

Beautiful, beautiful girl.

i'm so loving Mia Monday!!

Always nice to have a loyal fan around.

so cute!

mia mondays rock. even if i'm only getting to them on tuesday!

she is a totally freakin cute baby. so beautiful...

Can I nibble on her chin? Just a little? Mia is positively delicious!

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