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Mia Monday #5

It doesn't take much to make a blizzard when you are only two feet tall.

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Beautiful pictures. We got 12 inches over here.

There's something about the white of the snow and the pale pink of her snowsuit...beautiful pictures.

Oh, yeah...and probably the cuteness of the kid there too! (love her eyes)

Mia is so cute, no matter the setting! I love the third picture. She looks like she is gazing at the snow wondering what her next step should be. hehe She is too adorable!

I looked for the Mia playing in the snow pictures over at your husband's site and didnt see them so I was very happy to see them here! She looks so cute and I love the way she is sitting in the snow. Looks so grown up.

Awwww, she looks adorable! The snowsuits is just too cute!

That is sooooo cute. You just want to pinch her. But don't...they hate that!

How adorable!!!!!!!!! MAN! :) I was hoping to see pictures of Mia in the snow. We went out and shot some video that we will one day show Shepherd, of his huge pregnant mommy building a snowman, desperately trying everything to make him come out. :)

She is beautiful! Awesome pics! I wish we would get some snow to show to Ava, but we are in dry-ville:(

no longer mia bean - she's mia bonhomme. sooo cute :)

Watch out in public like that, someone is bound to steal her! Love the rosy cheeks ;)

Oh my god, the cuteness. Children in snowsuits or little footed sleepers always get me. What did Mia think of the snow? She looks happy.

Mia looks like she had a blast in the snow, its always funny to wonder what they are thinking! She is so cute. :)

Beth, i will eat Mia. And she will live happily in my belly.

Please put your child in movies so the whole world can partake in her beauty. Don't be so greedy.

OMG What a doll. :-D

Look! It's the Adominable Snow Baby! I mean, Adorable Snow Baby!

I really do love Mia Mondays.

MY seven year old and myself looked at the pictures...we think she's the cutest baby ever! (next to him of course.)

I love Mia Mondays! She's absolutely precious!

oh dear, it's a pink cotton candy baby in the snow! i love the pics, she's so sweet-looking. those cheeks kill me.

What are you feeding that child?!!! I think she could win some sort of chubby cheek award! Adorable!

Awww! She is so adorable! OMG reminds me so much of Pink Cat's (my daughter) first snow. She had to have been about a year. I gotta dig up those photos!

Aww how cute. She is a little snow angel. I live in Richmond and we only got an inch maybe two. I hope ya'll had fun. By the way, I think Mia Mondays Rock!!

OMG - so cute!

ACK! The cuteness! Did she touch the snow?

Her cheeks in the 3rd pic! Oh my gosh, so kissable.

I can so hear the thought bubble that would go with Image 3:

Okay. So we're in the cold stuff. We're in the cold stuff, but I can't touch it because I have these things on my hands. And it's so deep, it comes up to my belly button when I'm sitting, which isn't saying much because I'm not very big. And it's definitely cold. Even though I have on this super cute pink thing that Mom put on me. And so this is nice and all. I mean -- it's curious, this white stuff. Despite that it's cold. Did I mention it's cold? And that I look cute?

Those cheeks! Those eyes! Simply gorgeous!

now that is a snow angel!!

Oh man. She is just too cute. I gave Sophie a snowball while she was in her high chair and she just ignored it. Seeing as we only got 2 or 3 inches from the 'storm of the century!', I wasn't about to take her outside. But now I see your photos and realize: Oh! That's why you take a baby outside in the snow! Thanks for the Mia fix.

Yup, she's gorgeous. It's gotta help get you through the sleepless phase, having that adorable face to look at.

Love the pics; keep them coming.

Congrats on the snowfall; we got some atmospheric silliness up here, too, our first in a while. Those pictures remind me of when we took our puppy (up to full-fledged "dog" now) out for her first snowfall, and she sniffed and ate and jumped around in the stuff, no doubt thinking "I don't know what the HELL this stuff is, but I love it!"

totally adorable...a real live snowbaby :)

Those are just beautiful pictures. I love the pink cheeks!


Okay - sweeeeeet!

These are my new favorite baby photos. :-)

She's simply adorable! We had rain here.

Great shots. She has such a wonderful smile.

So cute! I love her outfit!

I've had no internet since December and I can't believe how much Mia has grown over that short space of time. I found out a few weeks ago that I'm pregnant and I can't wait. Hope my baby sleeps but knowing my luck, it won't.

Awwwww...........a snow baby! Those are great pics! We haven't had snow at all this year! You're so lucky!

hi that baby like the snow.

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